Year One: Dining Room

Wrapping up this week with the next area of the apartment for the Year One series… the dining room! Next week, I’ll cover the kitchen and the bedroom/office area.

The dining area stayed mostly the same for the majority of my time in the apartment, but with a few decor updates, different table runners, etc, I updated the dining table every couple months for a fresh look.

Starting off with this lovely line up from move in day:2014-08-16 10.37.43 I had the bar set up over by the window for about one day and hated it:2014-08-16 17.52.24  Night progress after moving in. And notice the tacky crystals on the light fixture. My mom and I took those off the next day and lowered the light so it wasn’t so awkwardly close to the ceiling. 2014-08-16 20.39.52  Art added along with the lovely fall foliage outside and on my dining table:2014-11-09 14.29.40  Winter setup: new table runner, West Elm salt and pepper shakers added to the mix (and the sad barren trees outside):2015-01-25 13.10.01 2015-03-15 12.35.49 Many more table runner and centerpiece switches over the next few months: 2015-03-15 14.11.16 2015-03-15 14.07.29 Added a couple vintage and thrift finds to the window ledge:IMG_5168 IMG_5166 IMG_5170And then I completely redid this space over the last few weeks and it’s drastically different! cIIoq_TjfkbTpbdrzPBR5L56kQ8zNb8d5emKbcyJovM M5XfLi5Igsgi_2ZvAx2OmOMf0uDzEEte-qVO0k_9EbM 8OLggKv-2-a3GqO5QGjyhn5TSTqOvzvi2HzlR7TaTck F9_4hWXCC4gogSkTKnJSuru4oFxk2NxE-lT0d2kgn2o 0HUmnlmlrqXUBgY0EFnQopZTuv-VkXnjUJIPBEPxbiEI think this setup will look even better in my next apartment and it might eventually need a rug underneath… but I love how this space evolved in small ways over the year. Along with the not-so-subtle furniture switch that I can enjoy for the last few weeks of living in this apartment (and many more years to come)!

Have a great weekend and I’ll be back on Monday for more Year One progress.

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