New Living Room Rug And The Trick to Keep It In Place

Wanted to share a few updates to my living room- new rug, new side table and coffee table (not so new, but new to the blog!).

And one more new addition that you can’t exactly see- but it’s holding everything together…

This amazing rug pad from Rug Pads USA. I loved my old rug, but it had seen it’s fair share of foot traffic and dog fur after a few years. So I vacuumed the hell out of it and sold on Craigslist. I didn’t have a rug pad under my old one, and it drove me crazy. Constantly sliding out of place, bubbling up, going sideways whenever the pup decided to run sprints in the apartment. Once I decided on my rug (this beauty– on a major sale), I knew I needed to find a great pad for underneath.

I worked with Rug Pads USA awhile ago for a giveaway and my kitchen runner has an awesome pad underneath from their shop as well.

I knew next to nothing about what I needed, I just wanted a low profile pad that would prevent the movement, bubbling and slipping. They were extremely helpful in offering several choices depending on my needs- after some back and forth, they pointed out the Anchor Grip and it fit the bill- very low profile, strong grip and custom size to fit the rug.

I somehow managed to lay down the pad and the rug by myself one night- maneuvering under the very heavy sleeper sofa was an adventure- but it all worked out!

I am so thrilled with  the new look- but I’m even more excited that after a month of walking, furniture moving, pup running, etc… it hasn’t moved an inch!

Rug pads can definitely be an investment- but well worth it in my opinion. It helps preserve the rug itself (and your floors underneath) AND not having to lift up the couch on a daily basis to slide a rug back in place has been an amazing bonus. I’ve tried plenty of cheap ‘netting’ style rug grip pads in the past, and from my experience, they do next to nothing and usually cause more of a problem by rolling up under the rug. So the next time you’re in the market for a new rug (or you want your current one to stop sliding all over the place) – head over to Rug Pads USA. They have a multitude of styles for every need- low profile, thicker for cushioning, natural materials, strong grip, you name it!


Now a couple shots of my other new additions- side table from Target- sold my other one on Craigslist.

The coffee table was a new addition last year, but I don’t think I ever covered it on the blog- this beauty from West Elm really opened up the space and tied in with the other marble pieces in the apartment. My old one was so dark and bulky and now I can’t imagine anything else. Also a little shout out to my new-ish pillows- all from Target. Here’s an old shot of the living room with former coffee table, side table, rug and pillows to see the difference! I’m also planning a little lighting switch-up, but more on that later.

Thanks for following along- slowly but surely getting back into the swing of blogging.   

Everything in this post was purchased by me, with the exception of the Rug Pad, courtesy of Rug Pads USA. Honest review and photos by Studio Style Blog.  Thank you to the sponsors that make it possible to spruce up my space and create content for this site!

Four Gorgeous Design Trends for 2016

2016 is going to be a good year for design, and a bad year for my budget 🙂 From metallic to marble, vintage rugs to Scandinavian-style design, here are some of my favorite design trends that will make a big splash in homes this year.

Rose gold: A close friend of copper, but slightly different, this metallic trend is looking great in any form- side tables, lamps, seating, flatware and even shelving. 
cb2 c87f10e48b92fa7d4d33cc377922d2a3 dotandbotarget huffingtonpost

Images via:  1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 //


Marble: A classic for many years, but marble seems to be going mainstream now. Retailers like Target are producing affordable and chic pieces that include real marble. I can’t get enough.

79fe45dc7cdbf5619d9ed43bc8047a3c   DkStBs48x28MblTpF14_3D smart-marble-top-c-table 79f27eefa3545bca81d3f1036801b95b suspend-media-console  marble-wall-mounted-shelf 17319999box-frame-coffee-table-marble-antique-bronze-3-c
Images via: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 //

Vintage inspired decor: Vintage rugs from across the globe are making their way into every living room, bedroom, hallway and kitchen lately. The unique colors and patterns make each seem one of a kind and they can add great texture and interest to any space. Wall hangings are also coming back as statement pieces and it’s a great addition to hang over a bed, sofa or even incorporated into a gallery wall. 03cb39f3f18c4e3a90ddc830d7372794 424dfb7c57f2f988216dff7b341bee1d 1222958ac18d23173d24ce9bc6a3f69d 8aff585026a7f1608e17439903dd5f0b

Images via: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 //

Scandinavian Interiors: These images almost make me want to throw out everything I own, paint all the walls white and start with a clean slate. Of course, I won’t be doing that… but the look is so striking and beautiful.

1e577f7dd52a4403227699161d784f9b st2main.original.640x0c 1a9fb5baed8d944c9fbebf98824243d9

Images via: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 

2016 New Collections: CB2

Apologies for the brief blog hiatus! I intended to post every day this week but real life and my full time job got crazy busy this week. Today I’m back with my favorites from CB2!  (I shared a few of my other favorites on Monday here: 2016 West Elm collection) Along with a new logo, CB2 has a great new collection out this year. Gorgeous metallics, unique colors and materials and fun shapes.

Seating: The leather daybed is such a gorgeous statement piece and would be a classic for years to come. The quirky colors and curves of the loveseat and chair add a punch of personality to any space and rose gold chair is a new twist on a vintage look. I’m such a fan of anything and everything rose gold lately.
lawndale-leather-daybed SuitorIILoveseatTessPeacockSHS16_16x9 ParlourChairTessFuschiaF15 beta-rose-chair
The dark wood and brass combo on this first table is amazing and I’m enthralled by the shape of these table legs. The marble and gold is another favorite combo and the curvy legs on this table would look great next to a sofa.
Lighting: The clean, circular shapes and brass details make these lights a classic for any home. The simplicity of the pendant would look great in a triplet combo over a kitchen island and the sconce would work well in a living room, paired on either side of a sofa. The sconce has an unexpected, fun twist that I adore– the perfect little leather strap. globe-pendant-light hemisphere-wall-sconce
Decor and Accessories: This rose-gold bar cart might be my favorite item in the entire new line. It’s so elegant and stylish. I have this marble paper towel holder on my wish list to purchase soon. I have a problem with buying too many vases and these certainly won’t help my cause: sundial // hand painted // abstract. Last but not least, these neutral pillows have wonderful eye-catching details with the bold color-blocking and the beautiful texturedolce-vita-bar-cartmarble-paper-towel-holdersundial-vase marinha-vase tread-vase quilted-no.-101-18-pillow gravel-ivory-18-pillow

All photos: CB2

PS: This post is not sponsored, just sharing the love for CB2 and their awesome collection. 

Dining Room Reveal!

Apologies for the super late post! But here is the long awaited dining room reveal… Plans for this space morphed from this to this and after one last change (I finally decided on a bench), it has all come together even better than I could have ever hoped!

A bit about each element:

I ended up finding the marble tulip table of my dreams from Good Wood in DC and it had a few imperfections on the base (that I’ll tackle after moving) so the price was quite affordable.

After stalking these chairs on Joss and Main, they finally became available, yet one counter-height stool showed up at my apartment. So that was shipped back, then I was told the chairs were back ordered until September, then I miraculously got an email about a week ago that they were being delivered! The chair saga finally ended and I scored these for a great deal. 


The bench was the last element and I had about 14 different ones rotating around on pinterest and in online shopping carts but finally discovered this one at target and it was on sale ($70 off!) and I am so glad I waited to find the perfect fit. It works well with the size, style and color scheme of the table and chairs and is quite comfortable.


Now I’ll stop writing and let you get to the best part… the four billion photos I took 🙂

cIIoq_TjfkbTpbdrzPBR5L56kQ8zNb8d5emKbcyJovMeXMZk808vz4KNyehMqXXpIAkGpXe5GQEoWaPJcw9NbM M5XfLi5Igsgi_2ZvAx2OmOMf0uDzEEte-qVO0k_9EbM  f00VXpGIcpwd7oOYLoxeUQeIrw2ZIgGKNLskgovxW_Y pST5YpkhFwsc7a05-U4ePNTzFagbUWyXDiD1G6WFwfY   aI0tlUtYviyjrb0bTFNRTHOHBHrDM6D3Ss7m8gD8oG0   ExvZzXYPLIiC3Qcek3mKVRUFg5qgzmZUn_e1FNBxLBo F9_4hWXCC4gogSkTKnJSuru4oFxk2NxE-lT0d2kgn2o    0HUmnlmlrqXUBgY0EFnQopZTuv-VkXnjUJIPBEPxbiE vhxmtsFkOHtl-v6ejOW2YF-4_80jc8ur4I-pUA8p1uIHope you enjoy it as much as I do! PS…. My lovely former dining table is still for sale and I need it out of my apartment ASAP before packing and moving starts! Email me if you’re in the DC area and interested. (

Big News: I’m Moving!

If you hadn’t already noticed on my instagram and twitter feeds over the weekend, I’m moving!

But I’m not going too far… just a few floors upstairs in the same building. I heard about a couple new studio apartments that were recently remodeled in my building so I went to just check them out over the weekend at an open house and fell in love. I had zero intentions of actually moving when I went to look at the remodels but the price was right and the upgrades were amazing! These were the selling points:

  • Updated kitchen with new appliances
  • Updated bathroom
  • Open concept layout
  • Better view
  • Higher floor of the building
  • New paint and trim
  • Updated lighting fixtures and hardware
  • Two custom closets with built-in shelving and hanging space

Downside: I have to move in just under three weeks. Let the panic begin! So stay tuned for lots of updates on the new place, packing, moving and personalizing my new apartment. I’ll definitely need refer back to my own moving checklist and series of posts to stay on top of things in the next couple weeks.

Here’s a couple sneak peeks at the new apartment:

2014-07-26 12.08.23 2014-07-26 16.06.09 2014-07-26 16.05.41

All images: Studio Style Blog