Ask Studio Style Blog: Volume III

Taking a little break from the Shop Love series to throw in another volume of Ask Studio Style Blog!

Tierra from North Carolina asks:

I’m a soon-to-be-graduate moving to DC this summer to begin a residency. My most needed purchase is a convertible sofa – so that I can lounge comfortably but also host friends and family when needed. My last couch before grad school was from IKEA, but it’s on it last legs and I’d rather another brand, if possible. Do you have any other suggestions for a convertible sofa that are under $600? Thanks!

Studio Style Blog Response:

A quality (and hopefully stylish) convertible/sleeper sofa for under $600 puts us in the needle in a haystack category but I did manage to find a couple options after a ton of research! 🙂 Also, I’m including several options at other price points as well. If your budget allows, I’d consider investing in something with a slightly higher price tag. It will last you many years and you won’t have to keep buying replacements so often. Hope this helps either way and good luck with the move. You can find all of my moving tips and advice here.

$600 and under:

Urban Outfitters

Shop Love: Leif

Next in the Shop Love series, one of my recent favorite online discoveries: Leif. This little online shop is brimming with decorative home accessories from these fun agate magnets to gorgeous frames, throw pillows and storage baskets. Some of their items are on the higher end of the price scale, but everything I’ve chosen below is in an affordable range. A few of my favorites:

gemstone_magnet_set_new_7152f318-c634-49fc-8975-55869dddc1a6_1024x1024mint_geo_vase_69733199-686f-413c-9c30-9ab08746f711_1024x1024  classic_stripe_throw_black_1024x1024 yao_cheng_dots_in_red_print_1024x1024 big_dots_storage_bin_medium_1024x1024 pastel_herringbone_mini_planter_1024x1024 ikat_diamond_picture_frame_1024x1024

All photos: Leif 

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Shop Love: Land of Nod

Yes, you heard right. I’m highlighting a kid’s decor store…. but it’s not all for kids! So many of the items look great in real-life living rooms, bedrooms and offices of adults. From lighting to prints to storage, there are plenty of decor accessories at Land of Nod that don’t look like kids items! And better yet, these items are much more affordable than many of the non-kid home decor sites.

between-a-rock-and-a-lamp-base-wood color-weave-toy-box-natural fine-alloy-pendant floral-doodle gumball-lamp-blue la-piña mod-cube-bin-gold uptown-3-drawer-dresser-grey

All photo credits: Land of Nod

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Look for Less: Gold Flatware

I’ve had gold flatware on my wish list for several years now, and it’s a great new twist on an old classic. Obviously, one would need many sets, so the price can rack up quite quickly. West Elm had the market cornered for awhile in the gold flatware department, but other stores are now starting to catch on to the trend and offer less expensive versions.

1. Gold Flatware Five Piece Set, West Elm, $39 


2. Gold Flatware Five Piece Set, Target, $24.99


Update: Another Target discovery… similar gold flatware with a unique spin here.

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Shop Love: Arhaus

This isn’t necessarily a lesser-known or small shop, but Arhaus is typically known for bigger home furnishings. But… I’m here to share with you that they also have an amazing home decor section! I’ve chosen a few favorites below. Arhaus is typically in the higher price range, but the items below are all relatively affordable.

a9a3347d8b976666419176fa0c8ef8cd f8b6c3f25b354c65a62cbf48ae16e81c 4568c7c9e1b250e2e465fe5a6e66c3a0 2d864321d997e0932310001f33df2e98 1c91b2602dec19a193b4c5b90ad8f221 11afe1f32551b7fa9092e813e8014971 073d159558930d8f5b50f947b95df945

All photo credits: Arhaus

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Shop Love: Urban Outfitters Apartment

Next up in the Shop Love series…

The Urban Outfitters home section, AKA “Apartment” is constantly growing with great decor items. From lighting to pillows, rugs and shower curtains, there’s something for just about everyone and everything is really affordable. I’ve highlighted a few favorites below, but these are just a tiny fraction of all the amazing items on their site!

26623124_027_b 32482911_030_b 26864017_027_e 34136804_018_d 24704397_095_b 34506998_004_b 34659144_066_b 27531730_027_b

All photos: Urban Outfitters

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Shop Love: Jayson Home

Next up in the Shop Love series: Jayson Home. I found out about this shop long ago, but it’s still one of my favorites. Most of their furniture comes with a high price tag, however, Jayson Home has a great line of affordable accessories. I bought a marni glass several years ago and use it as a vase for flowers quite often. It’s simple, yet so glamorous, and works anywhere in my apartment. Example below:

2015-02-28 21.34.08
Studio Style Blog


A few more favorites from the shop below:hg144446 hg143315 hg000907 hg000236

Top photo: Studio Style Blog // All others: Jayson Home

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