Balcony Updates and Outdoor Furniture Roundup

The balcony has been an ever evolving project over the last two years. Partially out of my control (6 month long construction nightmare) but it’s come a long way and I wanted to share the progress and a few changes I still want to make. I’ve also included a round up of stylish, affordable furniture and accessories at the end so be sure to check those out if you’re looking to make some changes to your own outdoor space.

Here’s the balcony before I moved in: 

Balcony after move in: (Rug, lights, curtains, fake plants, sofa and dining set added)

Balcony after construction:
Construction (on all apartments in my building) involved new railing, completely new concrete slab and side. The only thing left untouched was brick (thank goodness, my favorite part), and the door/windows. I added a  new rug (unfortunately the exact one is no longer available but I’ve linked a similar one here) and did not put the curtain system back up but everything else is the same.

Changes I want to make:
While my dream would be to have this sofa or this sofa, I have to be a bit more realistic with the price tag. So I’ve pulled together these love seats at a better price point, all under $500.

New coffee table– my current one was literally free on craigslist, so it has served it’s purpose for the last two years, but I’m ready for something a little nicer. These are all under $150.

Accessories– when I sell the love seat, I’ll probably also sell the pillows and cushion along with it, so I’d like to incorporate a few new throw pillows and other accessories here.

Balcony Reveal

After hoarding outdoor furniture in my studio apartment for a couple weeks and living in tight quarters, I was starting to wonder if it would be worth it but it definitely was. I did a ton of craigslist hunting, thrifting, etc and managed to fully furnish the balcony for a really affordable price.

The ‘before’ photos show the blank slate and the ‘afters’ turned out just as amazing as I’d hoped. Check out the transformation below and let me know what you think!


Here’s a little breakdown of where I found everything:
White bench: Craigslist // Purple throw pillows: World Market  (no longer sold) // Bench cushion: Target // Rattan Table: Free (!) on Craigslist // Rug: OfferUp // Plants and Lantern: Ikea // Curtain system and curtains: Ikea // Patio table and chairs: Craigslist // Custom Black and White Seat Cushions: Etsy // Lights: Amazon
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With the lights on/at night:BBsWVmMpbIXyw6pUFs3oO8OR0Cbx40W0Fj8YiX3dyXobTJEJNAO33IvUZJT4D-t6JiPeTnD2L0SBnYif3R8ugA
If you look closely (don’t mind the ugly scaffolding surrounding it) you can see the capitol! It’s a much better view in person 🙂 i60ev1P-j5K1IC7IU25-JLmYIC1dKBLpMkXrCDx_CQAOmKtDXRbjyQr5FN0pcOJuP-XS2SIKBKJpGkV0b8DcEUwQunLzGoEPDWGlgzG9uUBUQjEu00qRuEKS41qMwPdGA113GC1ErC5971nqVL-YrO_hoT1rZyu-izbshN8TQu1gZjyFBCoY_4yw-AW8mRRSlC5XUR5rIJDktuENC2OdOiI

Balcony Inspiration

As you might have noticed in my Apartment Hunting post, I’m looking to find a place with a balcony. And I might have found a winner… stay tuned. If I do move into this particular apartment, the balcony is a pretty decent size but could definitely use some sprucing up. So I’ve been scouring Pinterest for ideas and inspiration. I’ve selected a few of my favorite photos below and then will show you how to get the look (at an affordable price) later on in the post.


6d86db43cfc85f5578e054dc52e3fcbc 3ceaaa8864766f6421409699244a2649 ee0f492c8fd41064d074032c0129864a 55014bc7bc21e3ed4ed5675dbde60e4a f20cc9435b0e1a364354ac4a44f3aed3 1b532d467dbff4fcf2cd7df589a78108   96ea748018f011d50368ea85ba4a565e 6b9dbf5894aab8993aaf86b87dfa3369369bda31eac0d6253a975550a0a8b928

Photo Credits:
1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 //

Sprucing up:
These deck tiles will be perfect to cover up a not so glamorous floor situation and the light and airy curtains will give it that cabana type vibe I’m going for.

 // 2 //

This apartment will likely be a corner unit, which is great, because I’d only have one adjoining wall/balcony rather than two. I’d still like to have a bit of a privacy screen without compromising natural light or space, so this decorative panel seems like a great solution.


I’ve been on a Craigslist spree lately and scored this patio set: bistro table and four chairs for half the price it regularly goes for. I’d like to use my balcony for entertaining, eating and occasionally working on my laptop, so having a table and chairs was a must.

I still need to confirm the exact measurements, but I think a small love seat or  bench will also fit on the balcony. I’d love to find a small, affordable one to incorporate along with a tiny side table or garden stool. I definitely want to make this space an extension of the apartment and basically a second living room.

Chair // Table // Loveseat // Side Table // Garden Stool //

Last but not least, to get the look of my inspiration photos, I want to add a bunch of tall fake plants from Ikea (I’ll never keep real ones alive), a rug, a few throw pillows, and I’m currently searching around on Etsy to see if someone will make small custom black and white cushions for my Craigslist chairs with that gorgeous fabric below.


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Plants // Fabric // Plants // Rug 1 // Rug 2 // Pillow 1 // Pillow 2 //

I’m really excited to have the opportunity to decorate an outdoor space again! I haven’t had one for the last few years and I’m beyond ready for a balcony. Stay tuned for more outdoor posts over the next few weeks and months as I’ll hopefully bring this vision to life.