Design Inspiration: The Entryway: Black, White and Gold

I’m back on the DC Ladies site today with another post in the Design Inspiration series. This black, white and gold entryway look might be one of my all-time favorites. Check out the full post here and shop the look below. design-inspiration-the-entryway-black-white-and-gold

Shop the Look:
console table // lamps // mirror // bench // plaid pillow // gold pillow //
coat hooks // rug


I’ll be taking Thanksgiving and the day after off from the blog so this is the last post for the week, but I have a ton of awesome gift guides and holiday content coming up over the next couple weeks so check back on Monday! 

New Additions and Accessories

After a couple small purchases and birthday gifts, I’ve updated a few accessories and decor items around my apartment over the last month so I thought I’d share a few highlights here:

New rug in front of closet doors in my bedroom. Tried to use as a small entry rug but my front door was not cooperating, as explained on my latest to do list postIMG_8916 My coffee table book stack just got a major upgrade with these two amazing additions! IMG_8913  It was time to finally retire my DIY coasters and these sleek marble ones from Crate and Barrel were a major upgrade! IMG_8910   One can never have enough pillows and my sweet friend picked out this gorgeous gold pillow from Target as a birthday gift and it fits right in with my mix and match selection on the sofa. IMG_8903

Black, White and Gold Thanksgiving Table

I created a little Thanksgiving tablescape utilizing primarily black, white and gold (no surprise, one of my favorite combos) and wanted to share photos of the end result! Despite the smaller oval table, I was still able to fit four place settings and a couple accessories as well. Definitely a cozy, intimate dining situation.


I also added two throw pillows on my bench to round out the gold accents and provide a bit of height on that side of the table.

To save a bit of surface space, I wrapped the knife, fork and spoon in cloth napkins and placed on top of each place setting. vTRZsqVVyQbzaUxIXNolIguZQkgbnLnUNIiP638dic4D4rrB11NpPyjIlfwkbHXQc1HHLSWHP8Mcx7R336ems4
The simple vintage candlesticks add height to the table and don’t take up much room. You don’t always have to put an actual candle in them either. They also compliment the non-vintage salt and pepper shakers. I love mixing old and new for a cohesive but interesting look. Jef4QNrLMLpQi0BHaOrz8dFIJ0CMq7xJNfPdxOV7J9o

lC3M0EmZy0is_jLW2eaZnE3JpD2zCsO4GPuXlIuejbM      ZWAnckGA8lsvPPt1AfRdHZpPalSMC0OLMR9zaIxAR1I  7yic78Z13nq7fZvWNVMwI9tLavDSjSXmfaWb8LIE1aQ _A3atk7u3bIky52HmsfgsmlrM63XvrWGRJDanV3q28w  I took entirely too many photos of this setup, so I’ll leave you with a few more! rw2nie-MjvsuG6ei3F0GQgTOGEexsgwgVMSny7g7Rbk Gk4jkPjEx7RNfQEoO0I0JzGheNChFZk7lrotgkcN-Lk        EB3HTpqP9q-J-stRmtq1IBg1qYRcZldq6E-qWXCBhyc AvjxKTiQI6B9ktKTvw5nKpckrMb1sAKsYyPOMy1Lb4s

Hope you enjoy! This look can be easily translated to a larger table or kept small like I’ve shown here. Happy Thanksgiving! Will be back next week with more new posts and long overdue updates and the completed rooms on Project KC.

Apartment Progress: To Do List Updates and Additions


Most of the items on my Apartment To Do List post just over a month ago are checked off and now I’m left with another new list of small projects. It always feels so nice to cross off the big items so I thought I’d share a quick update and new items and projects (coming to the blog, of course) for the next few weeks.

Living Room:

  • Lighting: Need lamp for dining area and replace broken lamp in bar area 
  • Rug: Need one for door leading to balcony, small entry rug needed (turns out, my front door will not allow any rug, no matter how small or thin, to stay put and immediately gets stuck and crumpled into a corner when opening and closing the door so I’ve officially given up on this item)
  • Replace TV, clean up cord mess behind credenza
  • New tv: lamp swap
  • Blank wall behind credenza 
  • Reorganize and style bar area

New additions:

  • Organize inside coffee table drawers (they might look fine from the outside but the inside of each drawer is a hidden hot mess)
  • Organize hall closet (just needs a bit of tweaking)
  • Paint touch ups
  • Re-install Stain Master rug (after an unfortunate water leak, I had to rip up the squares and all of the sticky strips were waterlogged but stain master was kind enough to send me a replacement box!)


  • Reorganize cabinets

New additions:

  • Miracle grout pen on tile (I’m not a fan of the tile or the grout in this kitchen but the miracle grout pen will surely make an impact)
  • Paint Touch Ups
  • Finally take updated photos for the blog!


  • Gallery wall– get new photos printed, add remaining row at the bottom 
  • Move old TV into bedroom
  • Black bookshelf– too small and awkward, sell and replace with smaller credenza/dresser
  • Add floor lamp 
  • Finish organizing bedroom bookshelf, items on desk and pink stool (this has now been transferred to the next list because I still keep putting it off)

New additions:

  • Paint touch ups
  • Style desk
  • Style white dresser
  • Organize inside white dresser (huge mess hiding inside)
  • Touch up paint on nightstand (my rescued nightstand usually needs a touch up once a year and it’s about that time again)
  • Install rug pad for rug in front of closet (my failed entry rug idea- see the top of this post- was relegated to the bedroom and it actually works quite nicely in front of the sliding closet doors)

Bathroom: New Additions:

  • Miracle grout pen on tile (grout definitely needs a makeover in the bathroom as well, hello old building)
  • Organize medicine cabinet (this is mostly done but I need to do some final tweaking and take photos for the blog)
  • Paint touch ups


  • Hide/cover hall closet area so it looks less chaotic 
  • Finish organizing hall closet area (not quite finished)

New additions: 

  • Re-organize hallway shelving (Still needs some work but I can’t wait to share the solution I found to hide this spot! Coming to the blog next week)
  • Paint touch ups


Fall Decor

With a couple minor changes and additions, my space transformed into a cozy Fall abode.

I scored the purple pillow cover from West Elm on mega-sale and couldn’t pass up the plaid pillow from Target. I removed one pillow (that will come back out for Spring) and swapped out the covers on the smaller pillow. Everything else I already had. Just changing a few elements can give the illusion of a whole new look. _T_T6xxu4UK9eMgCUa0Egg8rXXfTOC4BZphFHrn4VXU6NpdZSOeRQGT75wkl4UGTelO17GbKP4oJdY23Pl65pIdX1dGZty5jlsgOHAGd1wdBFMIck6yQVXbXoHzIQhfjgu7RdX_hWvqDsqXDLPXz7ZyQJG_GNY0Gp546zZVTbE20KQmgQ2hqYhJcFTqkuGWVJOeGzlWTo6oD7dpe5Iq5nYwmc25K7mNRy2QZRYpsH7PxagLomPtQknWuxkvTiGqk1UI added a few things on my credenza for another touch of Fall:-LHVoIr_CfnrMiU0RZmgS_8eKJmMOBxQubl5JXDtdGY  yPjzK4UIpam__DiY32-O46EnvYZtSOJN2_JJQdT2hrE  NpCHMjFWRFfCya_wvRqJb9DD3uxnlPJSEhh8_jmmYc4 p5_1P_Irk2-Zb3mbtJuEJE1rXS5jTtFKMMwrC4Ou4Vk     UMi96TcSQZeezjRUWNdqjZwLsw8Hahu8c9khJFlM7bw
Want to know how they stay so shiny? My mom tipped me off to this spray adhesive trick and I’ve had pumpkins, gourds and squash sitting around my apartment for a couple weeks and they look great. I found mine here.Y9wCdqQCqStgCkeIztT6d4FkWXNBlymKP77Jl_xZtJo
One tiny pumpkin added on my vintage table along with a mask I purchased in Venice, Italy many years ago. 0NwO-skTAHO2uw7yrqfZc7Y0uLMSy6qWAzK3SX9q_zc n8RGFFCN20EbwaY4i0sFNrJCCmtLEhICLIRa3igpO9k u3dKcEikYeU3EH6JrB3gSsdoRqWkfgpKsyObMuXE8zo
Can’t forget the bar! unoVPEXvUyUjaa24WZULf6mTr6_GF6oceqiHPp4WLC8yCv6gL3CwRn5TeU9UaQcd423PmHSkx28K0Sy0Dn8Poo
Lastly, I took the remainder of my fake acorns (the other half is in a small vase on the living room credenza) and added them to this vintage milk glass in the bedroom. W2baBvRSBPDdJaJaw79OxiQTCT84Qxqejb9kgzyRPEw dxs4LVcxwzhPhOv6vG3kqmElV7Q09Np9_uJfOquQv7ApHmGjIkirIy0h2Qxb4uKdlmwNdKzfRULo8rWFsaFcII
Quick and easy Fall decor but it proves that just a little bit of change can make a big impact!

Macrame Wall Hanging

As I mentioned in previous posts, the credenza got a small makeover when I replaced my old TV. The screen size is the same but it appears much smaller and thinner on the credenza. I swapped out the lamps but the wall behind it was still feeling too big and blank. I knew I didn’t want another gallery wall or traditional framed art behind it though. I have plenty of that going on around the rest of the apartment.

Wall hangings are really coming back in style these days and I started browsing around online, only to discover they were either too large, too small, too expensive or just outside of my taste. I almost gave up on the search but noticed a gorgeous one on sale at Urban Outfitters! Check out the new look below.

 Before:ruyJD0nUjzvxWYTQzqjRrjFChRUB72FcsnVjJIj-1DU 3oPJHfag4CFsXJYZ73c8EzlumcJsE92U_9znzK8gP-4

I scored this beauty on sale and just checked Urban Outfitters again, still on sale, for 50% off! Many wall hangings these days can be several hundred dollars, so this is a great deal. (Not sponsored, just really love the piece and the price!)cdEpCU8W5gNiM-_gpzRbt90vw__4IG2w69bNDVg4ERM5pu3cPURGfBPAZ5tlyDoQpA_Pl1Kp1PR9ewG2n7v4I8
It’s kind of perfectly imperfect, not quite straight on all sides but I think that’s why I like it so much. Each wall hanging is made individually, so they all have slightly unique variations. eiL35g7QNJPhnp8EXvNrYr5fCLJl_v0VadDbNBo5aKscdEpCU8W5gNiM-_gpzRbt90vw__4IG2w69bNDVg4ERMwqhhhJ8TX4iq0mLKsKXrIsZADKB0iQJHZtGHdpOsFPUZLuvLcuI96GB0cbXiclJRmEqvJ0KEHL9wCHcqn229uo6dSFuixpZOV8WPIsJ37GF6-7-Rc1IyyxHXOH2qb4NK8fb00xxfYpd2FPJnoGh91E1ijjZjKeyKAWMjqilPZZ2Mr-jHrGusTFssQFBcokRJ61HJ4Qk0X20MUrFDuKFeljM

Bar Styling

When I first moved in, the bar area looked like this:IMG_6967After realizing my kitchen cabinet space wouldn’t hold the extra glassware that used to  be in the cabinets at my old place, I purchased a second shelf from the container store when they were having a huge sale. I unpacked and added the gallery wall but didn’t really style it properly and was looking for a few new trays to round out the glassware storage situation. w1V5zFFJnyE5cNVPNDEtDcSOqQSm1FBWoXPboEEfoy4
I added the new lamp and did some major styling and tweaking to both ‘bars.’6Mhtk5OK6mPpgIJLRxzyCHT5pvg2xj4ew7ceEJaAhA4I found this simple, large white tray at Home Goods and it was the perfect fit for extra glassware on the bottom shelf. DF6ndi23FFCCICHdk8k4UxGIqVazG9C6tBkQK16ewkc
I also picked up this Cliff House print in NYC from an art fair in Washington Square Park can’t get over the adorable seal serving champagne. Also, if you’re ever in San Francisco, make a reservation at the Cliff House! Amazing views and excellent food. CAEyWLfidRKbnYSR9K13xf2LzGg9UutTb3kwUoegEWQ
I incorporated the rest of the art, bar-ware and accessories I had around the apartment to style each shelf. FIk242BrVIQAL-tBe5izWpd2IOXVNqe-myaKUyh6L7wBsToOU2M7JFVlWc7NE99qE0tQelMsEcQkx7MU3q65A4

I found this new gorgeous mango wood and brass tray at CB2 and used a gift card and sale promotion to make the price tag more bearable. I picked up this gorgeous brass bottle opener from Fishs Eddy on my last trip to NYC and it compliments the tray so nicely. QJgZ264C5rdPQe71T3PPiTN45RKdOSQ6nM-POxK64uUs4c0tBcqqtK9l_sjfP1flDPDEr-UFIlacS03AMOK-wMOgGHE22HiS4dX9JaHBmpkWudrSAy35dL1XHvsp5zkMYMC5XT37aq2ZfsK1AL7_dBsZvoSNVz3fwx_PZH_9bcbEI love the mix of new pieces along with vintage pieces on both bars and they now have a cohesive look. One more item checked off the to do list! 🙂