Year One: Bathroom Progress

My bathroom is the smallest area in my apartment but I’ve made quite a few changes over the last year. A few touch ups and accessories can make a huge difference.


2013-03-02 22.59.30 2013-02-25 18.03.39  2013-03-02 23.03.34 2013-03-28 22.26.09 2013-03-28 22.26.15

2014-04-19 20.18.29

2014-04-19 20.18.10

Update 1:

After! Repurposed items I already had and changed shelf height. Tiny little medicine cabinet can hold a ton if you use it right!


2013-10-12 20.29.29

Update 2:

2014-01-23 17.54.04 2014-01-23 17.52.48

   2014-01-10 17.29.20

Update 3 (final):

  • Re-do grout with miracle grout pen
  • New trash can and toilet brush
  • Reorganize raskog cart (again)

    2014-05-03 21.18.57 2014-05-03 21.18.30   2014-05-03 21.18.22   2014-04-19 23.41.59 2014-04-19 23.41.49 2014-04-19 23.41.45 2014-04-22 19.09.26

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Bathroom Makeover!

With a Christmas gift card in hand, I decided to finally revamp my bathroom! Keeping my lovely Raskog cart and eggplant bathmat… and replacing my shower curtain and hand towels. While I do love the shower curtain, the busy pattern was starting to make my head spin in the tiny bathroom.

I was eyeing this shower curtain at West Elm for months and when they had a bath sale (and free shipping), I jumped on it. My $50 gift card got me a shower curtain, two hand towels and a gold votive (I had to pay a whopping $4 remaining).


DSC06769  2013-02-25 18.02.33


2014-01-23 17.52.43   2014-01-23 17.54.04    2014-01-23 18.24.01

Also did a brief lamp switch up (coming up in a different post soon)


2014-01-10 17.29.202014-01-10 17.29.06

Adorable little cart still in the same spot:
2013-10-12 20.29.292013-10-12 20.29.11   

Love the end result! The bathroom feels lighter, brighter and (dare I say) bigger!