Bar Styling

When I first moved in, the bar area looked like this:IMG_6967After realizing my kitchen cabinet space wouldn’t hold the extra glassware that used to  be in the cabinets at my old place, I purchased a second shelf from the container store when they were having a huge sale. I unpacked and added the gallery wall but didn’t really style it properly and was looking for a few new trays to round out the glassware storage situation. w1V5zFFJnyE5cNVPNDEtDcSOqQSm1FBWoXPboEEfoy4
I added the new lamp and did some major styling and tweaking to both ‘bars.’6Mhtk5OK6mPpgIJLRxzyCHT5pvg2xj4ew7ceEJaAhA4I found this simple, large white tray at Home Goods and it was the perfect fit for extra glassware on the bottom shelf. DF6ndi23FFCCICHdk8k4UxGIqVazG9C6tBkQK16ewkc
I also picked up this Cliff House print in NYC from an art fair in Washington Square Park can’t get over the adorable seal serving champagne. Also, if you’re ever in San Francisco, make a reservation at the Cliff House! Amazing views and excellent food. CAEyWLfidRKbnYSR9K13xf2LzGg9UutTb3kwUoegEWQ
I incorporated the rest of the art, bar-ware and accessories I had around the apartment to style each shelf. FIk242BrVIQAL-tBe5izWpd2IOXVNqe-myaKUyh6L7wBsToOU2M7JFVlWc7NE99qE0tQelMsEcQkx7MU3q65A4

I found this new gorgeous mango wood and brass tray at CB2 and used a gift card and sale promotion to make the price tag more bearable. I picked up this gorgeous brass bottle opener from Fishs Eddy on my last trip to NYC and it compliments the tray so nicely. QJgZ264C5rdPQe71T3PPiTN45RKdOSQ6nM-POxK64uUs4c0tBcqqtK9l_sjfP1flDPDEr-UFIlacS03AMOK-wMOgGHE22HiS4dX9JaHBmpkWudrSAy35dL1XHvsp5zkMYMC5XT37aq2ZfsK1AL7_dBsZvoSNVz3fwx_PZH_9bcbEI love the mix of new pieces along with vintage pieces on both bars and they now have a cohesive look. One more item checked off the to do list! 🙂

Crossing the Finish Line: Apartment To Do List

I moved in almost one month ago to the day and I’m finally starting to feel like the apartment is closer to ‘done’. While the decor process is never fully done (and I like to mix it up fairly often), I am crossing many things off the to do list and to purchase list so I thought I’d share some of the progress and a peek at many of the updates you’ll see on the blog soon.

Living Room:

  • Lighting: Need lamp for dining area and replace broken lamp in bar area (both done, lighting post coming soon!)
  • Rug: Need one for door leading to balcony, small entry rug needed (half done, awesome new rug concept coming to the blog later this week)
  • Replace TV, clean up cord mess behind credenza: (half done, my poor old tv decided it was no longer compatible with my cable box and I can’t exactly live without my real housewives fix, so I finally gave in after months of troubleshooting and got a new one. Cord mess still needs to be tackled.)
  • New tv: lamp swap? (New tv looks great, but the new model is much slimmer than the 8 or 10 year old one I had before, so the mint lamp is currently dwarfing the poor tv. I might move the mint lamp back to its old home on the night stand and bring my white table lamp here instead.)
  • Blank wall behind credenza (With the new tv, the wall behind the credenza is looking more and more bare, and rather than add another gallery wall or large art, I found the perfect piece. You can probably figure it out if you follow me on Instagram.)
  • Reorganize and style bar area (One of the projects I accomplished this past weekend, and found two new adorable trays to get the job done. It might need a few more tweaks but it’s looking much better.)

ruyJD0nUjzvxWYTQzqjRrjFChRUB72FcsnVjJIj-1DU   K2e-Huva-pYP5PdaPvA7ZZ1hphi15mstt0DNGifkL88 w1V5zFFJnyE5cNVPNDEtDcSOqQSm1FBWoXPboEEfoy4 wI9ADJ2QQf0vDHexc-hYVNks6LXH4uvSrOMkLKE0pn4


  • Reorganize cabinets (Done, kitchen organization post coming soon)



  • Gallery wall– get new photos printed, add remaining row at the bottom (Photos from my latest trip to New York ordered, and I already have other frames on hand to use so I can finish this wall as soon as the prints arrive.)
  • Move old TV into bedroom (done, though it looks ridiculous on the black bookshelf…)
  • Black bookshelf– too small and awkward, sell and replace with smaller credenza/dresser? Craigslist? (On the hunt for something shorter and longer so the scale is right… likely mid-century, and most importantly, something affordable)
  • Add floor lamp (Finished living room lighting, so I moved the broken floor lamp in the bedroom for it’s final couple days or weeks until my new floor lamp arrives)
  • Finish organizing bedroom bookshelf, items on desk and pink stool (still not done, I’ve been avoiding this like the plague for some reason.)UATQI1MU7woZB6MQYgvGgdoXiCtkUTqHemsl6qCMQk0


  • Hide/cover hall closet area so it looks less chaotic (might have found the perfect solution for this, stay tuned)
  • Finish organizing hall closet area (not quite finished)


Thankfully I made a decent amount of headway this weekend so the list isn’t looking so daunting. Can’t wait to share more progress and updates very soon!

Nightstand Refresh

My lovely mint lamp recently moved to my new credenza so I had to figure out a new solution for my nightstand. I liked the old look, but the size, shape and color of the lamp is totally meant to be on the credenza. It fits in with the mid-century vibe perfectly. Here’s a look at the old night stand styling:2015-03-15 12.41.19After looking back at my Styled Three Ways post, I really liked the look of #2, feminine and chic. I put a new spin on it and came up with this:

IMG_5156Placing a stack of books under the lamp helps add height and leaves more surface space on the night stand.  I brought the lamp in from the bathroom and did a little more lamp re-arranging around the apartment as a result. More on that later…IMG_5161I really like the new look but might do some tweaking over time.IMG_5159  IMG_5179 One last shot and a peek at my new (old) thrift art hanging on the wall! IMG_5178Get the look:
Bed // Duvet Cover // Pillow Covers // Art (thrifted) // Lamp base // Lamp Shade // Tissue Box Cover  (no longer sold) // Elements of Style // Not That Kind of Girl // Night stand (no longer sold, similar one here)

Refinished Mid-Century Modern Credenza: Reveal

If you missed the previous posts check them out below:

Mid-Century Modern Credenza // How to Refinish a Mid-Century Modern Credenza Pt. 1 // How to Refinish a Mid-Century Modern Credenza Pt. 2

After hours worth of scrubbing, polishing, waxing and drying, this credenza turned out even better than I expected. It’s a drastic improvement from where it started and is restored to its original mid-century beauty.

Before:2015-05-23 09.59.48After:2015-05-25 14.18.432015-05-24 13.33.372015-05-24 13.33.182015-05-24 13.32.562015-05-25 14.16.08I switched around a few lamps (the mint one was previously on my nightstand) and added a few items from my recent thrifting trip to compliment the mid-century style. 2015-05-25 14.18.122015-05-25 14.17.14

One last before and after comparison:2015-05-24 13.35.42I’ll do a follow up post in the next couple weeks on how I stuffed a bunch of cords and electronics into this credenza, as well as a new cord-hiding trick I’ve discovered. Happy Friday!

Styled Three Ways: The Side Table

Styled Three Ways is back, and tackling the side table. For more Styled Three Ways posts, click here. With a simple change of a lamp and a few accessories, this side table can be transformed into three different looks. Check out each below:

1. Feminine and worldly: 2015-04-05 16.24.06 2015-04-05 16.24.11 2015-04-05 16.24.17 2015-04-05 16.24.26 2015-04-05 16.24.34

2. Neutral and natural: 2015-04-05 16.28.43 2015-04-05 16.28.48 2015-04-05 16.28.51 2015-04-05 16.28.57 2015-04-05 16.29.09 2015-04-05 16.29.14 2015-04-05 16.29.17

3. Colorful and fun:2015-04-05 16.32.03 2015-04-05 16.32.11 2015-04-05 16.32.14 2015-04-05 16.32.21 2015-04-05 16.32.25 2015-04-05 16.32.31 2015-04-05 16.32.35 2015-04-05 16.32.38

All photos: Studio Style Blog

Month in Review: March 2015

Inspired by Bliss at Home’s Month in Review posts, I wanted to start doing my own! With 20+ posts a month, I’m sure it’s easy to get behind and don’t want anyone to miss out on a post. I hope this will be a fun, quick way to get caught up on all the Studio Style Blog features from the past 30 days.


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Thanks to all of my readers, old and new, for a great month! Stay tuned for lots of great content coming up in April.