HGTV Feature! Small Space Tips

Exciting news! I have a small feature on HGTV today! The writer reached out to me a couple months ago about one of my posts and I was thrilled. It’s a quick little round up of small space tips from design bloggers and I’m honored to be included. Check it out here:

15 Clever Small Space Tips from Design Bloggers


My counter top over the stove solution from my last apartment is highlighted in this article along with great tips and solutions from other bloggers. Head over and check it out! There’s also a little interview blurb about the solution if you click on ‘read more’ underneath the photo (mine is #8 in the gallery).  IMG_4862 IMG_4865I hope this is just one of many features to come! So nice to be recognized by such a big voice in the design industry. Thanks to HGTV and thanks to my amazing readers (new and old) for continuing to follow along!



Design Trend: Black Ceilings

I’ve already covered black walls and black trim in past posts, but I’m currently obsessed with black ceilings. It works well in almost any room, though bathrooms and kitchens are my favorite. When paired with white walls or tile, a few pops of color and metallics (especially brass), black ceilings look elegant, expensive and classic. It gives the illusion of an open space and taller ceilings. The black color draws your eyes upwards and creates an endless height effect. I’ve selected a few of my favorite examples below. Hope you love this trend as much as I do!


Genevieve’s Renovation

If you haven’t heard… my favorite design idol, Genevieve Gorder, has a new show! It premiered last week and I love it already- she’s renovating her New York City apartment (and the one next door). The show takes us through all the steps from construction and concept design to styling every last inch of her new home. I’ve already mentally ‘pinned’ so many ideas for my own future dream home.

She mentioned her renovation last Fall when I interviewed her for the HGTV furniture line debut (still have to pinch myself about that) and it’s even better than I imagined. So tune in (or set your DVRs) for Thursdays at 11/10 c!

2013-11-09 09.45.59
Studio Style Blog
Interviewing Genevieve last Fall. Credit

Check out the furniture debut here and my interview with Genevieve here.

HGTV Furniture Debut with Genevieve Gorder: Pt 2

(Part one)

Interview with Genevieve Gorder:

What is your favorite design trend right now?

Mixed metals…. Brass and copper. The “satin nickel” era is over!

Also love that the US is waking up with colors and patterns! No more beige. We’re finally breaking the mold and transitioning to global interiors: getting colors, indigenous fabrics and patterns from other countries and cultures.

No home is complete without: _________________

Addressing all five senses. It’s not just visual. You have to entertain all five senses to have a complete home.

What is your favorite piece in the HGTV furniture line?

I love the green slipper chair. And the mirrored credenza with the beautiful antiqued treatment.

One word to describe your personal style?


One piece people should invest in?

You should invest most in the areas where you spend the most time…  the living room, the bedroom… A great couch can last for years and years and you can change it with throws, pillows or a slipcover. Also, investing in great bedding is a good idea. That will last for many years.

Advice for people living in small spaces and apartments?

Use the vertical plains. Create illusions with everything. Hang the curtains at the top of the ceiling to draw your eye higher. Buy vertical storage and stack it to the top. Crown molding. Anything to visually create height and draw your eye to the ceiling. Have multi-functional pieces. Storage in the coffee table. Dresser used as a desk. Emphasize lighting and accent with color.

Saw your gorgeous rugs online. What is one thing you haven’t designed yet that you want to put your stamp on?

Thanks! I’ve done just about everything, from blue jeans to a cruise ship. The one thing I would like to do is design a hotel from top to bottom. Not just one room, the entire hotel. I think that would be so fun. Hospitality is where it’s at.

Advice for running your own business and managing your personal brand?

Sign up for as many business courses as you can. Say yes to every meeting, interview, opportunity to learn. The design knack comes easily for us in the industry, but you need to have business skills to compliment that.

Photo with Genevieve! 

2013-11-09 10.48.33

Q&A with the audience!

2013-11-09 11.06.30 2013-11-09 11.06.42  2013-11-09 11.06.44

Had such a great time at the event and it was an honor to interview Genevieve, one of my long time design idols. Thanks to Belfort, HGTV and Genevieve Gorder!

HGTV Furniture Debut with Genevieve Gorder: Pt 1

Happy Monday, everyone.

I attended the HGTV Furniture Debut at Belfort Furniture on Saturday and had a fantastic time! The furniture line is gorgeous, but the highlight of the event was meeting and interviewing Genevieve Gorder

First up… photos of the beautiful furniture line!

2013-11-09 09.32.24 2013-11-09 09.32.34 2013-11-09 09.32.55 2013-11-09 09.34.30 2013-11-09 09.35.25 2013-11-09 09.35.44 2013-11-09 09.35.52 2013-11-09 09.36.04 2013-11-09 09.38.17 2013-11-09 09.38.44 2013-11-09 09.34.41

Ribbon cutting ceremony with Belfort and Genevieve! 

2013-11-09 09.44.31 2013-11-09 09.45.57 2013-11-09 09.45.58-2 2013-11-09 09.46.00

Part two will continue with more photos and my interview with Genevieve! 

Reader Question for Genevieve Gorder!

As you know, my upcoming meet and greet with Genevieve Gorder is this Saturday! I’m so excited. I made a list of questions for my interview but would love to include one more from my wonderful readers!

Leave your question in the comments below and I’ll choose one to ask her on Saturday. I’ll post more about the event and full interview next week. Stay tuned!



Upcoming Meet And Greet with Genevieve Gorder!

You heard right. I still can’t believe it myself! I’ll be attending this event at Belfort Furniture next month and will be interviewing Genevieve beforehand.


She’ll be giving a design talk and helping to launch the new line of HGTV furniture.

A few pieces I’m already loving from the collection:

Credit: HGTV Home/Belfort
Credit: HGTV Home/Belfort
Credit: HGTV Home/Belfort
Credit: HGTV Home/Belfort
Credit: HGTV Home/Belfort
Credit: HGTV Home/Belfort
Credit: HGTV Home/Belfort
Credit: HGTV Home/Belfort

You can view the full line of furniture here.

Look out for a recap of the event and my interview with Genevieve in a couple weeks!

UPDATED: Interview part 1 here and part 2 here.