DIY Projects

Art Projects:
2015-01-15 12.09.22
DIY Press for Champagne Art
Gold Triangle Entryway
Calendar Art
Gold Polka Dot Entryway
Gallery Wall


Decor Projects:
2014-10-26 19.15.33
DIY Terrarium
DIY Painted Vase
DIY Layered Vase
Budget Friendly Flower Arrangements
Mail System and Write on Wipe Off Memo Board
Nightstand Paint Repair


Projects for Renters:
2014-08-31 15.54.15
Replacing the hardware on your kitchen cabinets:
In My Old Studio Apartment
In My New Studio Apartment
DIY Grout Pen Bathroom


Seasonal Projects:
2014-12-17 20.50.47
DIY Christmas Candle Holder
15 Minute Christmas Decorations
Fall Decor


Marble Contact Paper Projects:
2014-04-02 20.34.13
Marble Dishwasher Cover
Marble Utensil Crock


Washi Tape Projects:
2014-01-10 20.25.44
Washi Tape Storage Bins
Washi Tape: Lamps, Kitchen Cabinets


Gold Leaf Pen Projects:
2013-10-19 19.37.17
Gold Leaf Scissors
Gold Leaf Coasters
Lampshade, Coffee table knobs, salvaged bin
Gold Leaf Stripes on Ikea Coasters


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