Year One: Bedroom/Office Area

Last but not least in the Year One series for this apartment… the bedroom/office area of my studio! This area changed a bit with a few new pieces, and switching out art and accessories over the last year.

Moving day setup: mattress against the wall while we were struggling to get the curtain system installed correctly for the second go around:2014-08-16 17.53.29Progress after the first couple days:2014-08-19 19.26.23 2014-08-17 17.59.39 After styling the nightstand and adding art:   2014-11-09 14.25.40 2015-03-15 12.43.402015-03-15 12.49.28 Changing out the art for a vintage thrift store find:


Mixing up the nightstand when the credenza arrived:

IMG_5156 IMG_5178

Swapping out my former desk chair for a Craigslist score and changing the lamp shade: IMG_5452

And here’s the final look of the space: MIh3HtXUk9F-n9iaVV7SGZqhpPFaTBhjIPSx4i878UM  Kqo2UgjGbEW6qhIaI-tstaGFapqfJpg_G5QueqF2rs8 STzqHD8DwnEWGLP4YeTLy1efXLu6pCEJkMwntrRAmwY xPteLHbiHnfFMEWFTiAsyvFvKoR-fMns8P9Fi5EmdH4 dCaMkGvG1yP2XI-hPWZxFyw-MrE5ZbmRKH-80omhDj4  ssyWuvTuAlyQl4c4CZjQLDbU07MkV3iduc7p44qqrV4 F5Xrr424otUD4hbjaIz9P3JT4YeLfLAHiEULJZ2UvEM  Biv-Oo7FsXvwnVvg1Yg0ncbfIUf1_osrJxqcXkFOIDw  XMrFlSElV6BxZgUUEePyc84aD1EKQvW5gfBqESVUAUM

Hope you enjoyed seeing the progress of each area in the apartment over the past year. Stay tuned for a full updated home tour soon before everything is packed up and moved out!

Year One: Kitchen

If you missed any posts from last week, check out the Year One series where I covered the entryway, living and dining areas. Moving on to the kitchen! This probably looks the most similar to move in day but I’ve made quite a few subtle changes in this small space.

Here’s a look at the empty kitchen when I first viewed this apartment:2014-08-15 17.23.25 Surrounded with moving boxes:2014-08-16 09.43.39 Putting a few things away in the cabinets on moving day. I can’t imagine life without this lovely little shelf riser insert (whatever it’s actually called). I might get another one for my next place. They are so helpful for those with limited cabinet space. 2014-08-16 09.59.34  Then I changed out the hardware for brass cabinet and bin pulls:2014-08-27 19.58.31 2014-08-28 21.37.13    Added a new coffee maker (brewstation):2014-09-06 12.37.04-1 Used some of the leftover decals from the entryway on this beam:2014-09-01 18.21.05 Added art and dish towels:2014-11-09 14.32.30 Made a quick and easy DIY painted vase to hold pens, scissors and dry erase markers:2014-11-07 20.27.55 Also made a faux terrarium:2014-10-26 19.16.32 Organized my mail mess and changed a couple items on the small window ledge:2015-03-15 13.00.43 Finally purchased my amazing kilim runner:2015-05-10 19.13.21 2015-05-10 19.13.41 2015-05-10 19.14.49 Found a quick and easy solution for extra counter space:IMG_4862 Organized my drawers:2015-02-09 16.53.30  And here’s the final look! a3UgMokV4YI61bVnFjIA_GiIZghoKQ-VJF_MlWWrFfk qgebYjh9MVzIvO7Q0fcxPVRKn64xStuvw_ztVXbrfzw DLXhiI0PWPH5iYYYshsI2Eb3qeoSeftw3c3ehTo0at0  jKD4ApftgK3lI4OACVWM8eyN4e4UUOBo18XZ8E95x8s jffR-1-JGg0FeVY90YCDZu_EZZhAJvO26GEtyU4K8RM 7xN3SHqV7UY8Zwb-QUOiFWwjnpZLc92TyU-wQEkLq-o Nf27QUa5KMjZP0-YeVLC883sZVE7wbI9z3Iw0AnoDSM      V0f1V9oAuXb-BwkL-1ighRzO-jKELePdpoNNTLOXKlw pJb7bZ2e6urIDZ9iDgdYT_jhl-kcX-GM8ylCd2ISEkw

Check back tomorrow for the last post in the Year One series.. the bedroom/office area.

Year One: Dining Room

Wrapping up this week with the next area of the apartment for the Year One series… the dining room! Next week, I’ll cover the kitchen and the bedroom/office area.

The dining area stayed mostly the same for the majority of my time in the apartment, but with a few decor updates, different table runners, etc, I updated the dining table every couple months for a fresh look.

Starting off with this lovely line up from move in day:2014-08-16 10.37.43 I had the bar set up over by the window for about one day and hated it:2014-08-16 17.52.24  Night progress after moving in. And notice the tacky crystals on the light fixture. My mom and I took those off the next day and lowered the light so it wasn’t so awkwardly close to the ceiling. 2014-08-16 20.39.52  Art added along with the lovely fall foliage outside and on my dining table:2014-11-09 14.29.40  Winter setup: new table runner, West Elm salt and pepper shakers added to the mix (and the sad barren trees outside):2015-01-25 13.10.01 2015-03-15 12.35.49 Many more table runner and centerpiece switches over the next few months: 2015-03-15 14.11.16 2015-03-15 14.07.29 Added a couple vintage and thrift finds to the window ledge:IMG_5168 IMG_5166 IMG_5170And then I completely redid this space over the last few weeks and it’s drastically different! cIIoq_TjfkbTpbdrzPBR5L56kQ8zNb8d5emKbcyJovM M5XfLi5Igsgi_2ZvAx2OmOMf0uDzEEte-qVO0k_9EbM 8OLggKv-2-a3GqO5QGjyhn5TSTqOvzvi2HzlR7TaTck F9_4hWXCC4gogSkTKnJSuru4oFxk2NxE-lT0d2kgn2o 0HUmnlmlrqXUBgY0EFnQopZTuv-VkXnjUJIPBEPxbiEI think this setup will look even better in my next apartment and it might eventually need a rug underneath… but I love how this space evolved in small ways over the year. Along with the not-so-subtle furniture switch that I can enjoy for the last few weeks of living in this apartment (and many more years to come)!

Have a great weekend and I’ll be back on Monday for more Year One progress.

Year One: Living Room

If you missed yesterday’s post, check it out here: Year One: Entryway

Continuing on with the Year One series… the space that has seen the most transformation over the last year! I think I’m most pleased with how this space turned out.

Here’s a quick look back at the move in day chaos:2014-08-16 11.10.53-12014-08-16 17.53.19 And a few days after moving in:2014-08-22 14.57.32Gallery wall addedcropped-cropped-2014-09-27-13-12-40.jpg The bar remix and addition of the DIY press for champagne button:2015-03-15 12.51.41 New pillows for the sofa and a few new coffee table accessories:2015-01-24 15.51.06 2015-01-25 14.24.27 The new rug! This really transformed the living room and I love it just as much as the day I got it.2015-02-23 16.49.09 2015-03-15 13.00.03 My ultimate chair swap (where I ended up making a profit):2015-04-05 12.50.44 And the addition of my gorgeous kilim pillow:IMG_5104Finally, the mid-century credenza I’d been pining after for years! After a lot of elbow grease, I restored this beauty:2015-05-25 14.17.08 2015-05-25 14.18.43 And the final look of the living room:  rbqiFwRq1jAtWUyBknkFC6tXKaZIfu9TS1e0PdPy_oY 9tFCb2MEKhZm2iUn32q7j1tGmjHekX9orZE49k8pjzw iytoMwhmNp7mC9BTIQ5wuafplLz-_cnzI1ZWcD5uIeg    3ctMrJuua5_dP8TOdYmndmsd4itACg8h6Lo1aUI0beI 9ua_-QOX-dw-FA1mlRkPqUmvNnLvrTNaXNioDmRVDdg vWUw9jPCIL0aPHcchCbgIg5zHztewRVOTbCgugPi0m4 NtUIZLb55nsaPwVJB7kCBLBL-aPMMBNSSYCpX7rFY0E  3imNrnEEFvE17FeM1frJ2Pufh9TbjOpdx9Fn2YYS2Bg fk1oLc-W8petOZcBfgGXHWszaX6PbKxHGS0KMp5L-HI  9nL8WujvspqYf2Ryiwnq9EXj7kOi6cmTf7Lakz8Y5Hs  HELnDwNfDOzoV_HfR6ZEgIltU1yKzXXdPa0MPRv9-1QRf3OUueQPd_vYZFcP03x3JSO6irr1WxJhbGU5NUP_EQKVJgN7oWhVItKzdFqmkJKjkHocOUdIQTLNV-r4L4mzY

Year One: Entryway

If you might remember from last year, I chronicled all of the updates in my old studio apartment after a year of living there. I can’t believe that it’s already been just a few weeks shy of one year in my (new) studio apartment, but it’s always fun to look back and see how it’s progressed and changed! I’ll be doing year one updates the rest of this week and most of next week, so stay tuned for a new area of the apartment each day. Starting off in the entryway!

I almost forgot how many changes I made to this little spot before looking back at old photos. This is just a few days after I moved in: 2014-08-22 14.57.32-1Then I added the lovely gold triangle wall decals, art and over the door storage:2014-09-01 17.57.24 Then I used the Ikea Raskog cart for a temporary entry table/mail/storage drop. 2014-10-12 18.22.32I later updated the little cart with a few DIYs and decorative touches:

2015-02-10 17.14.51I found this amazing vintage table that fit perfectly:2015-01-20 15.41.04And painted it black and added a couple more vintage accessories and decor:2015-02-28 17.56.17And here’s the final product after one year! I love walking into this space every day, greeted by the decals, art, accessories and most importantly, that gorgeous little table. _BEtoTKnvL7f5d4i1jLiLnf51C4ThsohhUVntmGzA1U3khMY9yhbEd3yF-yGKj7HUfif29vwI2rWbepK28-XR8bEuX-8FG7pmFvgGkSdfGuJ7CoDpa77kOLKtdqviV3WMc0VWcWulm1wGfwy_NKhH67qUw8GS4IWXbpbA4Fyn6-MDXlIZoEYMlgWqCe-fRS8NKzv6IKfqLRLJ9jvAnOz8RERShm1s3vs___ow1o0hT68TRoS9E3qS0z-RfoUx4HsjwZmQO-z5ASsCS1SbCoOVX77EEmYj5EMLJp5ynrQdJBYo