Christmas in DC: 2015

If you missed yesterday’s post, check it out here: Christmas in NYC: 2015

Now, onto DC Christmas!  This is a mix of photos I’ve snapped while walking around neighborhoods, hotels, embassies, and monuments over the last week or so.
Row house/apartment building decor:
2015-12-17 18.49.27 2015-12-17 18.51.26 2015-12-17 18.59.02 2015-12-18 20.07.05 2015-12-18 20.14.41 2015-12-18 20.21.422015-12-19 21.31.00 White House and Surrounding Area:2015-12-18 19.21.42 2015-12-18 19.30.23 2015-12-18 19.31.43 2015-12-18 19.31.44 2015-12-18 19.34.19 2015-12-18 19.43.13  Canadian Embassy:2015-12-19 20.05.25
US Capitol , Washington Monument and the Capitol Christmas Tree: 2015-12-19 20.16.21 2015-12-19 20.16.34 2015-12-19 20.17.22 2015-12-19 20.19.28 2015-12-19 20.21.04 2015-12-19 20.23.50 Union Station:2015-12-19 20.42.13 2015-12-19 20.42.25 2015-12-19 20.42.50 2015-12-19 20.43.35 2015-12-19 20.43.41 2015-12-19 20.43.47-1 2015-12-19 20.44.17 2015-12-19 20.44.38 2015-12-19 20.45.58

Hope you enjoyed it as much as I do each year! If you’re ever in DC around the holidays, I definitely recommend strolling around the White House, Capitol, Union Station, downtown and the neighborhoods in and around DuPont Circle and Logan Circle.

I’ll be taking Thursday and Friday off from the blog but will be back on Monday with a new post! Happy Holidays!

Christmas in NYC

Thought I’d share some (ok, a lot) of the (far too) many photos I took on my recent NYC trip. Tons of holiday cheer all over the city! It’s always one of my favorite times of year to visit, although this year was a bit odd with 60 degree weather 🙂

Brownstones and perusing around union square:

2015-12-12 12.20.48-1 2015-12-12 12.21.44 2015-12-12 13.14.50

Bryant Park:2015-12-12 14.05.28 2015-12-12 14.07.15 2015-12-12 14.07.51
Gorgeous Lord + Taylor lights and displays:2015-12-12 14.58.55 2015-12-12 15.00.40 2015-12-12 15.00.51 2015-12-12 15.01.02 2015-12-12 15.06.34 2015-12-12 15.13.36
Public Library:2015-12-12 15.18.03
Saks Windows:
2015-12-12 15.44.49 2015-12-12 15.45.21 2015-12-12 15.46.01 2015-12-12 15.46.11
Rockefeller Center!2015-12-12 15.55.59 2015-12-12 15.56.53 2015-12-12 15.57.00  2015-12-12 16.00.24  New York Palace Hotel:2015-12-12 16.10.45 2015-12-12 16.11.53 2015-12-12 16.18.51
Grand Central:2015-12-12 17.24.13 2015-12-12 17.24.57 2015-12-12 17.35.18 Lights around the city:2015-12-12 18.20.32 2015-12-12 18.35.05 2015-12-12 18.35.08 2015-12-12 18.35.09 2015-12-12 18.38.47 2015-12-12 18.38.56 2015-12-12 18.39.11 2015-12-12 20.10.22
Saks Light Show:2015-12-12 20.15.54 2015-12-12 20.16.28 2015-12-12 20.17.32 2015-12-12 20.17.41 More gorgeous lights and displays:2015-12-12 20.30.36-1 2015-12-12 20.32.392015-12-12 20.44.17 Bergdorf Windows! My favorite displays this year:2015-12-12 20.36.18 2015-12-12 20.36.53 2015-12-12 20.38.10 2015-12-12 20.38.54 2015-12-12 20.39.46 2015-12-12 20.40.15 2015-12-12 20.40.24 2015-12-12 20.40.38 2015-12-12 20.40.47 2015-12-12 20.41.49  The Plaza:2015-12-12 20.46.40 Last, but not least, Madison Square Park:2015-12-13 14.35.14 2015-12-13 14.49.26 2015-12-13 14.53.58 And the departing view on my bus ride home! 2015-12-13 18.20.59NYC, you were wonderful as always! I also went to the WTC observatory while in the city (highly recommend it!) but this post was long enough as is! 🙂 DC Christmas coming tomorrow, so stay tuned.


All photos by Studio Style Blog

Studio Apartment Tour: Washington, DC

It’s been too long since my last studio apartment feature! I plan to do many more (along with one bedrooms and other small spaces) in the coming year, so please feel free to submit your apartment for consideration! Instructions to do so are at the bottom of this post.

Now onto my first Washington, DC studio apartment tour (outside of my own, of course)! Colleen lived in this lovely space in Eastern Market but has since moved to Chicago. This vintage inspired small space is full of storage tips and great ideas!

Starting off in the entryway: this wall-mounted unit has great storage options with both shelving and hooks. The shoes and boots look adorable displayed just as they are. Keeping a small number of shoes or other items stored out in the open is perfectly fine if you are running low on storage. Just refrain from having your entire shoe collection out in one place. These three pairs, along with the boots, are just the right amount for a space like this.Apartment 052

Heading over to the kitchen… There are so many useful storage ideas in here, from wall-mounting to refrigerator magnet spices! See if you can spot them all. The storage on top of the cabinets and fridge is well-utilized when you’re running short on space. This table serves well as a prep space, additional counter space and a place to eat. Pull up the stools and you have a breakfast bar/island. Apartment 099Wall-mounted storage can be both functional and serve as an easy way to add visual interest to your walls.

Apartment 108I love these little magnetized spices! They don’t take up any counter, cabinet or drawer space and they’re so easily accessible. Apartment 090 This might be the most clever storage solution I’ve seen in a long time…take a peek under the table. Pots, pans and lids galore hanging under there! Apartment 085 Moving onto the living room/bedroom area:Apartment 081 The high-backed sofa makes it appear larger and more grand, which is always helpful in a small space when you want your furniture to feel elegant and proportional, without looking like a college futon. The gallery wall is also a great focal point to ground this space. Adding hanging pendants make this space feel more like ‘home’ rather than a standard rental. Apartment 080 The little bar cart doubles as a side table. I always love a dual function piece!Apartment 074 Apartment 072 Another smart storage solution…hiding little baskets under anything and everything! It’s hardly noticeable at first, but this basket rests perfectly underneath the chair for extra storage. Apartment 068 On the other side of the living room, this dresser serves as a tv stand, spot for perfume and jewelry, along with plenty of storage inside each drawer. Storing pretty things out in the open like this really reinforces the rule that you don’t always have to hide away every single thing you own. Embrace it! Apartment 065Apartment 066The perfect example: These magazines don’t have to be hidden away in a storage bin or bookcase: they look perfectly chic and styled among the art and boots. Apartment 067 This wardrobe piece works well as a makeshift office and can be closed up and ‘put away’  if necessary! Apartment 057 Onto the bathroom, keeping the space looking bright and minimalist with the paint, art, and simple over the door storage keeps the floor space free of clutter and makes the tiny bathroom feel a bit larger.Apartment 055

Thanks to Colleen for letting me feature your former space! All photos from Colleen, check out her great design blog here.

Do you have an apartment you want featured on Studio Style Blog? I’m now opening submissions for both studio apartments and one bedroom apartments. Please email with 5-7 photos (both wide shots and close ups) of your space with the subject line “Apartment Tour” for consideration.

Project KC: Living Room Reveal

This might be my favorite transformation for Project KC… the living room! This space has gone through two major renovations and I’m so pleased with how it turned out. It took a little arm twisting to convince my parents that the beam staining and painting the paneling white was a good idea, but they are both loving the end result (much to my relief).

Catch up on these posts first:
Project KC: Before
Project KC: Living Room Progress
Project KC: Living Room Progress Part Two

Here’s a quick refresh of the space many, many years ago before any updates. Old furniture, grass cloth wallpaper on the walls, blue carpet, wetbar, orange beams and paneling:fsh1PTXlP1yY_UI2yKt1G-9DXlrqnRdjD0c_iuq4vd4Hixn1naSGqgbnXXow-37hsMoKcxguGOd-Bq0m_eiNzE
After the grass cloth was taken off the wall, before painting:kxg27t_inntnFB0NXibWbpJfnlprES0ChFDGrWvBUjAAfter the walls were painted, mantel painted black, wetbar removed and new furniture added. Blue carpet and orange beams/panels still sticking around:IMG_4521IMG_4537IMG_4519Latest renovation progress: carpet installation, beams darkened and paneling painted white: IMG_9010 IMG_9009And finally, the big reveal! I’ve been dying to get this carpet out of here and the white paneling makes the room so much brighter and contemporary, and the darker ceiling beams are the perfect compliment to the refinished wood flooring throughout the rest of the first floor.   IMG_8997 IMG_8998 IMG_8999 IMG_9001 IMG_9002 IMG_9003 IMG_9004 IMG_9005Thanks for following along with Project KC! I have a fun new studio apartment tour coming up for you tomorrow, but the Project KC kitchen reveal will be up next week.

Project KC: Dining Room Reveal

Starting a couple Project KC Reveals this week and they’ll continue into next week, so stay tuned! First up, the dining room. This room underwent the least amount of change (two new paint colors on the walls and refinished floors) but it still had a huge impact. The room now looks so much, bigger, brighter and up to date.

Catch up on these posts first:
Project KC: Before
Project KC: Dining Room and Entry Progress

A quick reminder of the look before:IMG_4522 Progress:IMG_8991 IMG_8989And After! Still need to photograph the space with the recent additions of art  and accessories, etc. but here’s the finished look!IMG_8995 IMG_8996 IMG_9006 IMG_9007And a peek at the entry:IMG_4526I’ll be back tomorrow with the living room reveal.

Sofa Refresh with Kilim Pillow Store

On Friday, I revealed my gorgeous new vintage rug from Unique Rug Store and I have a couple more exciting new additions to share today! IMG_9732There’s a neighboring pillow cover shop who was also generous enough to send some amazing items my way! Kilim Pillow Store has a beautiful selection of pillow covers with tons of different sizes, colors and patterns. Each cover is very affordable and they have a bunch of items on clearance right now, so head over to their site and get shopping!

IMG_9778 Each pillow cover is high quality and has a plain backing with a hidden zipper. I already had pillow forms on hand, so I just slid these on and in a few seconds, had a transformed sofa! IMG_9772I love the bright colors and detailed patterns in these two pillow covers and they mix and match well with the gold and purple elements in my other throw pillows.   IMG_9769 IMG_9770 IMG_9761 IMG_9759 IMG_9758 IMG_9763 IMG_9766 As with the rugs, each pillow cover is unique so the ones I have are now ‘sold out’ but there are a ton of similar striped ones on the Kilim Pillow Store site, along with different colors, sizes and patterns.

A few of my favorite picks from The Kilim Pillow Store:

il_fullxfull.662632302_rkgz_1024x1024 Geometric_Beige_Kilim_20Pillow_20Cover_16x16_A0011_03123_0_1024x1024 il_fullxfull.490126450_tsua_1024x1024 il_fullxfull.669236759_soqr_1024x1024 il_fullxfull.514455528_ii5s_1024x1024  il_fullxfull.672811670_6ek3_2048x2048

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 //

Thanks again to the Kilim Pillow Store for sponsoring this post. If you’re looking for quality, stylish kilim pillow covers, head over to their site to shop! As with the rug, their customer service and shipping was very quick and easy.

Kilim Pillow Store provided me with the two pillow covers, but all opinions, reviews and tips are my own. If you’re interested in sponsoring a post or advertising, please contact me here

The Ultimate Dream Vintage Rug

I’m so excited to finally share the most recent addition to my bedroom… a new (to me) vintage rug from Turkey! I’ve always wanted one but it was a bit out of reach with my budget so I decided to save up and eventually get one. But to my surprise, Unique Rug Store reached out and offered to send me one!

I debated colors, patterns and sizes for a long time and after a lot of browsing through their site (it’s amazingly huge and has so many options), I chose a lighter blush tone with a gorgeous pattern to compliment the grey and pastel palette in my room: Over Dyed Vintage Rug (measuring 6’7×11’2)

07013296fcd1ee93585fa97931cf1c08The rug is listed as sold out because as the name of the site indicates, they are all Unique Rugs, so there is only one of each. But I’ve found some very similar ones (that were on my short list before finding this beauty):
1  // 2 // 3 // 4 //

I was a bit worried about it working with the greens from my art, pillows and lamp, along with the lilac colored desk, but it all came together so well and I wouldn’t change a thing! I decided to position this rug horizontally in my bedroom instead of vertically, like my last rug, and now I’m kicking myself for not doing it sooner! It makes the room look larger and more cohesive (and covers up some of the not so glamorous portions of my wood floors).


IMG_7963After:IMG_9747IMG_9736 A closer look at the amazing detail and pattern:IMG_9742 IMG_9745 IMG_9734 IMG_9732 I was worried about my duvet cover competing with the rug for too much pattern but it all works together, and I think sticking to lighter, muted tones really helps keep things cohesive.IMG_9731 IMG_9726 IMG_9748 IMG_9746 IMG_9757 IMG_9753 IMG_9750 IMG_9740 I am so in love with this rug and my bedroom feels so much larger and of course, far more stylish than before.

I can’t say enough great things about the Unique Rug Store! If you’re looking for a vintage rug for a decent price and great customer service, head over to their site! They also shipped this rug really quickly, considering it came from Istanbul to DC! I have another fun post coming up on Monday with their neighboring vintage kilim pillow cover store with some gorgeous new additions to my sofa! Thanks again to Unique Rug Store for sponsoring this post.

Unique Rug Store provided me with the rug, but all opinions, reviews and tips are my own. If you’re interested in sponsoring a post or advertising, please contact me here