Settee Round Up

I mentioned on instagram the other day that I wanted to make some changes to this area of my apartment. I’m still searching for the perfect settee or tiny loveseat, but my goal is to replace these two chairs. I like them, but I feel like it’s a lot of furniture lined up, especially next to the credenza, so I’m hoping changing from two pieces to one will give it a more simplified look.

I’ve rounded up six pieces, all under $1000. I like the varying styles and shapes but still haven’t landed on a favorite. Which would you choose?

2016 New Collections: CB2

Apologies for the brief blog hiatus! I intended to post every day this week but real life and my full time job got crazy busy this week. Today I’m back with my favorites from CB2!  (I shared a few of my other favorites on Monday here: 2016 West Elm collection) Along with a new logo, CB2 has a great new collection out this year. Gorgeous metallics, unique colors and materials and fun shapes.

Seating: The leather daybed is such a gorgeous statement piece and would be a classic for years to come. The quirky colors and curves of the loveseat and chair add a punch of personality to any space and rose gold chair is a new twist on a vintage look. I’m such a fan of anything and everything rose gold lately.
lawndale-leather-daybed SuitorIILoveseatTessPeacockSHS16_16x9 ParlourChairTessFuschiaF15 beta-rose-chair
The dark wood and brass combo on this first table is amazing and I’m enthralled by the shape of these table legs. The marble and gold is another favorite combo and the curvy legs on this table would look great next to a sofa.
Lighting: The clean, circular shapes and brass details make these lights a classic for any home. The simplicity of the pendant would look great in a triplet combo over a kitchen island and the sconce would work well in a living room, paired on either side of a sofa. The sconce has an unexpected, fun twist that I adore– the perfect little leather strap. globe-pendant-light hemisphere-wall-sconce
Decor and Accessories: This rose-gold bar cart might be my favorite item in the entire new line. It’s so elegant and stylish. I have this marble paper towel holder on my wish list to purchase soon. I have a problem with buying too many vases and these certainly won’t help my cause: sundial // hand painted // abstract. Last but not least, these neutral pillows have wonderful eye-catching details with the bold color-blocking and the beautiful texturedolce-vita-bar-cartmarble-paper-towel-holdersundial-vase marinha-vase tread-vase quilted-no.-101-18-pillow gravel-ivory-18-pillow

All photos: CB2

PS: This post is not sponsored, just sharing the love for CB2 and their awesome collection. 

Project KC: Living Room Progress Part Two

This is the last of the ‘progress’ updates on Project KC, so stay tuned for the full reveal photos of each space coming up soon! In the last living room progress post, I covered updates on staining the ceiling beams and painting the wood paneling white. IMG_5314IMG_5318

If you’ve missed any posts in the series, start here: 

Project KC: Before // Project KC: Living Room Progress //
Project KC: Dining Room and Entry Progress 
// Project KC: Kitchen Progress

I also found a couple more shots from many years ago of the living room before several other updates:
-Mantel painted black, wallpaper taken off and drywall painted, and had most of the furniture replaced. Here’s a look at the space in 2011:

kxg27t_inntnFB0NXibWbpJfnlprES0ChFDGrWvBUjA Sorry for the terrible photos but wanted to show how far this room has come. The icky wallpaper is still visible in the photo below, along with the over-sized sectional, tv and other older furniture:Hixn1naSGqgbnXXow-37hsMoKcxguGOd-Bq0m_eiNzE fsh1PTXlP1yY_UI2yKt1G-9DXlrqnRdjD0c_iuq4vd4After the 2011 renovation and new furniture updates, here’s a look at the transformation:IMG_4521IMG_4535IMG_5319Much better but this last update in 2015 really took the space to the next level. Old blue carpet gone, orange panels, windows and trim painted white, and ceiling beams stained.

This already shows the drastic improvement from the white panels and darker ceiling. Right after the blue carpet went to the trash and before the new carpet was installed:IMG_9010Installation progress:IMG_9009Here’s a peek at the new living room! I think this space might be my favorite transformation out of the entire house. Can’t wait to share the full space soon! IMG_9005IMG_8997

Kate Spade Home

I’m completely in love with the new Kate Spade Home collection… to no surprise. I’m a huge fan of their handbags and overall style so when I got a flurry of texts last week asking if I’d seen it the collection yet, I knew it would be amazing even before checking the site.

And how cute is this graphic?! If you head to the Kate Spade page, you can browse through collections in each apartment. CaptureCapture2

Though nearly impossible to choose just a few, these are some of my top picks (in the hypothetical ‘if I had a giant budget to buy all these pretty things’ land):

143101DO_038dacde71e0a3b22086382c7561fc5b4d6 8984c6c2ed3b52222731eb46c5323187 5be44ae28a3806b36138029f68e81d22 0585b513ad08edb34ff384a1f44188d6  d2dd83b6323f6cb20f96e257ec8dece93936bdbd48780e6797310e689202e565

All images and graphics:


Craigslist Score + Gallery Wall Update

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I had to get a new TV so I moved my old one into the bedroom but it was looking far too disproportionate on the black bookshelf and I was running out of storage space in the bedroom, so I was on the hunt for something a little larger.

Before:CJ7DoA_pk3sLtrcxt02yBr2KVZliKRa2VtmBjRwEqUMI also put up my gallery wall, but it was feeling incomplete on the lower row. So I had a couple of my own photos printed from my recent NYC trip and used old frames I had to add one more row and round out the gallery wall. UATQI1MU7woZB6MQYgvGgdoXiCtkUTqHemsl6qCMQk0I found an awesome vintage piece (for a great price) on Craigslist and had it delivered over the weekend and it’s a perfect fit! Just what I was looking for and it doesn’t break the bank either. My photos also came in last week so I framed them and added them to the gallery wall. This space looks much better and certainly more ‘complete’ feeling than the previous set up.


PS: My black bookshelf is for sale (and in good condition) if anyone local in the DC area would like to purchase! Please email if interested (

Crossing the Finish Line: Apartment To Do List

I moved in almost one month ago to the day and I’m finally starting to feel like the apartment is closer to ‘done’. While the decor process is never fully done (and I like to mix it up fairly often), I am crossing many things off the to do list and to purchase list so I thought I’d share some of the progress and a peek at many of the updates you’ll see on the blog soon.

Living Room:

  • Lighting: Need lamp for dining area and replace broken lamp in bar area (both done, lighting post coming soon!)
  • Rug: Need one for door leading to balcony, small entry rug needed (half done, awesome new rug concept coming to the blog later this week)
  • Replace TV, clean up cord mess behind credenza: (half done, my poor old tv decided it was no longer compatible with my cable box and I can’t exactly live without my real housewives fix, so I finally gave in after months of troubleshooting and got a new one. Cord mess still needs to be tackled.)
  • New tv: lamp swap? (New tv looks great, but the new model is much slimmer than the 8 or 10 year old one I had before, so the mint lamp is currently dwarfing the poor tv. I might move the mint lamp back to its old home on the night stand and bring my white table lamp here instead.)
  • Blank wall behind credenza (With the new tv, the wall behind the credenza is looking more and more bare, and rather than add another gallery wall or large art, I found the perfect piece. You can probably figure it out if you follow me on Instagram.)
  • Reorganize and style bar area (One of the projects I accomplished this past weekend, and found two new adorable trays to get the job done. It might need a few more tweaks but it’s looking much better.)

ruyJD0nUjzvxWYTQzqjRrjFChRUB72FcsnVjJIj-1DU   K2e-Huva-pYP5PdaPvA7ZZ1hphi15mstt0DNGifkL88 w1V5zFFJnyE5cNVPNDEtDcSOqQSm1FBWoXPboEEfoy4 wI9ADJ2QQf0vDHexc-hYVNks6LXH4uvSrOMkLKE0pn4


  • Reorganize cabinets (Done, kitchen organization post coming soon)



  • Gallery wall– get new photos printed, add remaining row at the bottom (Photos from my latest trip to New York ordered, and I already have other frames on hand to use so I can finish this wall as soon as the prints arrive.)
  • Move old TV into bedroom (done, though it looks ridiculous on the black bookshelf…)
  • Black bookshelf– too small and awkward, sell and replace with smaller credenza/dresser? Craigslist? (On the hunt for something shorter and longer so the scale is right… likely mid-century, and most importantly, something affordable)
  • Add floor lamp (Finished living room lighting, so I moved the broken floor lamp in the bedroom for it’s final couple days or weeks until my new floor lamp arrives)
  • Finish organizing bedroom bookshelf, items on desk and pink stool (still not done, I’ve been avoiding this like the plague for some reason.)UATQI1MU7woZB6MQYgvGgdoXiCtkUTqHemsl6qCMQk0


  • Hide/cover hall closet area so it looks less chaotic (might have found the perfect solution for this, stay tuned)
  • Finish organizing hall closet area (not quite finished)


Thankfully I made a decent amount of headway this weekend so the list isn’t looking so daunting. Can’t wait to share more progress and updates very soon!

Design Inspiration: The Office (Chic and Modern)

I’m over on The DC Ladies with another Design Inspiration board and post today! This might be one of my favorites. I would totally use every one of these pieces if I ever redesigned my office. It really flips the traditional boring office furniture and stuffy look upside down and that’s why I think I love it so much. Head over to The DC Ladies for the full post and shop each piece below! design-inspiration-the-office-chic-and-modernShop the look:
Bookcase // Accent chairs // Flokati rug // Arc lamp // Office chair // Desk