Bedroom Refresh

I’m back after the super long hiatus! My plan is to get back to regularly posting, but maybe 2-3 times a week rather than 5. Thanks for sticking around during the silence. On to the post:

One space that finally feels ‘finished’ is my bedroom! I thought it would be fun to walk you through all the changes over the last two years, from move in day to present.

Designing on a budget means you can’t usually buy everything at once to make over a space, so this has been a two year process of slowly changing, upgrading and re-designing this space and I’m really happy with how it turned out!

Before moving in- empty and ugly rental paint color

New Benjamin Moore Simply white paint- move in day  After unpacking  Changes started… New lamp

New rug

Different bedding, new nightstands. Switched bedroom lamps with living room ones.

Latest and biggest changes!
New bed, removed one night stand, added mirror, de-cluttered the dresser.

If you’re looking to redesign a space and you’re on a budget, I recommend the ‘slow and steady’ approach. While it might not be instant-gratification, the results in the end are worth the wait. Decide what pieces you want to keep and what you want to replace and scour sales (bed and mattress both purchased during big sales), Craigslist (where I scored my dresser and two nightstands) and don’t be afraid to use items from other rooms in your home. These lamps were originally in my living room and I switched them out and it brought a whole new look and feel to the bedroom.

The things I got rid of (tripod floor lamp, desk and chair, black bookshelf, tan rug, old nightstand) I sold on Craigslist and Next Door, so I recouped some money back from those to put toward new purchases. I also have very affordable pieces in here- the mirror is from Ikea, the water lily painting was about $10 at a thrift store and the pillows were on super clearance from target for $6 each (no longer sold, sorry)!                  Get the look: click on the pictures or the links below to shop!

 Bed // Lamp (no longer sold, similar linked) // Duvet Cover //
Nightstand (vintage, similar linked) // Dresser (vintage, similar linked)
Area Rug (vintage, similar linked)



Spring Decor Inspiration

Happy Friday! Just thought I’d share a few photos around my apartment lately for a little bit of Spring decor inspiration. I’m so glad it’s finally warming up outside and can’t wait until everything is in bloom! I love decorating with a few pops of pink and purple around the apartment… even when it’s not Spring. IMG_35152015-02-28 17.55.53 2015-02-12 16.48.24

2015-02-23 16.50.272015-03-01 13.23.41


All photos: Studio Style Blog

Vintage Finds from Virginia

I recently went to a couple vintage/antique stores in Virginia and found a few great treasures! Of course, my gold/brass addiction couldn’t be ignored, but I also found two mini boxwoods, a Parisian inspired sign, a decorative dish and a copper tea light holder. All at affordable prices!

2015-01-20 15.45.13

And most importantly…. an entryway table! I fell in love with this little guy the moment I saw it. Of course, the powder blue is not going to be around long, but the style, size and charm is just what I was looking for. I’m currently using the Ikea Raskog cart as a temporary entryway table/cart, but as soon as I repaint this table, it will be permanently in the entry. I’m 99% sure I’m going to go with a high-gloss black for the table. Thoughts? Stay tuned for a DIY! 2015-01-20 15.41.04

I’ve found a home for a couple other treasures as well… photos below:2015-01-25 13.06.32  2015-01-25 13.06.03  2015-01-25 14.26.02 2015-01-25 14.27.20 2015-01-25 14.27.32 2015-01-25 14.25.40

DIY: Press for Champagne Art

I’ve been obsessed with the Press for Champagne art from Lisa Golightly for a long time and finally decided to make a DIY version inspired by this photo!

Credit: Lisa Golightly

I purchased this door bell on Amazon for only $5.882014-11-10 19.29.09

And went to my local Home Goods and found a gold frame for $7.992014-11-11 19.49.06

My first instinct was to do a different version of the original design by using colored paper, so I bought a bunch of different options at Michael’s:

2014-12-01 10.26.25 2014-12-01 10.26.42 2014-12-01 10.27.02 2014-12-01 10.27.17 2014-12-01 10.30.03

2014-12-01 10.33.01

While I loved all of them, it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for and it looked too busy with the frame and lettering, so I decided to return the paper and go for a different route. I also initially recruited my wonderful mom to test out her calligraphy skills while I was home for the holidays and hand write ‘Press for Champagne’ on the paper. We both decided against it in the end and made another trip back to Michaels.

2014-12-30 15.52.29

DIY, round two: Ivory paper (with a subtle sparkle and texture) and stick on letters. Much more of a nod to the original and less room for error. Between the stickers and paper options, the cost was under $10.

My wonderful mom has more refined crafting skills than I do, so she stuck on the letters and centered the button while I supervised 🙂 2014-12-30 16.06.37

Then, we simply put the paper into the frame (without the glass) and used a screwdriver to attach the screws securely to the back of the frame.

2014-12-30 16.11.57 2014-12-30 16.22.18

One flight from KS to DC later, I stuck on a couple 3M velcro strips to the back…  2015-01-15 11.59.37

And the gorgeous finished product is hanging above my bar! 2015-01-15 12.03.58  2015-01-15 12.09.22 2015-01-15 12.09.59   2015-01-15 12.10.36 2015-01-15 12.10.48 2015-01-15 12.15.16

I’m so thrilled with how it turned out and I’m glad I went back to the original design! The project ended up costing between $20-$25 instead of the original price of the Etsy listing at $62. And a huge thank you to my amazing mom for executing my design and ideas!

How to Style a Small Desk

Small space styling: essential for a studio apartment like mine. I have several distinct areas in my tiny apartment, all with a separate purpose and function. I like to style each space individually while incorporating a cohesive look around the entire apartment. I have a small ikea desk in one corner of my apartment and with a few simple items, it can be styled and personalized without compromising a ton of space. A few essentials I like to include along with the typical desk staples (laptop, notepad, pencil cup, etc.):

  • Art: Won’t take up any space footprint on the desk but will add visual interest to the desk/office area.
  • Lamp: a small table lamp is a great touch to add for function, pattern and style.
  • Letter organizer: Another small space solution to keep your desk organized and efficient.
  • Vase of flowers: A fun seasonal element to change out and keep your work space smelling and looking wonderful.
  • Small accessory: Another way to personalize your small space. I’ve added a little bronze paperweight of my college mascot.

2015-01-15 11.35.33 2015-01-15 11.35.43 2015-01-15 11.35.54    2015-01-15 11.38.09 2015-01-15 11.39.10

This is a sponsored post but all opinions, tips and images are my own. The table lamp was provided by Parrot Uncle, an online resource for lighting. 

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