Bedroom Refresh

I’m back after the super long hiatus! My plan is to get back to regularly posting, but maybe 2-3 times a week rather than 5. Thanks for sticking around during the silence. On to the post:

One space that finally feels ‘finished’ is my bedroom! I thought it would be fun to walk you through all the changes over the last two years, from move in day to present.

Designing on a budget means you can’t usually buy everything at once to make over a space, so this has been a two year process of slowly changing, upgrading and re-designing this space and I’m really happy with how it turned out!

Before moving in- empty and ugly rental paint color

New Benjamin Moore Simply white paint- move in day  After unpacking  Changes started… New lamp

New rug

Different bedding, new nightstands. Switched bedroom lamps with living room ones.

Latest and biggest changes!
New bed, removed one night stand, added mirror, de-cluttered the dresser.

If you’re looking to redesign a space and you’re on a budget, I recommend the ‘slow and steady’ approach. While it might not be instant-gratification, the results in the end are worth the wait. Decide what pieces you want to keep and what you want to replace and scour sales (bed and mattress both purchased during big sales), Craigslist (where I scored my dresser and two nightstands) and don’t be afraid to use items from other rooms in your home. These lamps were originally in my living room and I switched them out and it brought a whole new look and feel to the bedroom.

The things I got rid of (tripod floor lamp, desk and chair, black bookshelf, tan rug, old nightstand) I sold on Craigslist and Next Door, so I recouped some money back from those to put toward new purchases. I also have very affordable pieces in here- the mirror is from Ikea, the water lily painting was about $10 at a thrift store and the pillows were on super clearance from target for $6 each (no longer sold, sorry)!                  Get the look: click on the pictures or the links below to shop!

 Bed // Lamp (no longer sold, similar linked) // Duvet Cover //
Nightstand (vintage, similar linked) // Dresser (vintage, similar linked)
Area Rug (vintage, similar linked)



2015 Highlights: Design Moments

Happy 2016! Rounding out the last of the 2015 Highlights series with my favorite design and decor from the past year. This includes my former studio apartment, many of the ‘guest’ studio apartment tours on Studio Style Blog, and finally, my new apartment! If you missed any of the other posts in the series, check them out here:

2015 Highlights: Getting Organized // 2015 Highlights: Favorite DIY Projects //
2015 Highlights: Craigslist Finds, Tips and Transformations 

My studio apartment:  2015-01-25 13.34.24 2015-01-25 13.07.29 2015-02-23 16.49.09 2015-03-15 12.53.33 2015-03-15 12.39.14  2015-05-25 14.18.42 IMG_5177  IMG_5452  pJb7bZ2e6urIDZ9iDgdYT_jhl-kcX-GM8ylCd2ISEkw 7D9GT9p7WtUX-RZ05n0EBN_w73bce9HD41W2gpFnZtQ  fk1oLc-W8petOZcBfgGXHWszaX6PbKxHGS0KMp5L-HI DXlIZoEYMlgWqCe-fRS8NKzv6IKfqLRLJ9jvAnOz8RE TI1vbf0ZNH6ExGTIB3PQScpkiyN4lyvdrRX2kjtMIWE

My favorites from other studio apartment tours:




Copenhagen Pt II:Billede 16-07-15 15.27.57Boston Pt II: IMG_5814Chicago:

My new one bedroom apartment:d-GIFwwotCJLEAulP-5qMvL_ZddRsD_W_oy5B_tvunQTluY23xtHXPH5g0Tw44NMfZ3-06-IT_XQiPwM-_klwU

wQunLzGoEPDWGlgzG9uUBUQjEu00qRuEKS41qMwPdGA   bYKqAUj31uJXwBQAJuBODI7H2Nr8wdmMYk4rXkSpO40CAEyWLfidRKbnYSR9K13xf2LzGg9UutTb3kwUoegEWQ QJgZ264C5rdPQe71T3PPiTN45RKdOSQ6nM-POxK64uU _t_-FpuSGm_yJBZiCMsLVFm6zIBUMxXLcmFT6ZNriUg cdEpCU8W5gNiM-_gpzRbt90vw__4IG2w69bNDVg4ERM  FnjHnCAh2r_Q18EpAzraHlfvnOkyakyciTL5wFEaitw JjskS27zH3DW94JQCJ9mDvnUmJgFvjd_tdQAIVUcROY IMG_9734 IMG_9730 IMG_9721 IMG_9757ngLR4U7d6IA2Y1Gc7RV3iZSYeJMpv-sjaYtCtvKadyY

Thanks for following along in 2015 and stay tuned for more awesome content coming up in 2016! More apartment tours, updates to my new place, 2016 design trends and new pieces, a final update on Project KC and much more! Is there anything you want to see more of or new content for 2016? Let me know in the comments! If you have some design skills of your own or need some design advice, check out the links below:

Ask Studio Style BlogInterior design questions? Product sources? Floor plan dilemmas? Email me at with your questions and use “Ask Studio Style Blog” in the subject line. Depending on the volume of emails, I’ll post a question and my answer on the blog a couple times each month. For more info and details, read about the series here.

Submit Your Apartment Tour: Do you have an apartment you want featured on Studio Style Blog? I’m now opening submissions for both studio apartments and one bedroom apartments. Please email with 5-7 photos (both wide shots and close ups) of your space with the subject line “Apartment Tour” for consideration.

2015 Christmas Decor Pt I

Finally finished my holiday decor for this season! I meant to do it about a week earlier but I’ve been traveling a bunch lately so it got shoved to the back of the priority list. In this post, I’ll be sharing the kitchen, dining area and living room decor. Tomorrow, I’ll share the tree and bedroom decor.

Starting off in the kitchen with two cute little towels:IMG_9706Dining area is simple but pretty, with my annual DIY staple of fake holly and berries paired with pine cones:IMG_9692IMG_9694
Into the living room: the jingle bells moved to the credenza this time and I love them here!
IMG_9645IMG_9648IMG_9642IMG_9650Moved the plaid pillow from the sofa to the accent chair and brought out another favorite Christmas pillow that was hidden away in storage, along with an adorable tiny silver tree:IMG_9640IMG_9636IMG_9637IMG_9632The bar area got a few ornaments hanging around in the trays:IMG_9675And a funny little framed print:IMG_9666IMG_9668IMG_9672Here’s a little peek at the tree! The side table next to the sofa has some college Christmas love and an Oh Joy for Target goblet filled with candy:IMG_9630IMG_9631The coffee table got a few more quick and easy DIY decor items too:IMG_9655IMG_9656IMG_9660IMG_9663IMG_9664That’s it for today! Check back tomorrow for the tree process and reveal, along with a few more little decor staples!

Month in Review: November

This post is a week overdue but I didn’t want to interrupt the gift guide series last week, so here we are! November was full of apartment updates, Project KC progress, design inspiration and a little seasonal content. I have some great holiday content lined up for December and a few more exciting apartment updates coming this month as well.

Check out everything from November below! 

Design Inspiration Series:
The Entryway: Black, White and Gold
The Living Room: Traditional with a Twist
design inspiration the living room traditional with a twist


Christmas 2015 Inspiration
Interview with the Kitchn: Small Space Thanksgiving
Black, White and Gold Thanksgiving Table4Jtj-oI00Zce4gOjlJdGs5rPLEJpIA2Mbid1Go-zLUc


Project KC Series:
Living Room Progress Part II
Kitchen Progress
Dining Room and Entry Progress


Decor, Updates and Organization:
New Additions and Accessories
Closet Solution with Room Dividers Now
Organize Your  Medicine Cabinet with Three Easy Tricks
Apartment Progress: To Do List Updates and Additions
New Bedroom Lamp from Parrot Uncle

New Additions and Accessories

After a couple small purchases and birthday gifts, I’ve updated a few accessories and decor items around my apartment over the last month so I thought I’d share a few highlights here:

New rug in front of closet doors in my bedroom. Tried to use as a small entry rug but my front door was not cooperating, as explained on my latest to do list postIMG_8916 My coffee table book stack just got a major upgrade with these two amazing additions! IMG_8913  It was time to finally retire my DIY coasters and these sleek marble ones from Crate and Barrel were a major upgrade! IMG_8910   One can never have enough pillows and my sweet friend picked out this gorgeous gold pillow from Target as a birthday gift and it fits right in with my mix and match selection on the sofa. IMG_8903

Fall Decor

With a couple minor changes and additions, my space transformed into a cozy Fall abode.

I scored the purple pillow cover from West Elm on mega-sale and couldn’t pass up the plaid pillow from Target. I removed one pillow (that will come back out for Spring) and swapped out the covers on the smaller pillow. Everything else I already had. Just changing a few elements can give the illusion of a whole new look. _T_T6xxu4UK9eMgCUa0Egg8rXXfTOC4BZphFHrn4VXU6NpdZSOeRQGT75wkl4UGTelO17GbKP4oJdY23Pl65pIdX1dGZty5jlsgOHAGd1wdBFMIck6yQVXbXoHzIQhfjgu7RdX_hWvqDsqXDLPXz7ZyQJG_GNY0Gp546zZVTbE20KQmgQ2hqYhJcFTqkuGWVJOeGzlWTo6oD7dpe5Iq5nYwmc25K7mNRy2QZRYpsH7PxagLomPtQknWuxkvTiGqk1UI added a few things on my credenza for another touch of Fall:-LHVoIr_CfnrMiU0RZmgS_8eKJmMOBxQubl5JXDtdGY  yPjzK4UIpam__DiY32-O46EnvYZtSOJN2_JJQdT2hrE  NpCHMjFWRFfCya_wvRqJb9DD3uxnlPJSEhh8_jmmYc4 p5_1P_Irk2-Zb3mbtJuEJE1rXS5jTtFKMMwrC4Ou4Vk     UMi96TcSQZeezjRUWNdqjZwLsw8Hahu8c9khJFlM7bw
Want to know how they stay so shiny? My mom tipped me off to this spray adhesive trick and I’ve had pumpkins, gourds and squash sitting around my apartment for a couple weeks and they look great. I found mine here.Y9wCdqQCqStgCkeIztT6d4FkWXNBlymKP77Jl_xZtJo
One tiny pumpkin added on my vintage table along with a mask I purchased in Venice, Italy many years ago. 0NwO-skTAHO2uw7yrqfZc7Y0uLMSy6qWAzK3SX9q_zc n8RGFFCN20EbwaY4i0sFNrJCCmtLEhICLIRa3igpO9k u3dKcEikYeU3EH6JrB3gSsdoRqWkfgpKsyObMuXE8zo
Can’t forget the bar! unoVPEXvUyUjaa24WZULf6mTr6_GF6oceqiHPp4WLC8yCv6gL3CwRn5TeU9UaQcd423PmHSkx28K0Sy0Dn8Poo
Lastly, I took the remainder of my fake acorns (the other half is in a small vase on the living room credenza) and added them to this vintage milk glass in the bedroom. W2baBvRSBPDdJaJaw79OxiQTCT84Qxqejb9kgzyRPEw dxs4LVcxwzhPhOv6vG3kqmElV7Q09Np9_uJfOquQv7ApHmGjIkirIy0h2Qxb4uKdlmwNdKzfRULo8rWFsaFcII
Quick and easy Fall decor but it proves that just a little bit of change can make a big impact!

Year One: Living Room

If you missed yesterday’s post, check it out here: Year One: Entryway

Continuing on with the Year One series… the space that has seen the most transformation over the last year! I think I’m most pleased with how this space turned out.

Here’s a quick look back at the move in day chaos:2014-08-16 11.10.53-12014-08-16 17.53.19 And a few days after moving in:2014-08-22 14.57.32Gallery wall addedcropped-cropped-2014-09-27-13-12-40.jpg The bar remix and addition of the DIY press for champagne button:2015-03-15 12.51.41 New pillows for the sofa and a few new coffee table accessories:2015-01-24 15.51.06 2015-01-25 14.24.27 The new rug! This really transformed the living room and I love it just as much as the day I got it.2015-02-23 16.49.09 2015-03-15 13.00.03 My ultimate chair swap (where I ended up making a profit):2015-04-05 12.50.44 And the addition of my gorgeous kilim pillow:IMG_5104Finally, the mid-century credenza I’d been pining after for years! After a lot of elbow grease, I restored this beauty:2015-05-25 14.17.08 2015-05-25 14.18.43 And the final look of the living room:  rbqiFwRq1jAtWUyBknkFC6tXKaZIfu9TS1e0PdPy_oY 9tFCb2MEKhZm2iUn32q7j1tGmjHekX9orZE49k8pjzw iytoMwhmNp7mC9BTIQ5wuafplLz-_cnzI1ZWcD5uIeg    3ctMrJuua5_dP8TOdYmndmsd4itACg8h6Lo1aUI0beI 9ua_-QOX-dw-FA1mlRkPqUmvNnLvrTNaXNioDmRVDdg vWUw9jPCIL0aPHcchCbgIg5zHztewRVOTbCgugPi0m4 NtUIZLb55nsaPwVJB7kCBLBL-aPMMBNSSYCpX7rFY0E  3imNrnEEFvE17FeM1frJ2Pufh9TbjOpdx9Fn2YYS2Bg fk1oLc-W8petOZcBfgGXHWszaX6PbKxHGS0KMp5L-HI  9nL8WujvspqYf2Ryiwnq9EXj7kOi6cmTf7Lakz8Y5Hs  HELnDwNfDOzoV_HfR6ZEgIltU1yKzXXdPa0MPRv9-1QRf3OUueQPd_vYZFcP03x3JSO6irr1WxJhbGU5NUP_EQKVJgN7oWhVItKzdFqmkJKjkHocOUdIQTLNV-r4L4mzY