Design Trend: Beaded Chandeliers

I’ve noticed a bunch of variations of beaded chandeliers in the design world lately and I thought I’d share a few of my favorites. They mix well with a variety of different styles, from bohemian to nautical and even a classic traditional style can incorporate one of these chandeliers.  A few different styles and colors are below:


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Month in Review: May 2015

It’s that time again! Can’t believe it’s already June. Here’s a wrap up of the last 31 days on Studio Style Blog. Last month was full of changes and new additions to the apartment, so check out this recap if you missed anything!

Styled Three Ways: 
The Entry Table
2015-04-26 14.27.16

Style on a Budget:
Five Dining Chairs Under $150
Throw pillows

Ask Studio Style Blog:
Volume III
Volume IV
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Studio Tours:

Apartment Updates:
New Kitchen Runner
Recent Thrift + Vintage Finds
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Mid-Century Modern Credenza (worthy of it’s own section this month)
Credenza First Look and Inspiration 
How to Refinish a Mid-Century Modern Credenza: Part 1
How to Refinish a Mid-Century Modern Credenza: Part 2
Refinished Mid-Century Modern Credenza: Reveal
2015-05-25 14.18.42

DIY Memo Board Revisited
2015-04-26 16.53.10

Look for Less:
Gilt Mirror
Renter Tips and Tricks:
Four Renter Eyesores and How to Hide Them
How to Instantly Double Your Kitchen Counter Space
2015-05-10 19.54.55

Pinterest Overhaul
Three Tips to Style Your Bar + Summer Cocktail RecipeIMG_4545

Three Tips to Style Your Bar + Summer Cocktail Recipe

You get a two for one on today’s post! A few bar styling tips and a great spring/summer cocktail recipe. Enjoy!

1. Focus on height: Along with tall bottles, find other decorative objects such as candlesticks, frames, an ice bucket, etc. that will add height to your bar. They look much more glamorous and well-stocked with added height.

2. Bars aren’t just for booze: Studio apartments obviously have limited kitchen storage, so I use my bar as an added place for most of my glassware. With a couple trays and some organization, it can look completely intentional and stylish instead of looking like you just ran out of cabinet space. Pair similar glasses together for a uniform look. Lastly, having anything, but especially glassware, on a tray adds an instant touch of style.

3.Hoard beautiful bottles: One of my favorite budget-friendly tricks is to save the nice, expensive, beautiful bottles and refill with a less expensive alternative. I love my expensive bourbon and gin, but I don’t always have the budget to buy top shelf every time. But the nicer bottles do look far better sitting out than the cheap ones. 🙂


Recipe: Basil and Gin Cocktail

Note: This makes two cocktails but could easily be halved, doubled, etc. 


-5-10 Fresh basil leaves (as far as I’m concerned, the more basil, the better, but depends on your personal preference)
-1.5 oz (1 shot glass worth) of St. Germain
-3 oz. (2 shot glasses) of Gin (I love Hendrick’s, but you can use whatever you prefer)
-1-2 oz. of Club Soda
-1 oz. Lime juice (if you’re really adventurous, feel free to juice your own lemons and limes for this, but I usually just use the grocery store bottles)
-1 oz. Lemon juice
-Glass of Ice
-Martini Shaker
-Rocks Glasses

2015-04-26 14.39.142015-04-26 14.38.20  2015-04-26 14.39.25


-Muddle the basil leaves in the bottom of your martini shaker until they break down and start to produce moisture (and look a bit like this)

2015-04-26 14.40.42 2015-04-26 14.41.51 -Add  1 oz. lime juice, 1 oz. lemon juice, 1.5 oz. St. Germain, 3 oz. gin and one cup of ice to your martini shaker. Shake until it’s cold to the touch.2015-04-26 14.43.16 2015-04-26 14.44.552015-04-26 14.46.30

-Open shaker after it’s cold to the touch and add 1-2 oz. of club soda (depending on how strong you want your drinks) and gently stir around with a spoon. You don’t want to add the club soda during the intense shaking portion because it’s carbonated and will not end well. 2015-04-26 14.46.07

-Add the top back onto the shaker and pour into rocks glasses. You’ll see a few flecks of basil in your glass that make it through the strainer. 2015-04-26 14.48.25   -Add a fresh basil leaf for garnish and enjoy! It’s a perfect warm weather cocktail and is light and fresh-tasting but delicious and strong as well. 2015-04-26 14.50.04-1   I’d love to hear if you tried out the recipe! Also, let me know in the comments if this is something you’d like to see more of on Studio Style Blog! A bit of design + cocktail recipe combo. I’m a much better bartender than I am a chef, I must admit. 🙂 2015-04-26 14.53.24

Shop Love: Leif

Next in the Shop Love series, one of my recent favorite online discoveries: Leif. This little online shop is brimming with decorative home accessories from these fun agate magnets to gorgeous frames, throw pillows and storage baskets. Some of their items are on the higher end of the price scale, but everything I’ve chosen below is in an affordable range. A few of my favorites:

gemstone_magnet_set_new_7152f318-c634-49fc-8975-55869dddc1a6_1024x1024mint_geo_vase_69733199-686f-413c-9c30-9ab08746f711_1024x1024  classic_stripe_throw_black_1024x1024 yao_cheng_dots_in_red_print_1024x1024 big_dots_storage_bin_medium_1024x1024 pastel_herringbone_mini_planter_1024x1024 ikat_diamond_picture_frame_1024x1024

All photos: Leif 

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Do you have a small or unknown online home decor shop? Studio Style Blog would love to hear about it! Email with the subject line “Shop Love” to inquire about product and/or shop features.

Favorite Outdoor Furniture and Decor

It’s finally warming up in DC after a long winter, so I decided to pull together a couple of my favorite outdoor furniture pieces and accessories to create stylish and functional living spaces. I haven’t had the luxury of a balcony or patio in my last couple apartments but my building has a lovely rooftop deck that I plan to spend every spare moment on during the warmer months. Wherever I live next, I really hope to find somewhere with a little balcony. It’s so nice to have a second living space outdoors to have a meal, read a book, get a tan or have a cocktail.

Whether you’re furnishing and decorating a small balcony in the city or a large patio or deck in the suburbs, there’s a ton of great options for everyone. My favorite places for stylish, affordable outdoor furniture and accessories are Target and World Market. A couple other sites are noted below as well.


World Market

Outdoor throw pillows and rugs:

World Market:
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World Market


West Elm
West Elm
World Market
World Market


World Market

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DIY Layered Vase

With the a few leftover elements from my DIY terrarium, I wanted to make a simple project to bring a bit more ‘green’ into my apartment. I had this long, thin glass vase sitting unused in a cabinet and decided it would work well. I didn’t have much to go off of, but just decided to start layering the rocks, soil and fake moss and I love how it turned out!

2014-11-06 18.53.24

2014-11-06 18.56.52

2014-11-06 18.59.46 2014-11-06 19.01.45 2014-11-06 19.05.41 2014-11-06 19.06.20

I found the perfect little spot for it on the cart in my entryway 2014-11-06 19.09.29

2014-11-06 19.10.10

2014-11-06 22.05.17If you’re looking for an easy, cheap DIY project to bring a natural element into your home, I would definitely suggest something like this! Only takes a few minutes, is maintenance-free and looks great in any space.