Project KC: Living Room Progress Part Two

This is the last of the ‘progress’ updates on Project KC, so stay tuned for the full reveal photos of each space coming up soon! In the last living room progress post, I covered updates on staining the ceiling beams and painting the wood paneling white. IMG_5314IMG_5318

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I also found a couple more shots from many years ago of the living room before several other updates:
-Mantel painted black, wallpaper taken off and drywall painted, and had most of the furniture replaced. Here’s a look at the space in 2011:

kxg27t_inntnFB0NXibWbpJfnlprES0ChFDGrWvBUjA Sorry for the terrible photos but wanted to show how far this room has come. The icky wallpaper is still visible in the photo below, along with the over-sized sectional, tv and other older furniture:Hixn1naSGqgbnXXow-37hsMoKcxguGOd-Bq0m_eiNzE fsh1PTXlP1yY_UI2yKt1G-9DXlrqnRdjD0c_iuq4vd4After the 2011 renovation and new furniture updates, here’s a look at the transformation:IMG_4521IMG_4535IMG_5319Much better but this last update in 2015 really took the space to the next level. Old blue carpet gone, orange panels, windows and trim painted white, and ceiling beams stained.

This already shows the drastic improvement from the white panels and darker ceiling. Right after the blue carpet went to the trash and before the new carpet was installed:IMG_9010Installation progress:IMG_9009Here’s a peek at the new living room! I think this space might be my favorite transformation out of the entire house. Can’t wait to share the full space soon! IMG_9005IMG_8997

Year One: Living Room

If you missed yesterday’s post, check it out here: Year One: Entryway

Continuing on with the Year One series… the space that has seen the most transformation over the last year! I think I’m most pleased with how this space turned out.

Here’s a quick look back at the move in day chaos:2014-08-16 11.10.53-12014-08-16 17.53.19 And a few days after moving in:2014-08-22 14.57.32Gallery wall addedcropped-cropped-2014-09-27-13-12-40.jpg The bar remix and addition of the DIY press for champagne button:2015-03-15 12.51.41 New pillows for the sofa and a few new coffee table accessories:2015-01-24 15.51.06 2015-01-25 14.24.27 The new rug! This really transformed the living room and I love it just as much as the day I got it.2015-02-23 16.49.09 2015-03-15 13.00.03 My ultimate chair swap (where I ended up making a profit):2015-04-05 12.50.44 And the addition of my gorgeous kilim pillow:IMG_5104Finally, the mid-century credenza I’d been pining after for years! After a lot of elbow grease, I restored this beauty:2015-05-25 14.17.08 2015-05-25 14.18.43 And the final look of the living room:  rbqiFwRq1jAtWUyBknkFC6tXKaZIfu9TS1e0PdPy_oY 9tFCb2MEKhZm2iUn32q7j1tGmjHekX9orZE49k8pjzw iytoMwhmNp7mC9BTIQ5wuafplLz-_cnzI1ZWcD5uIeg    3ctMrJuua5_dP8TOdYmndmsd4itACg8h6Lo1aUI0beI 9ua_-QOX-dw-FA1mlRkPqUmvNnLvrTNaXNioDmRVDdg vWUw9jPCIL0aPHcchCbgIg5zHztewRVOTbCgugPi0m4 NtUIZLb55nsaPwVJB7kCBLBL-aPMMBNSSYCpX7rFY0E  3imNrnEEFvE17FeM1frJ2Pufh9TbjOpdx9Fn2YYS2Bg fk1oLc-W8petOZcBfgGXHWszaX6PbKxHGS0KMp5L-HI  9nL8WujvspqYf2Ryiwnq9EXj7kOi6cmTf7Lakz8Y5Hs  HELnDwNfDOzoV_HfR6ZEgIltU1yKzXXdPa0MPRv9-1QRf3OUueQPd_vYZFcP03x3JSO6irr1WxJhbGU5NUP_EQKVJgN7oWhVItKzdFqmkJKjkHocOUdIQTLNV-r4L4mzY

New Living Room Accent Chairs!

As much as I loved my medallion slipper chairs from Target, I started to grow tired of the pattern and they clashed a bit with my new rug. So I was passively looking for an affordable solution to change or replace them. Thanks to my lovely little apartment building listserv, I noticed that a pair of gorgeous accent chairs were up for sale a few floors down from me…2015-03-15 12.59.11

I scored them for $150 for the pair- less than what I paid for just one of my Target chairs a couple years ago! I couldn’t pass up the deal, so I bought the new chairs and decided to list my current ones for sale. They sold quickly and went to live another great life in two different apartments. Everyone wins!

Here’s a few photos of the new chairs in my apartment. I think they fit in quite nicely. 2015-04-05 12.46.52 2015-04-05 12.46.56  2015-04-05 12.47.42 2015-04-05 12.48.052015-04-05 12.50.44

I also sold the grey throw pillow that used to live on one of the accent chairs, so I’ve transferred one of my throw pillows from the sofa to this accent chair in the meantime. I’m in search of an accent pillow for this chair at the moment. 2015-04-05 12.48.22 2015-04-05 12.48.26 2015-04-05 12.49.03

New Living Room Rug Reveal

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I recently ordered this rug (on sale!) from Target. It finally arrived and I’m so thrilled with the new look. The rug looks fantastic with my current furniture and decor and was a great little refresh for my apartment.

Here are a couple before shots with the old rug:

2015-01-25 13.08.20 2015-01-24 15.51.06


First look at the new rug!    2015-02-23 16.28.28

After a bit of shifting and measuring, I put it slightly back under the front legs of my sofa (as I did with the old rug) and added the coffee table back on top:2015-02-23 16.43.53

Completed new look! I love it:2015-02-23 16.49.09 2015-02-23 16.49.18   2015-02-23 16.49.49 2015-02-23 16.50.13 2015-02-23 16.50.27 2015-02-23 16.50.36

Design Trend: Black Ceilings

I’ve already covered black walls and black trim in past posts, but I’m currently obsessed with black ceilings. It works well in almost any room, though bathrooms and kitchens are my favorite. When paired with white walls or tile, a few pops of color and metallics (especially brass), black ceilings look elegant, expensive and classic. It gives the illusion of an open space and taller ceilings. The black color draws your eyes upwards and creates an endless height effect. I’ve selected a few of my favorite examples below. Hope you love this trend as much as I do!