2015 Highlights: Favorite DIY Projects

Next up in the 2015 Highlights series… my favorite DIY projects from this year. I’ve been slacking a bit in the DIY realm this fall and winter, but plan to do more projects in 2016. Even though 2015 didn’t include a ton of DIYs, I had time to do a couple projects and am sharing some of my favorites below!

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Press for Champagne Art2015-01-15 12.03.58


Painted Entry Table:
Part I2015-02-24 23.02.07


Part II 2015-02-28 17.56.02


Floral Art2015-04-14 20.56.44


Memo Board Revisited 2015-04-26 16.53.10

DIY Memo Board Revisited

I made a little DIY memo board over a year ago and it’s survived two apartments and I use it every day. It’s a great place to jot down a grocery list, keep track of workouts and other to-dos. I’ve stuck mine to my fridge with 3M velcro strips, but these could go just about anywhere, from a door to an office wall or whatever works for you. Simply buy a frame and throw in something for a background and use the glass as a dry-erase board. Works with the same markers and wipes off easily. (I even took my gold leaf pen and added a little decorative trim around the inside of the frame)2015-04-26 16.41.24 2015-04-26 16.41.25

After a year + of looking at this every day, it started to look messy and chaotic. I originally threw the fabric samples in there as a temporary solution until I found another alternative, but never ended up switching them out. Thanks to some leftover gift wrap from my DIY Floral Art project, I had just enough to fit in the frame! I love this pattern and now can enjoy it in my apartment and my office. A few photos of the new look below and how to use it for to do lists, etc. 2015-04-26 16.53.10 2015-04-26 16.53.25 2015-04-26 16.54.36

DIY Floral Art

I’ve seen variations of this idea floating around online for awhile, but a couple weeks ago, I finally got started with the process and ordered the materials for this DIY art! I adore everything from Rifle Paper Co, but their prints can range anywhere from $24-50 each and I wasn’t willing to spend that much per print plus framing. I found out they make individual gift wrap sheets of the same gorgeous floral patterns so I purchased those from Paper Source online (along with one other) for a total of $22.24 including shipping!

2015-04-14 20.29.59

My next bargain hunting session was for frames. I’ve purchased many in from Joann’s online in the past, but they didn’t have quite what I was looking for on this project. I found a couple great options at Michael’s and went with simple white frames with mats included. For three frames, my total came to $37.52 including shipping.

2015-04-14 20.29.54

This project ended up at $59.76, just under $60 for three gorgeous framed art pieces. If I had purchased the prints I mentioned along with custom framing, this project could have ended up totaling a couple hundred dollars. Not in my art budget, so I’m really glad I went the budget-friendly DIY route.  Now on to the fun part, the quick and easy DIY!

FYI- If you’re trying to get these pesky little things lifted up from your frame and don’t want to ruin your manicure, just grab a knife from the kitchen! Slide it under the metal clip and bend up. Same goes for putting them back, just press down and you’re done.

2015-04-14 20.34.06

All I had to do was pick the portion of the gift wrap I wanted to frame….

2015-04-14 20.40.42
Trace around the mat (in case I screwed up, I didn’t to risk tracing inside the map and cutting it too small)…2015-04-14 20.41.24

Cut out your traced portion and place it in your frame and you’re done!2015-04-14 20.45.46
Same process with #2:

2015-04-14 20.47.15 2015-04-14 20.50.24

And #3:
2015-04-14 20.51.28 2015-04-14 20.55.33


I’m so thrilled with how these turned out and can’t wait to hang them in my new office (stay tuned in a couple weeks for a full office makeover at my new job!)

2015-04-14 20.56.44


DIY Coasters Revisited

Remember my gold leaf pen coasters DIY project?


After over a year of use, they were still in pretty excellent shape, but could use a few touch ups. I also wanted to give the coasters a slightly different look and incorporated an off-white shade along with the gold.

2015-02-01 16.15.03 2015-02-01 16.19.08

I started with one coat of gold and one coat of the concrete taupe shade:2015-02-01 16.24.53

After allowing it time to dry, I applied a second coat:2015-02-01 16.47.04

And after the third and final coat, here is the new look:2015-02-01 17.16.42 2015-02-01 17.16.47 2015-02-01 17.17.10


Another quick and easy DIY project and it gives these coasters a nice refresh.

Sources: Original Coasters // Gold Leaf Pen // Beige Pen

DIY: Press for Champagne Art

I’ve been obsessed with the Press for Champagne art from Lisa Golightly for a long time and finally decided to make a DIY version inspired by this photo!

Credit: Lisa Golightly

I purchased this door bell on Amazon for only $5.882014-11-10 19.29.09

And went to my local Home Goods and found a gold frame for $7.992014-11-11 19.49.06

My first instinct was to do a different version of the original design by using colored paper, so I bought a bunch of different options at Michael’s:

2014-12-01 10.26.25 2014-12-01 10.26.42 2014-12-01 10.27.02 2014-12-01 10.27.17 2014-12-01 10.30.03

2014-12-01 10.33.01

While I loved all of them, it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for and it looked too busy with the frame and lettering, so I decided to return the paper and go for a different route. I also initially recruited my wonderful mom to test out her calligraphy skills while I was home for the holidays and hand write ‘Press for Champagne’ on the paper. We both decided against it in the end and made another trip back to Michaels.

2014-12-30 15.52.29

DIY, round two: Ivory paper (with a subtle sparkle and texture) and stick on letters. Much more of a nod to the original and less room for error. Between the stickers and paper options, the cost was under $10.

My wonderful mom has more refined crafting skills than I do, so she stuck on the letters and centered the button while I supervised 🙂 2014-12-30 16.06.37

Then, we simply put the paper into the frame (without the glass) and used a screwdriver to attach the screws securely to the back of the frame.

2014-12-30 16.11.57 2014-12-30 16.22.18

One flight from KS to DC later, I stuck on a couple 3M velcro strips to the back…  2015-01-15 11.59.37

And the gorgeous finished product is hanging above my bar! 2015-01-15 12.03.58  2015-01-15 12.09.22 2015-01-15 12.09.59   2015-01-15 12.10.36 2015-01-15 12.10.48 2015-01-15 12.15.16

I’m so thrilled with how it turned out and I’m glad I went back to the original design! The project ended up costing between $20-$25 instead of the original price of the Etsy listing at $62. And a huge thank you to my amazing mom for executing my design and ideas!

DIY Christmas Candle Holder

Inspired by the cute post over on the DIY Playbook, I wanted to create my own easy Christmas candle holder. This took a few minutes and only required a few items (all of which I already had on hand).

  • Mason jar
  • Cranberries
  • Tea light candle
  • Greenery (I snipped a few branches off the back of my tiny tree)

2014-12-17 20.37.47 2014-12-17 20.42.30Simply put the greenery in first, then then layer cranberries on top, fill jar with water and place tea light candle in the middle of the cranberries. Easy and adorable!

2014-12-17 20.43.382014-12-18 13.23.012014-12-18 13.22.202014-12-18 13.22.33

Now it lives on my coffee table for the next couple days until I leave town for Christmas but I’m so glad I found the post and recreated it to enjoy for a couple more days.

2014-12-18 13.20.42      2014-12-17 20.48.49 2014-12-17 20.46.20

I’ll definitely do this next year as well! Thanks to DIY Playbook for the idea.

DIY Painted Vase

My old vase sitting on the island as a catch-all was getting boring and overly stuffed to the brim, so I decided to bring out the leftover paint from my nightstand. This was a quick and easy DIY project and I love the end result! Brings new life to a plain little vase and was completely free- already had the paint, brush and vase on hand. Photos and step by step tutorial below:

2014-11-06 16.05.18

Items needed: vase, paint (and stirrer), brush and a surface to work on (I went with a restoration hardware catalog) 
2014-11-06 16.12.22

Start with the vase upside down and paint the top first, then the sides (I did two coats and let each dry in between):
2014-11-06 16.19.55

After the second coat is dry, flip it over:
2014-11-06 17.12.01

Side note: a little trick while you’re waiting for paint to dry: put the brush in a cup filled with water, soap and a splash of nail polish remover:
2014-11-06 17.17.11 2014-11-06 17.21.18

The paint comes off with zero effort and the brush is clean in no time! 
2014-11-06 17.26.02

End result! I also painted the inside of the vase with one light coat: 
2014-11-06 22.05.35

This also gave me an excuse to clean up the ridiculous number of items stuffed into the vase:
2014-11-07 20.27.55 2014-11-07 20.28.32  2014-11-07 20.29.08