2015 Christmas Decor Pt I

Finally finished my holiday decor for this season! I meant to do it about a week earlier but I’ve been traveling a bunch lately so it got shoved to the back of the priority list. In this post, I’ll be sharing the kitchen, dining area and living room decor. Tomorrow, I’ll share the tree and bedroom decor.

Starting off in the kitchen with two cute little towels:IMG_9706Dining area is simple but pretty, with my annual DIY staple of fake holly and berries paired with pine cones:IMG_9692IMG_9694
Into the living room: the jingle bells moved to the credenza this time and I love them here!
IMG_9645IMG_9648IMG_9642IMG_9650Moved the plaid pillow from the sofa to the accent chair and brought out another favorite Christmas pillow that was hidden away in storage, along with an adorable tiny silver tree:IMG_9640IMG_9636IMG_9637IMG_9632The bar area got a few ornaments hanging around in the trays:IMG_9675And a funny little framed print:IMG_9666IMG_9668IMG_9672Here’s a little peek at the tree! The side table next to the sofa has some college Christmas love and an Oh Joy for Target goblet filled with candy:IMG_9630IMG_9631The coffee table got a few more quick and easy DIY decor items too:IMG_9655IMG_9656IMG_9660IMG_9663IMG_9664That’s it for today! Check back tomorrow for the tree process and reveal, along with a few more little decor staples!

Vintage Finds at Miss Pixie’s: Pt 2

On my recent visit to Miss Pixie’s, I found a tray, two metal tins and three vintage disco ornaments… all for $25 total!

2013-12-05 20.12.29-2

My desk was in need of holiday cheer, so I put the ornaments in a tall vase. 2013-12-05 20.34.58     2013-12-05 20.28.24

Tray went on the bar.

2013-12-06 23.23.52 2013-12-06 23.23.42  2013-12-06 23.23.37

Metal tins in the bathroom, filled with candles.2013-12-06 23.23.14  2013-12-06 23.23.08 2013-12-06 23.23.03

Always have such a great time browsing at Miss Pixie’s and never leave empty handed!

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Holidays in Kansas City

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I went “home” to Kansas City to see family and friends. Here’s a little taste of Thanksgiving and Christmas decorating! 

Cranberry turkey! I kiddingly told my little cousin to carve a turkey on the top and she actually did- and it’s quite amazing. She’s a budding artist. 

2013-11-29 17.27.25

I sent a Pinterest link to my mom awhile ago for a fruit platter turkey. On Thanksgiving day, my mom, sister and cousins sliced up the fruit and arranged it.

2013-11-28 22.40.46

Plaza Lights (If you’re ever in Kansas City around the holidays… a must see! One of my favorite things about going home.)

2013-11-27 02.03.11 2013-11-27 02.03.07 2013-11-27 02.01.06 2013-11-27 02.01.03 2013-11-27 02.00.49  2013-11-27 02.00.32 2013-11-27 02.00.31  2013-11-27 02.00.13 2013-11-27 02.00.11

Decorating for Christmas at my parents house:

2013-11-29 22.27.58 2013-11-29 22.14.33-1 2013-11-29 22.14.33 2013-11-29 22.14.31

My grandma made this stocking when I was little and I still love it! 2013-11-29 21.26.56

Pretty before shot without ornaments:

2013-11-29 21.19.50

No Christmas tree is complete without a precious cat sitting under it!2013-11-29 09.37.04


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