Balcony Updates and Outdoor Furniture Roundup

The balcony has been an ever evolving project over the last two years. Partially out of my control (6 month long construction nightmare) but it’s come a long way and I wanted to share the progress and a few changes I still want to make. I’ve also included a round up of stylish, affordable furniture and accessories at the end so be sure to check those out if you’re looking to make some changes to your own outdoor space.

Here’s the balcony before I moved in: 

Balcony after move in: (Rug, lights, curtains, fake plants, sofa and dining set added)

Balcony after construction:
Construction (on all apartments in my building) involved new railing, completely new concrete slab and side. The only thing left untouched was brick (thank goodness, my favorite part), and the door/windows. I added a  new rug (unfortunately the exact one is no longer available but I’ve linked a similar one here) and did not put the curtain system back up but everything else is the same.

Changes I want to make:
While my dream would be to have this sofa or this sofa, I have to be a bit more realistic with the price tag. So I’ve pulled together these love seats at a better price point, all under $500.

New coffee table– my current one was literally free on craigslist, so it has served it’s purpose for the last two years, but I’m ready for something a little nicer. These are all under $150.

Accessories– when I sell the love seat, I’ll probably also sell the pillows and cushion along with it, so I’d like to incorporate a few new throw pillows and other accessories here.

Urban Outdoor Space: Inspiration

Thoughts of Spring and beautiful weather have me longing for my awesome outdoor space at my old apartment. I don’t have my own private outdoor space at my current apartment, but there is a really nice community rooftop patio with furniture, fountains, etc. Below is my old patio, decorated with string lights and cute furniture from Target. 537724_1974312996214_1292150174_n

Outdoor space is hard to come by in a major city, but even a small balcony is a wonderful little bonus. Here are a few of my favorite practical and a few “dream” (crazy expensive-looking) urban outdoor spaces:

outdoor 1

Collage: Studio Style Blog

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