How to Mix Vintage and Big Box Store Pieces

Let’s be honest, not everyone (myself included) can afford amazing vintage pieces in every inch of their homes. I love finding vintage, thrift store and Craigslist finds and mixing them with new pieces. This marble table was from an amazing vintage shop in DC, GoodWood. I wanted to have a Parisian black and white kind of theme in this space so I looked for furniture with a similar color palette and shape. My three biggest tips for mixing vintage and ‘big box store’ pieces are below. 
Photo by Laura Metzler

-Stick to the same tones: I went with black and white here. The wicker tone on the chair is pretty neutral as well. The black bases of the bench and chairs work well together and the white seat of the bench works well with the table.

-Pay attention to shape and lines: There are a ton of curved lines in this space. The table is an oval shape with circular base, the chairs have slightly rounded backs and the leg detail provides another fun curve. While the bench is more straight and rectangular, the legs offer a bit of a curve detail and keep with the Parisian feel.

-Keep scale in mind: This table is fairly small (the perfect size for a 1 bed apartment with no real dining room.. and it can still seat 4 in a pinch) but I didn’t want to overwhelm the marble table with furniture that was too big or visually heavy. The table is the star of the show and the bench and chairs are complements. Having two chairs instead of four helps to keep the space a bit more open and show off the marble. And the pieces are scaled to the width and height of the table so they aren’t towering over it or so bulky that they won’t fit underneath.

You can shop the pieces (or very similar) below by clicking on each one. The table is vintage, the bench is no longer made (originally from Target) but the exact chairs are still available and I’ve found a couple very similar bench and table options for you!

Shop the space:

Dining Area Plans: Revised

After a lot of back and forth, craigslist hunting, vintage store shopping, sample sale site luck, etc. I’ve arrived at a slightly modified (but even more amazing) version of my new dining area plan.

Check out the initial plans and post here.

dining area plans

I really wanted a marble tulip table all along but didn’t think I could ever find one in my price range, so I opted for something less expensive. Until I stumbled upon this beauty for a very reasonable price at a vintage shop in DC:IMG_5677It’s an oval shape and even more perfect for my revised dining area plans. A couple weeks ago, I started stalking the Joss and Main sales for these chairs but they’ve been sold out forever and I figured they’d never come back in stock… but last week I luckily snagged a set of 2 for only $165! This set normally retails for $475+. I am beyond thrilled for these chairs to arrive this week.

unnamed unnamed

Rather than getting four chairs, I’ve decided to go with a longer bench on the other side of the table. I’m currently on the hunt for something neutral and affordable that will compliment the table and chairs without being too overbearing. These are a few of my current favorites:

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It will all be coming together in a few weeks, so stay tuned!
PS: My current dining set is still for sale, so if any  DC area locals are interested, check it out here.