Balcony Updates and Outdoor Furniture Roundup

The balcony has been an ever evolving project over the last two years. Partially out of my control (6 month long construction nightmare) but it’s come a long way and I wanted to share the progress and a few changes I still want to make. I’ve also included a round up of stylish, affordable furniture and accessories at the end so be sure to check those out if you’re looking to make some changes to your own outdoor space.

Here’s the balcony before I moved in: 

Balcony after move in: (Rug, lights, curtains, fake plants, sofa and dining set added)

Balcony after construction:
Construction (on all apartments in my building) involved new railing, completely new concrete slab and side. The only thing left untouched was brick (thank goodness, my favorite part), and the door/windows. I added a  new rug (unfortunately the exact one is no longer available but I’ve linked a similar one here) and did not put the curtain system back up but everything else is the same.

Changes I want to make:
While my dream would be to have this sofa or this sofa, I have to be a bit more realistic with the price tag. So I’ve pulled together these love seats at a better price point, all under $500.

New coffee table– my current one was literally free on craigslist, so it has served it’s purpose for the last two years, but I’m ready for something a little nicer. These are all under $150.

Accessories– when I sell the love seat, I’ll probably also sell the pillows and cushion along with it, so I’d like to incorporate a few new throw pillows and other accessories here.

Project KC: Living Room Reveal

This might be my favorite transformation for Project KC… the living room! This space has gone through two major renovations and I’m so pleased with how it turned out. It took a little arm twisting to convince my parents that the beam staining and painting the paneling white was a good idea, but they are both loving the end result (much to my relief).

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Here’s a quick refresh of the space many, many years ago before any updates. Old furniture, grass cloth wallpaper on the walls, blue carpet, wetbar, orange beams and paneling:fsh1PTXlP1yY_UI2yKt1G-9DXlrqnRdjD0c_iuq4vd4Hixn1naSGqgbnXXow-37hsMoKcxguGOd-Bq0m_eiNzE
After the grass cloth was taken off the wall, before painting:kxg27t_inntnFB0NXibWbpJfnlprES0ChFDGrWvBUjAAfter the walls were painted, mantel painted black, wetbar removed and new furniture added. Blue carpet and orange beams/panels still sticking around:IMG_4521IMG_4537IMG_4519Latest renovation progress: carpet installation, beams darkened and paneling painted white: IMG_9010 IMG_9009And finally, the big reveal! I’ve been dying to get this carpet out of here and the white paneling makes the room so much brighter and contemporary, and the darker ceiling beams are the perfect compliment to the refinished wood flooring throughout the rest of the first floor.   IMG_8997 IMG_8998 IMG_8999 IMG_9001 IMG_9002 IMG_9003 IMG_9004 IMG_9005Thanks for following along with Project KC! I have a fun new studio apartment tour coming up for you tomorrow, but the Project KC kitchen reveal will be up next week.

Project KC: Dining Room Reveal

Starting a couple Project KC Reveals this week and they’ll continue into next week, so stay tuned! First up, the dining room. This room underwent the least amount of change (two new paint colors on the walls and refinished floors) but it still had a huge impact. The room now looks so much, bigger, brighter and up to date.

Catch up on these posts first:
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A quick reminder of the look before:IMG_4522 Progress:IMG_8991 IMG_8989And After! Still need to photograph the space with the recent additions of art  and accessories, etc. but here’s the finished look!IMG_8995 IMG_8996 IMG_9006 IMG_9007And a peek at the entry:IMG_4526I’ll be back tomorrow with the living room reveal.

Month in Review: November

This post is a week overdue but I didn’t want to interrupt the gift guide series last week, so here we are! November was full of apartment updates, Project KC progress, design inspiration and a little seasonal content. I have some great holiday content lined up for December and a few more exciting apartment updates coming this month as well.

Check out everything from November below! 

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design inspiration the living room traditional with a twist


Christmas 2015 Inspiration
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Decor, Updates and Organization:
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Project KC: Living Room Progress Part Two

This is the last of the ‘progress’ updates on Project KC, so stay tuned for the full reveal photos of each space coming up soon! In the last living room progress post, I covered updates on staining the ceiling beams and painting the wood paneling white. IMG_5314IMG_5318

If you’ve missed any posts in the series, start here: 

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// Project KC: Kitchen Progress

I also found a couple more shots from many years ago of the living room before several other updates:
-Mantel painted black, wallpaper taken off and drywall painted, and had most of the furniture replaced. Here’s a look at the space in 2011:

kxg27t_inntnFB0NXibWbpJfnlprES0ChFDGrWvBUjA Sorry for the terrible photos but wanted to show how far this room has come. The icky wallpaper is still visible in the photo below, along with the over-sized sectional, tv and other older furniture:Hixn1naSGqgbnXXow-37hsMoKcxguGOd-Bq0m_eiNzE fsh1PTXlP1yY_UI2yKt1G-9DXlrqnRdjD0c_iuq4vd4After the 2011 renovation and new furniture updates, here’s a look at the transformation:IMG_4521IMG_4535IMG_5319Much better but this last update in 2015 really took the space to the next level. Old blue carpet gone, orange panels, windows and trim painted white, and ceiling beams stained.

This already shows the drastic improvement from the white panels and darker ceiling. Right after the blue carpet went to the trash and before the new carpet was installed:IMG_9010Installation progress:IMG_9009Here’s a peek at the new living room! I think this space might be my favorite transformation out of the entire house. Can’t wait to share the full space soon! IMG_9005IMG_8997

Project KC: Kitchen Progress

I’m back with another Project KC progress post. If you missed any of the others in this series, start here:

Project KC: Before // Project KC: Living Room Progress //
Project KC: Dining Room and Entry Progress

This space was partially redone a couple years ago- new paint, lighting, added granite and back splash, painted island and bar black, stained cabinets, new hardware, tore out old cabinets and a sink from a dated wet bar and made it into a ‘dry bar’ (with the cocktails underneath) etc.

I went back through a ton of old photos and managed to find a bit of the last remodel stage from many years ago (pardon the terrible quality of the photos) but you can see the wet bar in place, orange cabinets, old counters, and the living room was undergoing a makeover- taking off gross old wallpaper and getting a fresh coat of paint.

Before: Old Renovationkxg27t_inntnFB0NXibWbpJfnlprES0ChFDGrWvBUjAThis was when the kitchen was partially finished. Island still not painted yet and counters were the old laminate. Can’t forget that lovely fruit themed wallpaper (since removed)!

Progress: Old Renovation 

cX_xYdqVoWHCXX4ZabpgXPunV3CEgHQl_7l6bXmVyAY  And now we come to the end of the old renovation with this photo. Cabinets, hardware, paint, lighting, counters, and back splash all completed. This area was certainly the farthest along in the home, so we only needed to refinish the floors and replace a few appliances in here.

Before: New RenovationIMG_5326IMG_5325IMG_5327IMG_5324We liked the darker version on the left the best and mixed it with another tone to lessen the red/cherry look.IMG_5331Here’s a little peek at the new floors! And new dishwasher on the left 🙂

Progress: New RenovationIMG_4530

I have one more progress post coming up for the living room, and then will move on to the final reveal of the kitchen, dining room, entryway, and living room! Can’t wait to share the ‘after’ photos.


Project KC: Dining Room and Entry Progress

It’s been a long time since the last Project KC update but I’m bringing it back from the dead! It was all finished a couple months ago but I’m finally getting around to the posts! In case you missed them,  catch up here:

Project KC: Before 

Project KC: Living Room Progress

I’ll be sharing final reveals of each space over the next couple weeks, but in the meantime, I’m recapping the dining room and entryway before and progress in this post.

The dining room got a big paint upgrade and the floors were stained darker, as with the rest of the wood in the hallways, bathroom and kitchen.

Here’s a look at the dining room before:
Red walls with an outdated sponge technique, boring beige on the lower third and orange-y flooring.

IMG_5321 You can see the darker flooring in this photo, but it’s much more noticeable in additional photos later on in this post.IMG_4522Let the painting progress begin! IMG_8988 My mom and I went through several options and chose a bluish grey for the top half and a brighter white for the bottom. The chair rail and ceiling, window and floor trim was left as is. IMG_8990 IMG_8989 The darker flooring really stands out here! This is it for the dining room (for now) but I can’t wait to show you the final ‘after’ photos! Such a drastic transformation, just from paint and stained flooring. IMG_8991Moving on to the hallway/entryway area. The floors were refinished and stained darker in here as well. This is the orange-y before:IMG_5323 And after sneak peek! IMG_4526 Another look at the entry before: floors stained, blue carpet replaced with a much better alternative, and I even convinced my mom to update the stairs. IMG_5322 The orange-y look carried over here so we decided to do the white spindles and stain the railing to match the darker flooring: IMG_4524 Far from finished here, but a peek at the improvement just from a couple spindles: IMG_3072 I’ll be sharing a bunch of the ‘after’ photos in the next couple posts, so stay tuned!