Studio Apartment Tour: Chicago

I have a great studio apartment tour for you today! Introducing Sing’s Chicago Studio, or as she calls it, “Sing’s Suite.” She arranged it similarly to a hotel suite, thus the nickname, and it really does look like a perfect little hotel suite. Now on to the tour…
The living room is bright, airy and adorable. I love the neutral bases with pops of color and pattern. Everything is so organized and clean- I definitely need to do a cleaning out/organizing session with the goals of it looking like this ūüôā
IMG_0022IMG_0050IMG_0021Love a good bar cart ūüôā¬†IMG_0039¬†The little dining area is perfect for eating as well as extra seating and surface space.¬†IMG_0028 IMG_0029¬†Moving over to the bedroom area: This zone is also so wonderfully styled and everything has it’s own place.¬†IMG_0054IMG_0035¬†The color ¬†palette ties in with the rest of the space well but is distinct enough to separate into the ‘bedroom zone’IMG_0042IMG_0067Can’t go wrong with all of the lovely gold and brass accents on the desk!¬†¬†¬†IMG_0041¬†And the kitchen has a cute little pass through to the main living area and keeps the space full of natural light, while also providing a nice spot for a meal with this stool tucked in.¬†IMG_0043¬†Moving over to the closet area: such effective use of space and crazy-amazing organizing skills! ¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†IMG_0047 IMG_0061¬†I love this little jewelry and accessories corner- and the patterned shelf liners make it look so fun and luxurious.IMG_0065¬†Lastly, this little hallway spot is a perfect area for shoe storage and it looks so organized and pulled together so it’s perfectly fine to leave items like this in the open. Sing says she has quite a large shoe collection, so she uses this spot to keep the current in-season ones stored, and has the rest tucked away in the closet.
Thanks so much to Sing for letting me feature your gorgeous studio! All photos by Sing, check out her blog here.
Do you have an¬†apartment you want featured on Studio Style Blog? I‚Äôm now opening submissions¬†for both studio apartments and one bedroom apartments. Please email with 5-7 photos (both wide shots and close ups) of your space with the subject line ‚ÄúApartment Tour‚ÄĚ for consideration.

Studio Apartment Tour: Washington, DC

It’s been too long since my last studio apartment feature! I plan to do many more (along with one bedrooms and other small spaces) in the coming year, so please feel free to submit your apartment for consideration! Instructions to do so are at the bottom of this post.

Now onto my first Washington, DC studio apartment tour (outside of my own, of course)! Colleen lived in this lovely space in Eastern Market but has since moved to Chicago. This vintage inspired small space is full of storage tips and great ideas!

Starting off in the entryway: this wall-mounted unit has great storage options with both shelving and hooks. The shoes and boots look adorable displayed just as they are. Keeping a small number of shoes or other items stored out in the open is perfectly fine if you are running low on storage. Just refrain from having your entire shoe collection out in one place. These three pairs, along with the boots, are just the right amount for a space like this.Apartment 052

Heading over to the kitchen…¬†There are so many useful storage ideas in here, from wall-mounting to refrigerator magnet spices! See if you can spot them all. The storage on top of the cabinets and fridge is well-utilized when you’re running short on space.¬†This table serves well as a prep space, additional counter space and a place to eat. Pull up the stools and you have a breakfast bar/island.¬†Apartment 099Wall-mounted storage can be both functional and serve as¬†an easy way to add visual interest to your walls.

Apartment 108I love these little magnetized spices! They don’t take up any counter, cabinet or drawer space and they’re so easily accessible.¬†Apartment 090¬†This might be the most clever storage solution I’ve seen in a long time…take a peek under the table. Pots, pans and lids galore hanging under there!¬†Apartment 085¬†Moving onto the living room/bedroom area:Apartment 081¬†The high-backed sofa makes it appear larger and more grand, which is always helpful in a small space when you want your furniture to feel elegant and proportional, without looking like a college futon. The gallery wall is also a great focal point to ground this space. Adding hanging pendants make this space feel more like ‘home’ rather than a standard rental.¬†Apartment 080¬†The little bar cart doubles as a side table. I always love a dual function piece!Apartment 074 Apartment 072¬†Another smart storage solution…hiding little baskets under anything and everything! It’s hardly noticeable at first, but this basket rests perfectly underneath the chair for extra storage.¬†Apartment 068¬†On the other side of the living room, this dresser serves as a tv stand, spot for perfume and jewelry, along with plenty of storage inside each drawer. Storing pretty things out in the open like this really reinforces the rule that you don’t always have to hide away every single thing you own. Embrace it!¬†Apartment 065Apartment 066The perfect example: These magazines don’t have to be hidden away in a storage bin or bookcase: they look perfectly chic and styled among the art and boots.¬†Apartment 067¬†This wardrobe piece works well as a makeshift office and can be closed up and ‘put away’ ¬†if necessary!¬†Apartment 057¬†Onto the bathroom, keeping the space looking bright and minimalist with the paint, art, and simple over the door storage keeps the floor space free of clutter and makes the tiny bathroom feel a bit larger.Apartment 055

Thanks to Colleen for letting me feature your former space! All photos from Colleen, check out her great design blog here.

Do you have an¬†apartment you want featured on Studio Style Blog? I‚Äôm now opening submissions¬†for both studio apartments and one bedroom apartments. Please email with 5-7 photos (both wide shots and close ups) of your space with the subject line ‚ÄúApartment Tour‚ÄĚ for consideration.

Studio Apartment Tour: Chicago

I have a gorgeous studio apartment for you on this lovely Friday! Marissa has decorated and styled her 400 sq ft Chicago apartment in such a smart, chic way and I can’t wait for you to see the rest. She’s currently getting her master’s in interior design, so it’s no surprise that her place is a reflection of her excellent style. Onto the tour!

She’s thoughtfully divided the space into several different zones: living room, bedroom, office, kitchen, etc. Let’s start off in the living room area.¬†zx5MEQZSsnUOr9uz15Rt2yv_H8rEkGIFLAAoB8y5XMsThe cabinet provides great bar storage and functions as a media stand on top. The cute green accent chairs are great for extra seating but don’t take up too much space.¬†A-lhlC-_Q06Iq7nw36SZrqz2He_xgQEEVCJbL5zrgAsThe sleek couch is a perfect size for this small space, and she noted that the chic little ottomans have collapsible legs so they can be stored underneath the couch if extra floor space is needed.They function well as a coffee table or place to eat when you add a tray on top¬†and can provide a place to prop your feet up or for additional seating as well.¬†e9E6WWEnONzhJ0j9APUVRjV2ZBW8O2ker59YcTPwsEU2ZRkA19CekC3ouzkSlY_zuCj-s2oUYIfE6hCpskz2uQThe storage shelving behind the couch and near the bed area is great for both function and style.¬†It’s a perfect example of how you can ‘display’ many of your items rather than needing a big bulky cabinet to hide them away. With a bit of styling, they act as an integral part of the decor and keep the space looking light and uncluttered.¬†e1f-ckk1sWQtcMo0UE9QOl9Rtnv-VkUn_84LQRqg2GIThis little hidden office area might be my favorite part of the apartment. It’s neatly tucked in behind the shelving and the chair and desk still coordinate with the decor in the rest of the space.¬†8RHFtqhEeJBsu1qQKefN4GBz_VqeOLXRq0g0VbnnaxgThe bedroom area is adjacent and looks so elegant with the art and huge windows (with what looks like an amazing view), almost hotel-like! And she has hidden storage in plastic bins under the bed. An ideal spot for items not used as often and kept out of sight to keep the apartment looking amazing.FTHF2KLhm9wlGlRCiLD5n8MBQOTlIsAv2ZJYY-HPzLMI actually have very similar (smaller) framed prints of the same series of Italy art. Great minds think alike, apparently ūüôā They function as a makeshift headboard and statement piece above the bed.¬†_QpNCIOxz5f6orrHf4qx0MHSLLCefKzh352MVDqslgEAnother stylish vignette on the nightstand. Adding a basket underneath is great for concealed storage while still looking tidy. And you can’t go wrong with fresh sunflowers!¬†wjOJR3m-DJR_eW3yRYi8Bosi50VsHrVW6gaKY2ATe7AMoving on to the bathroom, Bright colors and fun patterns give this tiny space visual interest without being too busy.


She also has a small closet and a walk-in closet (not pictured) that provides tons of storage for clothing and other necessities.

The kitchen is small but functional and keeping some items out on display is a good space-saving trick if you don’t have enough cabinet storage. IE: the little tea kettle on the stove.WQXesmYzp85KNExg8Pa8YeyS3-UjnJ33Hlz7EX_1Se4This storage solution outside the kitchen is so great for small spaces and this piece is definitely multi-functional. It’s perfect for additional storage for small kitchens and this leaf can be pulled out for meal prep, and as a makeshift table top when needed.¬†NXWBwLpaEx-Q41WZXD3ZqlaRrkdlsNe4rwFny3K4xlQ

And when the leaf goes back down, it hides some of the appliances and looks like a cute little coffee bar! The mirror also helps to make the space appear larger.

Thanks to Marissa for letting me feature your space! All photos by Marissa, follow her instagram here.

Do you have an¬†apartment you want featured on Studio Style Blog? I‚Äôm now opening submissions¬†for both studio apartments and one bedroom apartments. Please email with 5-7 photos (both wide shots and close ups) of your space with the subject line ‚ÄúApartment Tour‚ÄĚ for consideration.

Studio Apartment Tour: Cincinnati

Happy Friday! Studio Apartment Tours are back and I have a tiny but adorable studio apartment in Cincinnati, Ohio to share with you today. Coming in at just 350 square feet, it’s hard to tell it’s this small from the photos! Stephanie makes great use of space and the apartment looks much larger than 350 square feet. Let’s start off in the entryway:IMG_0150Adding a rug, small table, art and a couple¬†hooks for storage in the entry really gives off a great impression as you walk through the door.¬†IMG_0151 IMG_0131¬†Heading over to the kitchen. The stools save much needed space and work just as well for a dining spot and don’t take up nearly as much room as a traditional table and chair set would.¬†IMG_0067¬†Adding a little plant life or fresh flowers always makes any space more colorful and inviting.IMG_0184Off the kitchen is the living room area, and a peek at the bedroom/office area.¬†IMG_0172Keeping smaller furniture in this space is important. If you tried to stuff an oversize couch and media center in this area, it would look crowded and tiny, but by getting slightly smaller pieces, it keeps this room looking open and airy.¬†IMG_0064¬†These types of shelves are always great for storage behind the sofa and can be both functional and stylish with a few accessories.¬†¬†IMG_0154Moving on to the bedroom area of the apartment, I love the color palette! I’m very partial to black and white with touches of purple, if you hadn’t noticed in my apartment ūüôā¬†¬†IMG_0076¬†This headboard is great and makes the space feel more elegant and designer quality. There’s still room for a nightstand in this spot, and picking a tiny sleek black one was a great choice.¬†IMG_0167 IMG_0174¬†I also love this little office setup opposite the bed. Just enough room for the essentials and a couple decor items on the wall-mounted shelf.¬†IMG_0153¬†Last but not least is the bathroom. Small but full of style!¬†Coincidentally, I just bought that same shower curtain for my new place. Glad to see others are utilizing it in their own apartments as well.¬†IMG_0073IMG_0179There’s a great built-in storage area leading into the bathroom and this serves as a perfect spot for both bathroom and kitchen essentials, cleaning supplies and more!¬†IMG_0176

Thanks to Stephanie for letting me feature your space! All photos by Stephanie, check out her blog here.

Do you have an¬†apartment you want featured on Studio Style Blog? I’m now opening submissions¬†for both studio apartments and one bedroom apartments. Please email with 5-7 photos (both wide shots and close ups) of your space with the subject line ‚ÄúApartment Tour‚ÄĚ for consideration.

Studio Apartment Tour: Montreal

Happy Friday! I’m back with another studio apartment tour for you… this time in Montreal, Canada! Patricia’s¬†adorable space is full of clean lines, pops of pink and minimalist style.

Let’s start off in the kitchen. Even though it’s small, everything has its place and the counter top is perfectly organized.

image9Just outside the kitchen is the little dining area along with a cute bar cart. The small dining table is perfect for this space and the glass keeps it visually light, avoiding a bulky look in a small space. Adding plants and flowers brings a nice pop of color to the white walls.¬†image8A closer look at the little bar cart and styled bookcase. Adding a few accessories on top of books can instantly add a design element to a shelf like this. I always love stacking books this way, too, outside of the traditional vertical method. It’s more visually appealing and works well with the piece.¬†image7The seating area also has a light visual footprint with the glass coffee table and end¬†table. The round tray, candle and vase on the coffee table are great accent pieces.¬†image6¬† The bed is on the opposite wall and works well with the bright, white space.¬†image1¬†I love the duvet pattern, it’s an easy way to add both color and pattern to the space.¬†image2¬†The dresser is good for storage and utilizing the top for jewelry and other accessories is a smart move. And it’s all arranged so stylishly that it serves as a little decor statement as well.¬†image3image4

Thanks to Patricia for letting me feature your space! All photos by Patricia.

Do you have a studio apartment you want featured on Studio Style Blog? Please email with 5-7 photos (both wide shots and close ups) of your space with the subject line ‚ÄúStudio Apartment Tour‚ÄĚ for consideration.

Studio Apartment Tour: Copenhagen Pt. 2

Welcome back to Copenhagen! I have another charming studio apartment¬†for you today… Julie’s lovely apartment in Denmark. Let’s get started in the kitchen area.

This wall makes a big statement when you walk in and leads your eye out to the adorable balcony. I love the little bit of extra counter space with the butcher block to the left as well.¬†Billede 16-07-15 15.27.57Check out this wonderful little balcony! You might have noticed in my balcony inspiration post, I included these decking tiles from Ikea. These are perfect for this space and it feels like a continuation of the living space in the apartment. Adding a hand crafted little bench for seating is practical and doesn’t take up too much room.Billede 18-07-15 20.25.57The kitchen is light and organized, which makes it feel larger. I love the little wall-mounted shelving on the right for spices and storage for smaller items.¬†Billede 17-07-15 11.38.43Let’s head into the living room. Julie managed to fit a great dining table and two chairs in the space between the kitchen and living room.Billede 18-07-15 19.04.17Another one of my favorite tricks for small spaces… a large mirror! This always makes the space feel larger and is a great decor staple. The TV on top of a dresser is one of my old standbys and it’s perfect for dual function storage.¬†Billede 16-07-15 15.29.50This seating area is perfect for a small space and you can always pull in the dining chairs for extra seating if necessary.¬†Billede 18-07-15 19.05.35I love this little vignette and check out the hidden power strip in the basket below. This is a great idea to tuck it out of sight while still allowing ventilation.Billede 18-07-15 19.05.49Looking at the mirror from this angle, you can see how it creates the illusion of a larger space. The little basket next to the TV looks like a perfect spot for storage and it’s stylish enough to sit in the living room.¬†Billede 18-07-15 19.04.33Moving on to the bedroom area! Julie had walls added to enclose the area into a real ‘room’ and I love the french doors to go along with it! Always a classic design element, and they keep the space from feeling too boxed in.¬†Billede 16-07-15 16.03.28 (1)It might be tiny, but it certainly works! The wall-mounted sconce saves precious floor space and the smaller bed works well in here. I love the bright floral pattern on the duvet as well. The french doors look great from this angle, too. They allow plenty of natural light in the space.¬†Billede 17-07-15 11.43.24

Thanks to Julie for letting me feature your space. Check out her instagram here. All photos by Julie.

Do you have a studio apartment you want featured on Studio Style Blog? Please email with 5-7 photos (both wide shots and close ups) of your space with the subject line ‚ÄúStudio Apartment Tour‚ÄĚ for consideration.



Studio Apartment Tour: Boston Pt 2

We’re back in Boston again, this time with a totally different, but equally amazing, studio apartment! This is Ryan’s first studio apartment (a gorgeous brownstone, if you couldn’t tell) and he certainly knows how to maximize space and style. He just moved in in June which is quite impressive for how put together and finished his apartment looks.

Let’s get started! The architectural detail in this space is amazing and he accents everything just right without¬†taking away from the overall look. I bet these string lights look awesome at night, too. The kitchen is a decent size for a studio apartment and keeping it simple and clean makes it feel even¬†larger.

IMG_5817 copy
Adding books and photo frames to the ledges is great for decor and storage space as well. This little table is a genius way of using dual-function pieces, like I’m always preaching about. Check out this little work space…¬†IMG_5822And now it’s transformed into a quaint dining area for two!¬†IMG_5824On the opposite side of the room is the bedroom area, and check out that fireplace. You can’t go wrong with the charm of an older apartment. Ryan utilized several furniture pieces from Ikea in this space, but you can hardly tell because the amazing fabrics, patterns and textures give the space a rich, global feel.¬†IMG_5815I’m a sucker for bay windows and these do not disappoint. They frame this little seating area perfectly. And notice how the second dining chair is tucked in there for additional seating when the table is being utilized as a desk? Take notes, fellow small space dwellers. The color palette is a fairly neutral base which keeps the space from feeling too busy but is complimented by adding colorful accents.IMG_5827¬†The little trunk works perfectly as a media stand for easy viewing, as most of the furniture in this space is lower to the ground.¬†IMG_5814On the other side of the apartment is a small but functional bathroom with a great vanity for storage.¬†IMG_5819I’ll leave you with this lovely (almost) aerial shot of the apartment.¬†These textiles work so well together, despite¬†having differing colors and patterns and they really round out the entire apartment.¬†IMG_5838Thanks to Ryan for letting me feature your space. Check out his instagram¬†here.¬†All photos by Ryan.

Do you have a studio apartment you want featured on Studio Style Blog? Please email with 5-7 photos (both wide shots and close ups) of your space with the subject line ‚ÄúStudio Apartment Tour‚ÄĚ for consideration.