Four Gorgeous Design Trends for 2016

2016 is going to be a good year for design, and a bad year for my budget ūüôā From metallic to marble, vintage rugs to Scandinavian-style design, here are some of my favorite design trends that will make a big splash in homes this year.

Rose gold: A close friend of copper, but slightly different, this metallic trend is looking great in any form- side tables, lamps, seating, flatware and even shelving. 
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Marble: A classic for many years, but marble seems to be going mainstream now. Retailers like Target are producing affordable and chic pieces that include real marble. I can’t get enough.

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Vintage inspired decor: Vintage rugs from across the globe are making their way into every living room, bedroom, hallway and kitchen lately. The unique colors and patterns make each seem one of a kind and they can add great texture and interest to any space. Wall hangings are also coming back as statement pieces and it’s a great addition to hang over a bed, sofa or even incorporated into a gallery wall.¬†03cb39f3f18c4e3a90ddc830d7372794 424dfb7c57f2f988216dff7b341bee1d 1222958ac18d23173d24ce9bc6a3f69d 8aff585026a7f1608e17439903dd5f0b

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Scandinavian Interiors: These images almost make me want to throw out everything I own, paint all the walls¬†white and start with a clean slate. Of course, I won’t be doing that… but the look is so striking and beautiful.

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Month in Review: March 2015

Inspired by Bliss at Home’s Month in Review posts, I wanted to start doing my own! With 20+ posts a month, I’m sure it’s easy to get behind and don’t want anyone to miss out on a post. I hope this will be a fun, quick way to get caught up on all the Studio Style Blog features from the past 30 days.


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Thanks to all of my readers, old and new, for a great month! Stay tuned for lots of great content coming up in April.

Design Trend: Hexagonal Shapes

Inspired by one of the latest design trends, mentioned in this post, I wanted to explore a few more ways to utilize it: Hexagonal Shapes in decor and furniture elements. Whether it’s a chic side table, gorgeous tile or wall decor, all of these traditional items look amazing in hexagonal shapes. Here are a few of my favorite examples below:


Design Trend: Tuxedo Cabinets

Tuxedo cabinets are a huge trend right now and it seems like they are here to stay. I absolutely love the look of light upper cabinets paired with dark lower cabinets. Add in some marble countertops and brass hardware and you’ve got my ultimate dream kitchen!

Starting off with some inspiration from Young House Love, though this isn’t the traditional ‘tuxedo’ look, the large navy island brings great contrast to the light grey cabinets.


One of my favorite blogs, Elements of Style, has a more understated take on this trend with white upper cabinets and grey lower cabinets.


I’m not usually a fan of this shade of blue, but paired with the light upper cabinets and amazing tile, I really love this look.


Green cabinets are a bold design choice, but it couldn’t have paid off any better. It’s the perfect shade and I love the use of mixed metals in this kitchen. It’s the perfect example of just enough without overdoing it. The brass hardware, copper accessories and stainless steel appliances all work well together.


These last two photos are the more traditional tuxedo style of white uppers and dark blue or black lowers. It adds such visual interest to kitchens of all sizes and I hope this trend becomes a staple in every home in the next few years.


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Design Trend: Black Ceilings

I’ve already covered black walls¬†and¬†black trim¬†in past posts, but I’m currently obsessed with black ceilings. It works well in almost any room, though bathrooms and kitchens are my favorite. When paired with white walls or tile, a few pops of color and metallics (especially brass), black ceilings look elegant, expensive and classic. It gives the illusion of an open space and taller ceilings. The black color draws your eyes upwards and¬†creates an endless height effect. I’ve selected a few of my favorite examples below. Hope you love this trend as much as I do!