Bedroom Refresh

I’m back after the super long hiatus! My plan is to get back to regularly posting, but maybe 2-3 times a week rather than 5. Thanks for sticking around during the silence. On to the post:

One space that finally feels ‘finished’ is my bedroom! I thought it would be fun to walk you through all the changes over the last two years, from move in day to present.

Designing on a budget means you can’t usually buy everything at once to make over a space, so this has been a two year process of slowly changing, upgrading and re-designing this space and I’m really happy with how it turned out!

Before moving in- empty and ugly rental paint color

New Benjamin Moore Simply white paint- move in day  After unpacking  Changes started… New lamp

New rug

Different bedding, new nightstands. Switched bedroom lamps with living room ones.

Latest and biggest changes!
New bed, removed one night stand, added mirror, de-cluttered the dresser.

If you’re looking to redesign a space and you’re on a budget, I recommend the ‘slow and steady’ approach. While it might not be instant-gratification, the results in the end are worth the wait. Decide what pieces you want to keep and what you want to replace and scour sales (bed and mattress both purchased during big sales), Craigslist (where I scored my dresser and two nightstands) and don’t be afraid to use items from other rooms in your home. These lamps were originally in my living room and I switched them out and it brought a whole new look and feel to the bedroom.

The things I got rid of (tripod floor lamp, desk and chair, black bookshelf, tan rug, old nightstand) I sold on Craigslist and Next Door, so I recouped some money back from those to put toward new purchases. I also have very affordable pieces in here- the mirror is from Ikea, the water lily painting was about $10 at a thrift store and the pillows were on super clearance from target for $6 each (no longer sold, sorry)!                  Get the look: click on the pictures or the links below to shop!

 Bed // Lamp (no longer sold, similar linked) // Duvet Cover //
Nightstand (vintage, similar linked) // Dresser (vintage, similar linked)
Area Rug (vintage, similar linked)



Four Gorgeous Design Trends for 2016

2016 is going to be a good year for design, and a bad year for my budget 🙂 From metallic to marble, vintage rugs to Scandinavian-style design, here are some of my favorite design trends that will make a big splash in homes this year.

Rose gold: A close friend of copper, but slightly different, this metallic trend is looking great in any form- side tables, lamps, seating, flatware and even shelving. 
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Images via:  1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 //


Marble: A classic for many years, but marble seems to be going mainstream now. Retailers like Target are producing affordable and chic pieces that include real marble. I can’t get enough.

79fe45dc7cdbf5619d9ed43bc8047a3c   DkStBs48x28MblTpF14_3D smart-marble-top-c-table 79f27eefa3545bca81d3f1036801b95b suspend-media-console  marble-wall-mounted-shelf 17319999box-frame-coffee-table-marble-antique-bronze-3-c
Images via: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 //

Vintage inspired decor: Vintage rugs from across the globe are making their way into every living room, bedroom, hallway and kitchen lately. The unique colors and patterns make each seem one of a kind and they can add great texture and interest to any space. Wall hangings are also coming back as statement pieces and it’s a great addition to hang over a bed, sofa or even incorporated into a gallery wall. 03cb39f3f18c4e3a90ddc830d7372794 424dfb7c57f2f988216dff7b341bee1d 1222958ac18d23173d24ce9bc6a3f69d 8aff585026a7f1608e17439903dd5f0b

Images via: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 //

Scandinavian Interiors: These images almost make me want to throw out everything I own, paint all the walls white and start with a clean slate. Of course, I won’t be doing that… but the look is so striking and beautiful.

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Images via: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 

The Ultimate Dream Vintage Rug

I’m so excited to finally share the most recent addition to my bedroom… a new (to me) vintage rug from Turkey! I’ve always wanted one but it was a bit out of reach with my budget so I decided to save up and eventually get one. But to my surprise, Unique Rug Store reached out and offered to send me one!

I debated colors, patterns and sizes for a long time and after a lot of browsing through their site (it’s amazingly huge and has so many options), I chose a lighter blush tone with a gorgeous pattern to compliment the grey and pastel palette in my room: Over Dyed Vintage Rug (measuring 6’7×11’2)

07013296fcd1ee93585fa97931cf1c08The rug is listed as sold out because as the name of the site indicates, they are all Unique Rugs, so there is only one of each. But I’ve found some very similar ones (that were on my short list before finding this beauty):
1  // 2 // 3 // 4 //

I was a bit worried about it working with the greens from my art, pillows and lamp, along with the lilac colored desk, but it all came together so well and I wouldn’t change a thing! I decided to position this rug horizontally in my bedroom instead of vertically, like my last rug, and now I’m kicking myself for not doing it sooner! It makes the room look larger and more cohesive (and covers up some of the not so glamorous portions of my wood floors).


IMG_7963After:IMG_9747IMG_9736 A closer look at the amazing detail and pattern:IMG_9742 IMG_9745 IMG_9734 IMG_9732 I was worried about my duvet cover competing with the rug for too much pattern but it all works together, and I think sticking to lighter, muted tones really helps keep things cohesive.IMG_9731 IMG_9726 IMG_9748 IMG_9746 IMG_9757 IMG_9753 IMG_9750 IMG_9740 I am so in love with this rug and my bedroom feels so much larger and of course, far more stylish than before.

I can’t say enough great things about the Unique Rug Store! If you’re looking for a vintage rug for a decent price and great customer service, head over to their site! They also shipped this rug really quickly, considering it came from Istanbul to DC! I have another fun post coming up on Monday with their neighboring vintage kilim pillow cover store with some gorgeous new additions to my sofa! Thanks again to Unique Rug Store for sponsoring this post.

Unique Rug Store provided me with the rug, but all opinions, reviews and tips are my own. If you’re interested in sponsoring a post or advertising, please contact me here