New Living Room Rug And The Trick to Keep It In Place

Wanted to share a few updates to my living room- new rug, new side table and coffee table (not so new, but new to the blog!).

And one more new addition that you can’t exactly see- but it’s holding everything together…

This amazing rug pad from Rug Pads USA. I loved my old rug, but it had seen it’s fair share of foot traffic and dog fur after a few years. So I vacuumed the hell out of it and sold on Craigslist. I didn’t have a rug pad under my old one, and it drove me crazy. Constantly sliding out of place, bubbling up, going sideways whenever the pup decided to run sprints in the apartment. Once I decided on my rug (this beauty– on a major sale), I knew I needed to find a great pad for underneath.

I worked with Rug Pads USA awhile ago for a giveaway and my kitchen runner has an awesome pad underneath from their shop as well.

I knew next to nothing about what I needed, I just wanted a low profile pad that would prevent the movement, bubbling and slipping. They were extremely helpful in offering several choices depending on my needs- after some back and forth, they pointed out the Anchor Grip and it fit the bill- very low profile, strong grip and custom size to fit the rug.

I somehow managed to lay down the pad and the rug by myself one night- maneuvering under the very heavy sleeper sofa was an adventure- but it all worked out!

I am so thrilled with  the new look- but I’m even more excited that after a month of walking, furniture moving, pup running, etc… it hasn’t moved an inch!

Rug pads can definitely be an investment- but well worth it in my opinion. It helps preserve the rug itself (and your floors underneath) AND not having to lift up the couch on a daily basis to slide a rug back in place has been an amazing bonus. I’ve tried plenty of cheap ‘netting’ style rug grip pads in the past, and from my experience, they do next to nothing and usually cause more of a problem by rolling up under the rug. So the next time you’re in the market for a new rug (or you want your current one to stop sliding all over the place) – head over to Rug Pads USA. They have a multitude of styles for every need- low profile, thicker for cushioning, natural materials, strong grip, you name it!


Now a couple shots of my other new additions- side table from Target- sold my other one on Craigslist.

The coffee table was a new addition last year, but I don’t think I ever covered it on the blog- this beauty from West Elm really opened up the space and tied in with the other marble pieces in the apartment. My old one was so dark and bulky and now I can’t imagine anything else. Also a little shout out to my new-ish pillows- all from Target. Here’s an old shot of the living room with former coffee table, side table, rug and pillows to see the difference! I’m also planning a little lighting switch-up, but more on that later.

Thanks for following along- slowly but surely getting back into the swing of blogging.   

Everything in this post was purchased by me, with the exception of the Rug Pad, courtesy of Rug Pads USA. Honest review and photos by Studio Style Blog.  Thank you to the sponsors that make it possible to spruce up my space and create content for this site!

New Additions and Accessories

After a couple small purchases and birthday gifts, I’ve updated a few accessories and decor items around my apartment over the last month so I thought I’d share a few highlights here:

New rug in front of closet doors in my bedroom. Tried to use as a small entry rug but my front door was not cooperating, as explained on my latest to do list postIMG_8916 My coffee table book stack just got a major upgrade with these two amazing additions! IMG_8913  It was time to finally retire my DIY coasters and these sleek marble ones from Crate and Barrel were a major upgrade! IMG_8910   One can never have enough pillows and my sweet friend picked out this gorgeous gold pillow from Target as a birthday gift and it fits right in with my mix and match selection on the sofa. IMG_8903

Creating a Rug with Stainmaster Signature Squares

In my checklist post, I mentioned needing a rug by the balcony door in my apartment and when Stainmaster reached out about their new product, Signature Squares, I figured it was a perfect fit! I needed something larger than a traditional doormat and wanted something with style and pattern. I chose the Eastern Vibe Basalt pattern in grey and the box arrived at my doorstep quite quickly! They were quick and easy to put together, you can see the full step by step tutorial over on The DC Ladies today, and I now have a beautiful new rug for the space. Check out all of the color and pattern options at Stainmaster.

Here’s the blank, bare look before:


1 Check out my post on The DC Ladies today for the full break down of how I got the look.

After! It compliments my paint color nicely and is the perfect size for the space.      7 8IMG_7587

Stainmaster provided me with the box of Signature Squares to make this rug but all opinions, reviews and tips are my own. If you’re interested in sponsoring a post or advertising, please contact me here

Black and White Decor Roundup

I’ve really been drawn to all things black and white lately so I thought I’d share a quick roundup of some of my black and white decor favorites. Whether patterned, striped or solid, I am loving these classic pieces that could work in any home.

34136952_018_b woven-isle-23x11-pillow32164_XXX_v1odyssey-white-dining-table Product_SVF81418_Image_1 linden-black-bigimage2

Ellen-Fisch-Architectural-Detail-No.-34-Framed-Art-Print-96e4c656-3877-49d8-9aa8-17cfc00f9338_600 Denise-Duplock-Fistral-Nero-Blanco-II-Framed-Art-Print-e8df10a5-3ed6-463a-bdc7-bd34d8c3f670_600

Pillow 1 // Pillow 2 // Rug // Dining Table // Set of Chairs //
Duvet Cover // Framed Photograph // Framed Abstract Art


Rug Pad to the Rescue

I adore my new West Elm kilim rug, but it wasn’t cooperating so well with my current rug pad and hardwood floor situation. Notice the rolling and bumps below. IMG_5137I had a cheap rug pad that was too long underneath it and every time I walked over it, vacuumed, etc I would either trip on the rug or it would bunch up and I’d have to try and lay it out again. Not so fun. IMG_5139IMG_5138I was thrilled when Rug Pad USA asked me to review one of their products. I chose the superior lock non-slip pad because it works well with more delicate rugs like this kilim one and is low-profile enough for this small space. My rug is a runner but it’s a bit of an odd size, so I had them custom cut a rug pad to the correct size (always a great option). It arrived very quickly and I couldn’t wait to throw out the old cheap one.

IMG_5133The rug pad is eco-friendly and made in the USA which is a big selling point for me, personally. IMG_5136   For this particular rug pad on wood floors, you simply lay the rubber grip side on the wood surface and the felt surface facing up. IMG_5140 I laid the rug back on top of the pad and immediately noticed a difference. No more slipping, bunching or bubbling. And the pad has just enough of a cushion that it feels really nice and supportive to stand on while cooking dinner, etc. IMG_5162 IMG_5163 IMG_5164 IMG_5258If you are in need of a quality rug pad, I would highly recommend checking out Rug Pad USA.

The rug pad was provided by Rug Pad USA but all opinions, tips and images are my own. If you’re interested in sponsoring a post or advertising, please contact me here