New Additions and Accessories

After a couple small purchases and birthday gifts, I’ve updated a few accessories and decor items around my apartment over the last month so I thought I’d share a few highlights here:

New rug in front of closet doors in my bedroom. Tried to use as a small entry rug but my front door was not cooperating, as explained on my latest to do list postIMG_8916 My coffee table book stack just got a major upgrade with these two amazing additions! IMG_8913  It was time to finally retire my DIY coasters and these sleek marble ones from Crate and Barrel were a major upgrade! IMG_8910   One can never have enough pillows and my sweet friend picked out this gorgeous gold pillow from Target as a birthday gift and it fits right in with my mix and match selection on the sofa. IMG_8903

Kate Spade Home

I’m completely in love with the new Kate Spade Home collection… to no surprise. I’m a huge fan of their handbags and overall style so when I got a flurry of texts last week asking if I’d seen it the collection yet, I knew it would be amazing even before checking the site.

And how cute is this graphic?! If you head to the Kate Spade page, you can browse through collections in each apartment. CaptureCapture2

Though nearly impossible to choose just a few, these are some of my top picks (in the hypothetical ‘if I had a giant budget to buy all these pretty things’ land):

143101DO_038dacde71e0a3b22086382c7561fc5b4d6 8984c6c2ed3b52222731eb46c5323187 5be44ae28a3806b36138029f68e81d22 0585b513ad08edb34ff384a1f44188d6  d2dd83b6323f6cb20f96e257ec8dece93936bdbd48780e6797310e689202e565

All images and graphics:


Studio Apartment Tour: Boston Pt 2

We’re back in Boston again, this time with a totally different, but equally amazing, studio apartment! This is Ryan’s first studio apartment (a gorgeous brownstone, if you couldn’t tell) and he certainly knows how to maximize space and style. He just moved in in June which is quite impressive for how put together and finished his apartment looks.

Let’s get started! The architectural detail in this space is amazing and he accents everything just right without taking away from the overall look. I bet these string lights look awesome at night, too. The kitchen is a decent size for a studio apartment and keeping it simple and clean makes it feel even larger.

IMG_5817 copy
Adding books and photo frames to the ledges is great for decor and storage space as well. This little table is a genius way of using dual-function pieces, like I’m always preaching about. Check out this little work space… IMG_5822And now it’s transformed into a quaint dining area for two! IMG_5824On the opposite side of the room is the bedroom area, and check out that fireplace. You can’t go wrong with the charm of an older apartment. Ryan utilized several furniture pieces from Ikea in this space, but you can hardly tell because the amazing fabrics, patterns and textures give the space a rich, global feel. IMG_5815I’m a sucker for bay windows and these do not disappoint. They frame this little seating area perfectly. And notice how the second dining chair is tucked in there for additional seating when the table is being utilized as a desk? Take notes, fellow small space dwellers. The color palette is a fairly neutral base which keeps the space from feeling too busy but is complimented by adding colorful accents.IMG_5827 The little trunk works perfectly as a media stand for easy viewing, as most of the furniture in this space is lower to the ground. IMG_5814On the other side of the apartment is a small but functional bathroom with a great vanity for storage. IMG_5819I’ll leave you with this lovely (almost) aerial shot of the apartment. These textiles work so well together, despite having differing colors and patterns and they really round out the entire apartment. IMG_5838Thanks to Ryan for letting me feature your space. Check out his instagram here. All photos by Ryan.

Do you have a studio apartment you want featured on Studio Style Blog? Please email with 5-7 photos (both wide shots and close ups) of your space with the subject line “Studio Apartment Tour” for consideration.

Thrift + Vintage Finds Around the Apartment

A couple weeks ago, I posted about my recent thrifting and vintage finds. Almost all of them have found a new home, so I thought I’d share a little update. Here’s a look at the haul (plus a few ikea items):


The candlesticks and white hobnail votive holder fit nicely on the new credenza:  2015-05-25 14.18.43 2015-05-25 14.17.14IMG_5151The wooden pineapple tray works perfectly on my little bar:IMG_5147  IMG_5149 IMG_5150 And speaking of pineapples, the little hand-stitched pineapple welcome sign is on my front door (with the help of a few 3m strips):

IMG_5038 The tall purple vase and the binoculars found homes on the window ledge:IMG_5166  IMG_5168  IMG_5170 And last but not least, I took down the art above my bed (I had a few random pieces there before that didn’t really work well but I left them as a place holder for when I found something better suited for the space) and added this gorgeous art I found at a thrift shop!

IMG_5172 IMG_5175 IMG_5176 IMG_5177 Stay tuned for part two when I finish hanging and arranging the rest of my vintage + thrift finds around the apartment.

New Favorite Resource for Kilim Pillows

I recently discovered a wonderful shop on Etsy for quality (and really affordable) turkish kilim pillows while on the hunt for a small pillow for my new accent chair. I wanted something colorful and with a pattern but that wouldn’t overwhelm the size and style of the neutral chair.

Enter: Decolic Kilim Pillows! They have a ton of great options for amazing prices. They ship directly from Turkey but arrive surprisingly quickly, only a couple business days. I chose a 10 x 20 lumbar pillow cover but they have a variety of styles and sizes. I ordered a simple 10 x 20 pillow form on Amazon and I absolutely love the look! A couple photos below:


IMG_5103 IMG_5104 IMG_5102Just a couple of my other favorites from the shop.

il_570xN.776173932_b4yf il_570xN.773964308_9lyi il_570xN.780323532_6qlv il_570xN.780718807_smb5

The Kilim pillow cover was provided by Decolic Kilim Pillows but all opinions, and images of the pillow/chair are my own. If you’re interested in sponsoring a post or advertising, please contact me here

Melbourne Studio Apartment Tour

Next up in the studio apartment tour series… this gorgeous, bright, minimalist gem from Melbourne. With natural elements, smart storage and classic design, Natalie makes great use of space in her studio apartment.

By adding a rug and facing the accent chair toward the sofa, the apartment is easily separated into two distinct living and sleeping areas.

FullSizeRenderWall-mounted shelving is great for small spaces. It provides storage but doesn’t take up any precious floor space. It’s also a nice focal point in the room and adds a bit of personality. FullSizeRender (1)The sleeping area is tucked in the little alcove but doesn’t feel cramped with the natural light coming in and white walls and bedding. Utilizing the window ledge for a record player, art and a plant is smart when you’re left with little surface space to work with. Another functional wall-mounted storage solution is the bar for clothing. It is practical and stylish at the same time. Lastly, opting for a wall mounted- industrial light saves space so you don’t need a bulky nightstand with a table lamp on top. FullSizeRender

I’ll leave you with a shot of her adorable cat! Thanks again to Natalie for letting me feature your space. FullSizeRender (1)

All photos: Natalie, Melbourne
Check out her amazing instagram page here.

Stay tuned for more studio apartment tours coming up over the next couple weeks and months. Do you have a studio apartment you want featured on Studio Style Blog? Please email with 5-7 photos (both wide shots and close ups) of your space with the subject line “Studio Apartment Tour” for consideration.

Ask Studio Style Blog: Volume IV

Tiffany in Virginia asks:

I recently started following your AMAZING Instagram page. I recently moved to a studio apartment in Alexandria that is extremely small and it has carpet, I have no idea how to decorate it so it’s been so plain for the past month or so. I really like everything on the blog so if you have any suggestions I’m open to anything! I would say my style is chic and stylish. Thank you so much for creating this blog and I can’t wait for it to look as cute as or close to as cute as yours!

Before:unnamed (1) unnamed

Studio Style Blog Response:
Thanks for your kind words and email! I think your apartment has a lot of potential, so don’t be discouraged by the carpet. I’ll break down my suggestions into a couple categories below and be sure to let me know if you end up utilizing them as you decorate. I’m sure the readers would love to see some ‘after’ photos as well.

1. Layering rugs: I wrote about this in a design trend post awhile ago, and it’s a great solution to cover up rental carpet. Try layering a larger jute rug with a colorful patterned smaller rug on top in the living room area. See photo example below:


This jute rug from World Market is a stylish and affordable option. For pattern and color, try this rug from Target or this rug from West Elm.


2. Add curtains and pull back the blinds: This will draw attention away from the not-so-chic look of vertical blinds and will draw the eye up away from the carpet. Simple white curtains will keep the space light and airy but these are thick enough to provide privacy when needed.
2015-03-15 12.57.42

3. Decorate the walls: Whether it’s with art, wall decals, shelving or all of the above, adding elements to the walls will brighten the place with color, pattern and style. And will make your apartment feel more lived in and more like a home rather than a rental apartment.

  • Adding art: Resources for art and prints here. DIY art project example here. Gallery wall post here. Many more art-related posts on Studio Style Blog can be found here.
  • Adding wall decals: tutorials from both of my studio apartments: old and new.
  • Adding wall-mounted shelving: A few favorite resources for shelves: West Elm // CB2 //Ikea // The Container Store 

2015-03-15 12.30.164. Add furniture, especially dual storage pieces: I’m not sure what’s on your list of furniture that you need or already have, but I’ll throw out a few options for apartment-friendly stylish and affordable furniture.

  • Sofas: Neutral sofas work well in any space and won’t feel too bulky or overbearing. World market has one very similar to my sofa here and I love this one from CB2. More affordable sofa posts on Studio Style Blog here and here.
  • What better to pair with a neutral sofa than a ton of affordable throw pillows from yesterday’s Style on a Budget post here.
  • For dual storage options, tall dressers and media consoles are great for apartments. The dresser can be used out in the main room and won’t look out of place if you style it correctly. Adding a lamp, a few accessories and leaning art on top of a dresser like this would look great. And you obviously don’t have to use a dresser for clothes if you have other storage needs (books, toiletries, shoes, anything goes!) I’m currently using a dresser as a media stand. If you need a place for a television, try a colorful media console like this one. You’ll be able to use the cabinets as great hidden storage.

2015-03-15 12.55.17

Hope this was all helpful for you and any of my readers with a similar problem!

Thanks to Tiffany for writing in and for info on how to submit your questions to Studio Style Blog, click here.