Shop Love: J. Crew

There’s been quite a bit of chatter in the design world about the possible future of a J. Crew home line, and from the looks of their website, it might be a real possibility. They only have a few items in the “Home and Gifts” section at the moment, but hopefully they will launch a full line sometime soon! I picked out a few favorite accessories below in the meantime.

Shop for all of these items here.
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All photos: J. Crew

This is the second post in the Shop Love series, but I plan to make it a regular feature of Studio Style Blog! Stay tuned for more Shop Love posts in the future to find stylish home decor and accessories. 

Year One: Living Room Updates

The living room area has slowly transformed from a barren, neutral, boring space to a bright, colorful and charming area.


2013-03-06 18.48.31


  • Add gallery wall
  • Move bar from dining area to living room area
  • Spruced up ikea floor lamp with gold leaf pen
  • Add new accessories on the coffee table
  • Remove silver lamps and replace with brass ones
  • Add new throw pillows and blanket to the couch
  • Rearrange other floor lamps
  • Add side table
  • Add basket next to couch for blanket storage
  • Redo bar
  • Replace pillow on one accent chair

2013-03-20 22.26.26 2013-04-07 17.02.47 2013-04-07 17.03.44 DSC06727  2013-10-19 19.44.12 2013-10-19 19.44.04 2014-01-29 09.10.15 2014-01-29 09.10.04 2014-01-29 09.09.37 2014-01-29 09.09.14    2014-03-27 18.55.40

2014-05-29 18.26.18


2014-02-08 12.53.20

2014-03-27 18.56.02

2014-02-08 13.02.38

Still on the list:

  • Replace ikea floor lamp with something nicer
  • Get society social bar cart (likely won’t happen for quite awhile because they are pricey)

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