New Living Room Accent Chairs!

As much as I loved my medallion slipper chairs from Target, I started to grow tired of the pattern and they clashed a bit with my new rug. So I was passively looking for an affordable solution to change or replace them. Thanks to my lovely little apartment building listserv, I noticed that a pair of gorgeous accent chairs were up for sale a few floors down from me…2015-03-15 12.59.11

I scored them for $150 for the pair- less than what I paid for just one of my Target chairs a couple years ago! I couldn’t pass up the deal, so I bought the new chairs and decided to list my current ones for sale. They sold quickly and went to live another great life in two different apartments. Everyone wins!

Here’s a few photos of the new chairs in my apartment. I think they fit in quite nicely. 2015-04-05 12.46.52 2015-04-05 12.46.56  2015-04-05 12.47.42 2015-04-05 12.48.052015-04-05 12.50.44

I also sold the grey throw pillow that used to live on one of the accent chairs, so I’ve transferred one of my throw pillows from the sofa to this accent chair in the meantime. I’m in search of an accent pillow for this chair at the moment. 2015-04-05 12.48.22 2015-04-05 12.48.26 2015-04-05 12.49.03

New Apartment: Closet Organization

Closet post is finally here and it’s been finished for months, I just haven’t had a chance to get all of my before and after photos in one place. I love that my new apartment has all of these wonderful built-ins but it was a bit of a challenge getting everything arranged in this new system. There were a couple of trial and errors but I eventually found a little spot for every last item.

2014-08-17 20.01.212014-08-23 15.42.05

Progress: 2014-09-07 20.00.47

Sometimes you just need a glass of champagne while organizing your closet 🙂 2014-09-10 20.04.43

After:2014-09-10 20.23.24 2014-09-07 20.01.00

I removed one of the clothing bars from this area and managed to fit this three tier shelf perfectly in this nook:

2014-08-24 16.42.56

Additional room for storage and I didn’t need the extra hanging space in this area, so it all worked out:

2014-09-10 20.23.35 2014-09-10 20.25.17 2014-09-10 20.30.53 2014-09-10 20.30.01 2014-09-10 20.33.28 2014-09-10 20.34.49 2014-09-10 20.35.02 2014-09-10 20.36.25     2014-10-12 18.59.15

This was the last remaining area that was unfinished in my apartment so it’s a huge relief to have it finally done and checked off the list! Stay tuned for another post about Closet #2 soon.

Check out the closets at my old studio apartment here.

Evolution of the Dining Table

I love my simple yet stylish white dining table, but I like to dress it up a bit with a few accessories. Looking back at old photos, I realized it’s evolved as the seasons change. It’s a quick way to implement a new look by rotating different runners and centerpieces every couple months.

Summer 20132013-09-14 18.53.33 2013-09-14 18.48.01Runner from World Market; Target fruit bowl

Fall 20132013-10-19 19.39.58Vintage candlestick holders from Miss Pixie’s, gold charger plate from Joann’s

Holidays 20132013-12-04 20.48.56Holiday centerpiece (DIY by me)

20142014-02-08 12.58.132014-02-08 12.58.092014-02-08 12.58.00New runner from Ikea, disco balls from CB2, vintage tray from Miss Pixie’s

Bathroom Makeover!

With a Christmas gift card in hand, I decided to finally revamp my bathroom! Keeping my lovely Raskog cart and eggplant bathmat… and replacing my shower curtain and hand towels. While I do love the shower curtain, the busy pattern was starting to make my head spin in the tiny bathroom.

I was eyeing this shower curtain at West Elm for months and when they had a bath sale (and free shipping), I jumped on it. My $50 gift card got me a shower curtain, two hand towels and a gold votive (I had to pay a whopping $4 remaining).


DSC06769  2013-02-25 18.02.33


2014-01-23 17.52.43   2014-01-23 17.54.04    2014-01-23 18.24.01

Also did a brief lamp switch up (coming up in a different post soon)


2014-01-10 17.29.202014-01-10 17.29.06

Adorable little cart still in the same spot:
2013-10-12 20.29.292013-10-12 20.29.11   

Love the end result! The bathroom feels lighter, brighter and (dare I say) bigger!

DIY: Washi Tape on Ikea Kassett Storage

I had a successful run with my last washi tape project… (despite not being a DIY gal) so I decided to try another!

(First project here)

I’ve had a bunch of black Kassett boxes for storage and they were looking a little worn out and boring on the shelf in my closet so I decided to give them a quick washi tape makeover!

Before shot:

2014-01-10 20.21.51 2014-01-10 20.21.57  2014-01-10 20.25.40


2014-01-10 21.22.10 2014-01-10 21.22.19   2014-01-10 21.22.35  2014-01-10 21.22.58  2014-01-10 21.23.15 2014-01-10 21.24.17   2014-01-10 21.25.44 2014-01-10 21.25.53   2014-01-10 21.26.18

Much improved, don’t you think? Quick, cheap, and adorable upgrade!