Organize Your Medicine Cabinet with Three Easy Tricks

In my last apartment, I was fortunate enough to have two giant medicine cabinets in my bathroom and it was such a great space for storage.

2014-08-19-21-49-49 In my new apartment, I only have one smaller medicine cabinet so I had to do some editing and re-organizing so I’m sharing some of my favorite tips here:

  1. Edit: Only include what you absolutely need in the medicine cabinet, daily makeup, cleanser, vitamins, toothbrush, etc. If you have a small one like mine, store everything else in another place. Nail polish you only use every once in a while, eye makeup you don’t wear every day, etc can live somewhere other than your medicine cabinet. IMG_8926
  2. Pay attention to height: Most medicine cabinets have adjustable shelves, so to get the most out of your space, organize items according to height.
  3. Out of the box storage: This is key to keeping organized and allowing you to add a ton of small items in your medicine cabinet. I’ve used everything from mason jars, vintage glassware and trays to small boxes and kitchen organizers to store just about everything in this small medicine cabinet. Find similar items that you already have around the house and use those to organize and store your essentials.


Making the Most of a Smaller Closet

I was quite spoiled with an amazing walk-in closet with built-ins in my last apartment (this photo below only shows about 1/4 of the closet space) and I knew that the closet space in my new place would be an adjustment. 2014-09-10-20-36-25I technically have three closets in my current apartment, but two are with sliding pocket doors and one leading to the bathroom is just a bunch of open shelving without doors.

xw7ctPNKYyEnt4wO0ywNg9QRtKaf0FbLAJAmToB1Po8 _tNENDJAkNxZg19cxvuSaxgmFzBZrLIpnWf-1MSDx7s

This is the entry closet, pre-painting and moving in. Apparently I haven’t taken a full recent photo of it quite yet. gwp2VypBu5t_vYkJdwxpXClk966R3VMWjnpO6apPQOs

I distributed a bunch of items throughout all three closets, but I wanted to maximize as much storage as possible in my bedroom closet. Going vertical is always one of my go-to storage solutions and a piece of advice I give small-space dwellers all the time. I put my purple dresser on one side of the closet to house pajamas, socks, etc. and Added the white folding shelf on top of it for boot storage, accessories, and a few office items. My reusable bag bins also conveniently fit perfectly on top of the dresser as well.

You can’t quite see it, but I added a long plastic bin for storage and a bunch of handbags on the shelf above.43gA_gygwH2xQw9sKV7lqcvyXaOyfe3diJuVUr0Ytq0

After a huge closet clean out during the packing and moving process, I paired down my hanging items quite a bit through donations, trash and consignment. I also haven’t done laundry in awhile so it looks extra sparse 🙂 Lyzu84KYw3EtJfEc3n7YheqEPs8uPCROtMtclpBWvTM (1)

The bins up top on this side are full of scarves, leggings, sweatshirts and other cold weather accessories. Lyzu84KYw3EtJfEc3n7YheqEPs8uPCROtMtclpBWvTM QbX77PVVkYn3Vz3Ec6P7Qe_YpSkggv3XrZLmJiotz6g

And the floor of this side is also fully utilized as well. Storage for extra throw pillows, Christmas decor, luggage and extra toiletries all fits below. vwphnOWLM_4RuVNvM-y-d6ILUUuIaQ0_q6e2tLNv1lg

Since the pocket doors won’t hold the over-the-door shoe storage, I put it on the back of my bedroom door. The door is almost always open (thus, you wouldn’t be able to see this at all) so I don’t mind it. GLADdPmzfdIe8vqeOT0kDBhdQ9KoOJWE1y38GbHuEDk ALYTCHCloN_5jGTad53J2ZQjS57m_eDA0vo34r_62vA

Stay tuned for more storage solutions around the new apartment coming soon! I’m thrilled with how much I squeezed in the small closet space and it’s functional day to day, which is really the most important.

Hallway Storage and Organization Progress

Here’s what this area looked like during the insanity of moving day:IMG_6968And these boxes were all full of beauty supplies, makeup, extra towels and linens, cleaning supplies, travel toiletries, extra hangers, etc. When first looking at the storage space in this hallway, I figured there was no way I could possibly fit it all on two shelves. adJOMZV2B05q4nBOrxmKlPhheyLctcFOTC2B0i_914Y

But… thanks to the miracle of storage bins and my two Ikea raskog carts, I actually made it work! I placed the black bins from my old closet on the higher shelf because they hold the items I won’t need to access as often. Extra linens for the pull-out sofa, extra towels and hangers, Christmas decorations, etc. _tNENDJAkNxZg19cxvuSaxgmFzBZrLIpnWf-1MSDx7s

The raskog carts and the lower bins hold the items I’ll use more regularly. Beauty products, medicine, extra toilet paper, perfume, nail polish, etc. It still needs some work to make it a bit more uniform and organized looking, but it’s certainly an improvement from the initial stage of chaos. GYeNxWjbdPhQ2Q_c2MKXGUBX7irw5lmmuxfBlCsZby4

Four Tips for Small Space Style

1. Pay attention to the visual footprint of your furniture:
As seen in Jamie’s studio apartment tour, this lucite table is perfect for dining in a small space and has a very minimal visual footprint, making the area feel larger.Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 4.55.58 PM

2. Use dual function pieces for storage:
My craigslist credenza is a functional media stand, but the drawers provide tons of additional storage.  2015-05-25 14.18.343. Pair a light color palette with large mirrors:
As seen in Holly’s London studio apartment tour, the bright whites keep the space feeling open and airy while the mirror tricks the eye into making the space feel more expansive.IMG_32394. Utilize wall-mounted storage:
As seen in Natalie’s Melbourne studio apartment tour, wall-mounted shelving is great for additional storage and won’t take up any floor space. FullSizeRender (1)

Have a great weekend and stay tuned for a giveaway on Monday!

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Shop Love: Land of Nod

Yes, you heard right. I’m highlighting a kid’s decor store…. but it’s not all for kids! So many of the items look great in real-life living rooms, bedrooms and offices of adults. From lighting to prints to storage, there are plenty of decor accessories at Land of Nod that don’t look like kids items! And better yet, these items are much more affordable than many of the non-kid home decor sites.

between-a-rock-and-a-lamp-base-wood color-weave-toy-box-natural fine-alloy-pendant floral-doodle gumball-lamp-blue la-piña mod-cube-bin-gold uptown-3-drawer-dresser-grey

All photo credits: Land of Nod

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Quick Closet Organization

While most of my closet is quite organized, the top shelf became a catch-all for random items I was planning to sell, extra home decor options to save for future use, etc. I had plenty of space for these random items, but it started to look quite cluttered, especially when compared with the rest of the closet.

2015-03-14 19.03.04 2015-03-14 19.03.10 2015-03-14 19.03.13 2015-03-14 19.03.27 2015-03-14 19.03.32

So, I decided to find a different storage solution (other than the Ikea blue shopping bags)… a couple big Ikea bins! Much more uniform looking and contained. 2015-03-14 19.04.02

Three bins later, I had plenty of storage for the extra items floating around the top shelf of my closet. 2015-03-14 19.12.38


Apologies for these terrible “after” photos, but the top of a closet isn’t the most glamorous or cooperative space to photograph…  but I promise it does look much better and more organized in person! And the bins were very affordable, as per Ikea standards. 2015-03-22 14.11.25 2015-03-22 14.11.36