Moving Tips and Tricks

After several moves all around the country, I’d like to think I’ve mastered the art. I’ve documented my own moving process and created a complete guide to moving along with a shopping checklist for your apartment. Hopefully these tips and tricks will help with your next move!

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Planning and Shopping Before A Move


Moving Guide Series:

Phase One: Looking for Your New Place

Phase Two: Looking for Your New Place

Phase Three: Ready to Sign the Dotted Line

Phase Four: One Month Before Moving

Phase Five: One Week Before Moving 

Phase Six: Move In Day

Phase Seven: First Month in Your New Place

Ultimate Shopping Checklist for Your Apartment


My new apartment:

I’m Moving!

New Apartment Plans

Packing Progress

Tips for a Budget-Friendly Move

Five Quick Packing Tips

Moving Day Recap

Moving Day Tricks and Mistakes

Evolution of Chaos and Progress


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  1. Everything looks so nice on the picture, you know what you’re doing… unlike me, myself and I, which are moving for the first time soon, ugh. It will be in two months, but I already feel the pressure! I’ll check the other links too, thanks!

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