Ask Studio Style Blog: Volume III

Taking a little break from the Shop Love series to throw in another volume of Ask Studio Style Blog!

Tierra from North Carolina asks:

I’m a soon-to-be-graduate moving to DC this summer to begin a residency. My most needed purchase is a convertible sofa – so that I can lounge comfortably but also host friends and family when needed. My last couch before grad school was from IKEA, but it’s on it last legs and I’d rather another brand, if possible. Do you have any other suggestions for a convertible sofa that are under $600? Thanks!

Studio Style Blog Response:

A quality (and hopefully stylish) convertible/sleeper sofa for under $600 puts us in the needle in a haystack category but I did manage to find a couple options after a ton of research! 🙂 Also, I’m including several options at other price points as well. If your budget allows, I’d consider investing in something with a slightly higher price tag. It will last you many years and you won’t have to keep buying replacements so often. Hope this helps either way and good luck with the move. You can find all of my moving tips and advice here.

$600 and under:

Urban Outfitters

Ask Studio Style Blog: New Feature

Interior design questions? Product sources? Floor plan dilemmas?

2015-01-24 15.51.06

Hello, Studio Style Blog readers! I get quite a few emails, Instagram questions and blog comments asking various questions about my apartment, where to shop for furniture, how to design a studio apartment, etc… So I thought I would start a new feature of the blog and answer your questions in future posts. This way, it will be a good resource for all readers. Here’s how it will work:

Email me at with your questions. Depending on the volume of emails, I’ll post a question and my answer on the blog a couple times each month.

Please be as detailed as possible in your question and feel free to send a link or small photo attachment if it applies. However, please keep emails to a reasonable length. Along with your question, include your first name and where you’re from. I will post first names only, to keep the process relatively anonymous. If you do choose to send photos, please know that they might be included in my post along with your question, and your first name will be credited next to the photo.

Thanks for reading and I’m looking forward to all of your questions!