Interview with The Kitchn: Five Smart Ways to Host Thanksgiving on a Small Dining Table

So excited to announce that I have a small interview feature on The Kitchn today! Chatting about ways to host Thanksgiving in a small space. I’ve included a portion of the article below but check out the full version and great tips from other small space experts here!

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I am honored to be deemed one of their ‘favorite small space experts’! My photo wasn’t in this article but I decided to throw it in here since the theme fits. If you missed my Thanksgiving table post, check it out here. Thanks again to The Kitchn for reaching out featuring my small space advice!

All text, headline and logo from The Kitchn article. Thanksgiving table image credit: Studio Style Blog

2016 Color of the Year

Apparently when I chose paint colors this summer, I was right on target with the next color of the year! Benjamin Moore just announced their 2016 color of the year… simply white! I had my bedroom and kitchen painted simply white and I absolutely love the color. After looking at countless paint cards, I learned that there are many, many different shades of white. Some were too  bright, too dull, too yellow or grey. There are ‘warm’ whites, ‘cool’ whites, and so many in between.  IMG_5673

I still haven’t taken proper photos of the kitchen in my apartment yet so I’ll showcase simply white in the bedroom. The ceiling, trim and beams at the top of the walls are a different, brighter shade of white that was already in the apartment. The walls are all simply white by Benjamin Moore: IMG_79504_isvPmB-7ZnNqOek-i2oN5qQWboc4RYxoMtzd6oB-4 lhKfoB50z3N5wKWIUh3BMNtVaH8a_Ghvr99Adjw_bEM EPly28XlIq3OrdIpF3VKuNgtXi73jRaeqTeowsRAxU0

Lighting Updates

With increased square footage and a broken floor lamp, I was in desperate need of some new lighting. The main living room area has only one tiny overhead lighting situation and the bedroom has zero. That’s fairly standard in older buildings in DC so I always like to have a plethora of lamps. Starting off in the living room, the bar used to have the broken silver lamp but I temporarily relocated that to the bedroom until one more floor lamp arrives. I found this beauty at Target for a steal! It’s simple and yet very chic and works well to contrast the white bar shelving. 6Mhtk5OK6mPpgIJLRxzyCHT5pvg2xj4ew7ceEJaAhA4  My dining area was also quite dark and needed a lighting solution. I considered installing a swag pendant from the ceiling (without hard-wiring) but came across this arc lamp from Dot & Bo and it was the perfect compromise between a floor lamp and a pendant. It really goes with the round mid-century vibe of the table and I adore this little spot. _t_-FpuSGm_yJBZiCMsLVFm6zIBUMxXLcmFT6ZNriUg PtYk_w-hdjTRhZjxqf3Ohlt0c0xgrhYHKTdQFj6LzsA

After getting a new TV, I realized the newer (much) slimmer model was suddenly very small compared to the mint lamp that was on the credenza. I made a quick swap for the white lamp that was on my nightstand. The white lamp, placed on a small stack of books, looks much better with the scale of the television. Here’s a little sneak peek of what I found for the wall behind the credenza. Will share the full look later this week! cdEpCU8W5gNiM-_gpzRbt90vw__4IG2w69bNDVg4ERM 4NiJUNE4Ou5gV_fEvPd1xnEqxCgEtTqReGGsLnhWQAI The bedroom still needs the last lamp and this crooked, sad, broken silver one is holding on for dear life until it arrives. 5MJXYMael___5W7vFOOsFwwGkVVXIiU2i_auEQunkkg
On the other side of the bed, the mint lamp (no longer sold, similar one linked) is once again back in its place (where it used to live before I brought in the credenza in my last studio apartment). I really love how it ties in with the mint pillows and vintage art piece with green tones. p1WAwFZeGXjyTO_AImVv4F8Pko4n_fGMbtzDvIYm1Zk 1UV37TCCDxxxvC5Gvx3u7fCVtfVolPSxQQapRKyEDPg

More apartment updates coming your way this week, so stay tuned!

Craigslist Score + Gallery Wall Update

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I had to get a new TV so I moved my old one into the bedroom but it was looking far too disproportionate on the black bookshelf and I was running out of storage space in the bedroom, so I was on the hunt for something a little larger.

Before:CJ7DoA_pk3sLtrcxt02yBr2KVZliKRa2VtmBjRwEqUMI also put up my gallery wall, but it was feeling incomplete on the lower row. So I had a couple of my own photos printed from my recent NYC trip and used old frames I had to add one more row and round out the gallery wall. UATQI1MU7woZB6MQYgvGgdoXiCtkUTqHemsl6qCMQk0I found an awesome vintage piece (for a great price) on Craigslist and had it delivered over the weekend and it’s a perfect fit! Just what I was looking for and it doesn’t break the bank either. My photos also came in last week so I framed them and added them to the gallery wall. This space looks much better and certainly more ‘complete’ feeling than the previous set up.


PS: My black bookshelf is for sale (and in good condition) if anyone local in the DC area would like to purchase! Please email if interested (

Crossing the Finish Line: Apartment To Do List

I moved in almost one month ago to the day and I’m finally starting to feel like the apartment is closer to ‘done’. While the decor process is never fully done (and I like to mix it up fairly often), I am crossing many things off the to do list and to purchase list so I thought I’d share some of the progress and a peek at many of the updates you’ll see on the blog soon.

Living Room:

  • Lighting: Need lamp for dining area and replace broken lamp in bar area (both done, lighting post coming soon!)
  • Rug: Need one for door leading to balcony, small entry rug needed (half done, awesome new rug concept coming to the blog later this week)
  • Replace TV, clean up cord mess behind credenza: (half done, my poor old tv decided it was no longer compatible with my cable box and I can’t exactly live without my real housewives fix, so I finally gave in after months of troubleshooting and got a new one. Cord mess still needs to be tackled.)
  • New tv: lamp swap? (New tv looks great, but the new model is much slimmer than the 8 or 10 year old one I had before, so the mint lamp is currently dwarfing the poor tv. I might move the mint lamp back to its old home on the night stand and bring my white table lamp here instead.)
  • Blank wall behind credenza (With the new tv, the wall behind the credenza is looking more and more bare, and rather than add another gallery wall or large art, I found the perfect piece. You can probably figure it out if you follow me on Instagram.)
  • Reorganize and style bar area (One of the projects I accomplished this past weekend, and found two new adorable trays to get the job done. It might need a few more tweaks but it’s looking much better.)

ruyJD0nUjzvxWYTQzqjRrjFChRUB72FcsnVjJIj-1DU   K2e-Huva-pYP5PdaPvA7ZZ1hphi15mstt0DNGifkL88 w1V5zFFJnyE5cNVPNDEtDcSOqQSm1FBWoXPboEEfoy4 wI9ADJ2QQf0vDHexc-hYVNks6LXH4uvSrOMkLKE0pn4


  • Reorganize cabinets (Done, kitchen organization post coming soon)



  • Gallery wall– get new photos printed, add remaining row at the bottom (Photos from my latest trip to New York ordered, and I already have other frames on hand to use so I can finish this wall as soon as the prints arrive.)
  • Move old TV into bedroom (done, though it looks ridiculous on the black bookshelf…)
  • Black bookshelf– too small and awkward, sell and replace with smaller credenza/dresser? Craigslist? (On the hunt for something shorter and longer so the scale is right… likely mid-century, and most importantly, something affordable)
  • Add floor lamp (Finished living room lighting, so I moved the broken floor lamp in the bedroom for it’s final couple days or weeks until my new floor lamp arrives)
  • Finish organizing bedroom bookshelf, items on desk and pink stool (still not done, I’ve been avoiding this like the plague for some reason.)UATQI1MU7woZB6MQYgvGgdoXiCtkUTqHemsl6qCMQk0


  • Hide/cover hall closet area so it looks less chaotic (might have found the perfect solution for this, stay tuned)
  • Finish organizing hall closet area (not quite finished)


Thankfully I made a decent amount of headway this weekend so the list isn’t looking so daunting. Can’t wait to share more progress and updates very soon!

New Apartment: Painting Progress

If you missed Friday’s pre-painting post, click here.

This post will showcase the progress and transformation of the living room, hallways and bedroom. Stay tuned for kitchen and bathroom progress coming soon. As I mentioned in the previous post, I hired Green Apple DC to do the painting. And as you can see below, they did an amazing job. From scheduling to preparing and clean up, the process was so organized and tidy. My new apartment is in an old building so some of the walls were not in the greatest condition to begin with but Green Apple DC did excellent prep work from sanding to taping beforehand so the paint would adhere seamlessly on the walls.

 A quick reminder of the before photos. Boring beige everywhere:fei1HquVAtL9GQPSoqwejPESHzpiHaHJQVSj-XENb3YydGikmx5_CIW8wEzpZFbX65_-0lVWE1-lS5dWIOLHjo h-_JWXWAPrlXk3E7hvA23fGv3qmaGVJmwHKK_vfCRZY

All of the walls got 2+ coats and they even offered to paint all of my light switch covers so they would blend in with the walls, which is a big plus in my book. The perimeter on both the ceiling and trim was perfectly straight and not a drop of paint seen anywhere. I was at work while the painting took place but the painters definitely kept everything clean and drip free 🙂

Grey walls! I love how these turned out. Here’s a pre-move in photo with painting supplies neatly tucked in the corner and a few random loose items I brought over before moving day. QPEcygspy3Nly3f4fBHpU3F-plqn9eBOjICGz7Qjiy8N9Tqx7qM7HzljzYRN8LqAYsJBM7zcf8QzvZZFujat_U

And check it out with furniture! The grey paint makes every piece look even nicer and more sophisticated somehow. g0oDwRnChD_aWeQen3XL3PmTiFeZGWaBc8-DAPbWexQ  QyleBE8d7jkBh7UEwQ6HBhRVZAMG_8swDr9RPnnUKdY

I had the painters continue with the grey into the hallways leading to the bedroom but wanted a clean and serene white for the bedroom. It turned out wonderful and I love the slight contrast with the doors, ceiling and trim. And no surprise, the painting in this space was just as flawless as the living room! Amidst the moving and furniture arranging chaos, the walls still look so fresh and new. KrFtKRhX2WDuYAuydkT8Xoj92USFxw2AXqE45xPXsWgTLUREsGJgKz_Ihya0OUOvYF_MofZMVwh1c-rJGt4w5o Lastly, here’s a quick sneak peek at the bathroom. It’s black and so fantastic. 2AtRRuCBfZXMdXPWTLGXMd12P5R_LdJ4HZKjOcmi5PA

As I mentioned earlier, if you’re in the DC area, you should definitely check out Green Apple DC for your painting needs. I would have never been able to do it myself (nor could I even come close to doing such an excellent job) and the end result looks wonderful. Check out their website here:

Stay tuned for more apartment progress, bathroom and kitchen painting reveal and much more over the next couple weeks!


I’m Moving!

This comes as no shock if you’ve been reading my apartment hunting posts, but…

I’m moving!

I swore I’d never move in August again, that I’d stay in my current apartment for longer than a year, etc… but here we are. I only have photos of the model unit, but I’ll be sure to post photos of the actual unit as soon as I get a chance. One big change is that the era of studio apartments has come to an end! I finally found an affordable one bedroom apartment.

I first started this blog as a resource for studio apartment-dwellers and it will of course stay that way, just might incorporate more ‘small space’ ideas, design, decor, etc. rather than just limited to studios.

I’ve had wonderful experiences with both studio apartments I’ve lived in but it will be really nice to have a bit more space. 725 square feet to be exact! The sad thing is that sounds huge to me right now, as both of my studios have been right at 500. Another new element I’m quite excited for is the addition of a balcony! I’ve wanted an outdoor space for so long and I can’t wait to personalize it and make it a second living area/outdoor oasis 🙂

I have a ton of great posts and features in store over the next few weeks, including a new packing system, tons of moving tips, painting, outdoor decor, and more! As often as I move, I find new tricks, tips, mistakes to avoid and I always learn a few lessons each time, so I’m happy to share all of that here. You might have noticed the floor plan in one of the apartment hunting posts, but this is the final winner! I’ll be moving almost exactly one month from today, so this is the official start of the crazy journey.