Gallery Wall Planning with Minted

Now that I’ll have more walls to decorate in my new place, I’m planning to do another gallery wall in addition to the one I already have. I wanted something colorful and fun, so I chose a mix of prints and photos and can’t wait to see it come together. Most of the photos in my current gallery wall are the same size, so I wanted to mix it up a bit with this one. This is my initial idea for the new gallery wall:

The Paris photo, tapestry print and watercolor print are all 16×20 and the rest are 8×10. I might put it in a slightly different layout once I can visualize it all in person, but at the moment, I’m really liking this arrangement. I also picked out some great frames for each print but I’ll reveal those when the actual gallery wall is installed in my new place.

I found all of these photos and prints on Minted and they have a fantastic selection of art to choose from, as well as affordable framing. They should all be shipping out soon and will be on the wall approximately 24 hours after I move into the new place ūüôā I am always anxious to get art on the wall right away when I move into a new place, but am especially excited for these new prints, so stay tuned for the full reveal in a couple weeks!

Shop the gallery wall:
Pineapple print // Floral arrangement // Paris print 
Vase of flowers // Floral art // Penguin
Tapestry // Watercolor print

Minted will be providing me with the art for this gallery wall, but all opinions, reviews and tips are my own. If you’re interested in sponsoring a post or advertising, please contact me here. 

Shop Love: Design Darling

Next in the Shop Love series… one of my long time favorite online shops… Design Darling! With great decor and accessories for the office and home, it’s hard not to find something you love on every single page! There’s also a great selection of fun art and prints. I’ve chosen a few favorites for both office and home below.

Screen_Shot_2014-06-25_at_10.34.35_AM_largeScreen_Shot_2014-08-07_at_5.16.43_PM_large Design_Darling_Acrylic_Tape_Dispenser_5f93591e-c965-4ee2-9f91-6b1d0b4e8acb_large

unnamed_71a215a1-fb2a-4b29-b33f-cec10946b22c_largeScreen_Shot_2014-07-11_at_6.35.31_PM_large Screen_Shot_2013-04-29_at_5.28.43_PM_large

oui_non_french_matches_design_darling_largeScreen_Shot_2015-03-02_at_2.30.56_PM_large stop_and_drink_the_rose_print_large elizabeth_mayville_top_knot_stripes_print_large

All photos: Design Darling

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Shop Love: Anna With Love

Continuing with the Shop Love series… I think this will become a weekly Thursday occurrence! I can’t rave enough about Anna With Love’s print shop. If I had an unlimited budget, I would literally buy every single item. Fortunately, her prints are very reasonably priced! I love her New York and Paris series the most, but every photo is unique and gorgeous. These would be a great gift or just a new addition to your gallery wall at home. ¬†I’ll definitely have to scour over them to pick a favorite or two to order. Just a few of my many favorites below (all photos by Anna With Love):

6dc7429af1f64f4883f148082ab66c60 fc8ea263c23dcc0900d815c47f58206f 20fbf16d1c2e95b6e743733531f7b5aec31fb3eabbcdbc3932c17f6e680b4a85 d3b919a057357900816e0ba86692e5e0 cf9787ee1b9402438292d13ac4dcd56e

All photos: Anna With Love

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Year One: Entryway Updates

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m starting this series of how my apartment has progressed since I first moved in! Starting things off with the entryway.


2013-02-23 16.49.19

2013-02-28 22.34.39


2013-03-16 13.50.08


2013-10-08 19.20.04

2013-04-07 17.03.44


    2014-02-08 12.46.21 2014-02-08 12.46.47 2014-02-08 12.47.04 2014-02-08 12.46.40

What I’ve done to this area:

  • Hang art
  • Add rug
  • Storage solution for coats, bags, umbrella: over door
  • Add gold polka dot wall decals

Still on the list:

  • Change light fixture- I’m hoping to take off the ugly fluorescent one and switch it out for a small globe or pendant in the next few months!

Stay tuned tomorrow for the closet progress!

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Favorite Affordable Prints

A few of these¬†prints I already have proudly displayed in my apartment and others are favorites I’ve found online that will look great in any room in your home or work. Bonus: they are all reasonably priced. Go shopping and add some personality to your walls!

2014-02-08 12.47.04
Studio Style Blog

Beatles print (left): Etsy
Sinatra print (right): Etsy

floral-doodle oh joy land of nod
Credit: Oh Joy for Land of Nod

Oh Joy Print for Land of Nod

Credit: The Everygirl

Success is Not Easy Print: The Everygirl 

Credit: Made by Girl

Ampersand Print: Made by Girl