2016 Holiday Decor

Wanted to share a few shots of my holiday decor this year. I always try to do something slightly different than previous years. You can see last year’s decor here and here. By putting decor in different places or arranging it in a new way, it feels fresh and new- and that way- you don’t need to buy a ton of decor every year. I added a few new pieces but overall used 90% of what I had previously.

Now that I have a pup, I went with a slightly smaller tree in the 4-5 foot range this year instead of 6+. Looks a little wonky before the branches fell and before it was decorated… Improving with lights and ribbon! Last year I had the ribbon wrapped around the width of the tree. I wanted to reuse the ribbon but try something new this year. So I DIY’d a giant bow at the top and tied multiple strands of ribbon to it so it was cascading vertically around the entire tree. I was a bit skeptical at first but I love how it turned out.   Someone just hanging out with a new toy and a tiny tree skirt from year’s past 🙂  And here it is with ornaments on!Rewarded myself with some hot chocolate 🙂 One of my new additions- this gorgeous marble tree from target.  Quick and easy decor- add ornaments to a bowl, vase, etc.  Last year I had the jingle bell strand on the credenza. Decided to hang it over the mirror this year and added lights to make it even more festive! Excuse the mess in the background…     Tiny tree for the dining table.  This might be one of my favorites this year. Hung my CB2 disco balls onto my macrame wall hanging. So easy and little hooks do zero damage.  One more new addition. This cute little bottle brush tree in a dome from Flying Tiger in NYC.  Extra ornaments tossed around the bar.      A few close ups of the tree I had a bunch of fake berries and glittered pinecones that I put in vases previously, but added them to the tree this year and I love how much color and depth it created!  Lastly, added a simple strand of lights in the bedroom.  Late afternoon glow.  And here’s what they look like at night. Easy and festive! Thanks for joining along on my little tour and hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

Christmas in DC: 2015

If you missed yesterday’s post, check it out here: Christmas in NYC: 2015

Now, onto DC Christmas!  This is a mix of photos I’ve snapped while walking around neighborhoods, hotels, embassies, and monuments over the last week or so.
Row house/apartment building decor:
2015-12-17 18.49.27 2015-12-17 18.51.26 2015-12-17 18.59.02 2015-12-18 20.07.05 2015-12-18 20.14.41 2015-12-18 20.21.422015-12-19 21.31.00 White House and Surrounding Area:2015-12-18 19.21.42 2015-12-18 19.30.23 2015-12-18 19.31.43 2015-12-18 19.31.44 2015-12-18 19.34.19 2015-12-18 19.43.13  Canadian Embassy:2015-12-19 20.05.25
US Capitol , Washington Monument and the Capitol Christmas Tree: 2015-12-19 20.16.21 2015-12-19 20.16.34 2015-12-19 20.17.22 2015-12-19 20.19.28 2015-12-19 20.21.04 2015-12-19 20.23.50 Union Station:2015-12-19 20.42.13 2015-12-19 20.42.25 2015-12-19 20.42.50 2015-12-19 20.43.35 2015-12-19 20.43.41 2015-12-19 20.43.47-1 2015-12-19 20.44.17 2015-12-19 20.44.38 2015-12-19 20.45.58

Hope you enjoyed it as much as I do each year! If you’re ever in DC around the holidays, I definitely recommend strolling around the White House, Capitol, Union Station, downtown and the neighborhoods in and around DuPont Circle and Logan Circle.

I’ll be taking Thursday and Friday off from the blog but will be back on Monday with a new post! Happy Holidays!

Christmas in NYC

Thought I’d share some (ok, a lot) of the (far too) many photos I took on my recent NYC trip. Tons of holiday cheer all over the city! It’s always one of my favorite times of year to visit, although this year was a bit odd with 60 degree weather 🙂

Brownstones and perusing around union square:

2015-12-12 12.20.48-1 2015-12-12 12.21.44 2015-12-12 13.14.50

Bryant Park:2015-12-12 14.05.28 2015-12-12 14.07.15 2015-12-12 14.07.51
Gorgeous Lord + Taylor lights and displays:2015-12-12 14.58.55 2015-12-12 15.00.40 2015-12-12 15.00.51 2015-12-12 15.01.02 2015-12-12 15.06.34 2015-12-12 15.13.36
Public Library:2015-12-12 15.18.03
Saks Windows:
2015-12-12 15.44.49 2015-12-12 15.45.21 2015-12-12 15.46.01 2015-12-12 15.46.11
Rockefeller Center!2015-12-12 15.55.59 2015-12-12 15.56.53 2015-12-12 15.57.00  2015-12-12 16.00.24  New York Palace Hotel:2015-12-12 16.10.45 2015-12-12 16.11.53 2015-12-12 16.18.51
Grand Central:2015-12-12 17.24.13 2015-12-12 17.24.57 2015-12-12 17.35.18 Lights around the city:2015-12-12 18.20.32 2015-12-12 18.35.05 2015-12-12 18.35.08 2015-12-12 18.35.09 2015-12-12 18.38.47 2015-12-12 18.38.56 2015-12-12 18.39.11 2015-12-12 20.10.22
Saks Light Show:2015-12-12 20.15.54 2015-12-12 20.16.28 2015-12-12 20.17.32 2015-12-12 20.17.41 More gorgeous lights and displays:2015-12-12 20.30.36-1 2015-12-12 20.32.392015-12-12 20.44.17 Bergdorf Windows! My favorite displays this year:2015-12-12 20.36.18 2015-12-12 20.36.53 2015-12-12 20.38.10 2015-12-12 20.38.54 2015-12-12 20.39.46 2015-12-12 20.40.15 2015-12-12 20.40.24 2015-12-12 20.40.38 2015-12-12 20.40.47 2015-12-12 20.41.49  The Plaza:2015-12-12 20.46.40 Last, but not least, Madison Square Park:2015-12-13 14.35.14 2015-12-13 14.49.26 2015-12-13 14.53.58 And the departing view on my bus ride home! 2015-12-13 18.20.59NYC, you were wonderful as always! I also went to the WTC observatory while in the city (highly recommend it!) but this post was long enough as is! 🙂 DC Christmas coming tomorrow, so stay tuned.


All photos by Studio Style Blog

2015 Christmas Decor Part II

If you missed yesterday’s Christmas Decor Part I post, check it out here. Now, onto the bedroom decor and most importantly, the tree!

The Bedroom: Kept it pretty simple and minimalist in here, just a tiny tree, a few ornaments and a wonderful-smelling candle:IMG_9679IMG_9676

IMG_9685 IMG_9686    IMG_9688  If you haven’t already seen on Instagram, this is my first real ‘normal sized’ tree! The past couple years in my old studio apartments, I’ve only had space for the tiny 2-3 foot tabletop trees. They were easy and adorable but I was so happy to have the space this year in my new place.

Hauling it in a zipcar, then up to my apartment, getting it in the tree stand, etc was a bit of a nightmare but after the tree decorating was finished, I’m happy to say it was well worth it ! Here’s a little peek from my dining room mirror:


This was what it looked like when I finally hauled it in and managed to get it upright!


Then, after the lights were added…


And the ribbon…IMG_9596 IMG_9597

And finally, the ornaments! I love how it turned out and I wanted to keep it fairly simple this year, without going too ornate.

IMG_9610IMG_9627 IMG_9625 IMG_9621 IMG_9616 IMG_9618 IMG_9613 IMG_9615 Notice anything missing? I’ve had a bit of a tree skirt saga…

I ordered one from Target for store pickup several weeks ago, then was told it was no longer available, then I was out of town for a bit, finally decided on ordering something completely different from Overstock and it’s taking forever to ship… hopefully supposed to arrive this weekend. It will be a miracle if I get it on before Christmas at this point! Anyway, I love how this tree turned out and with all my travel this month, I definitely plan on keeping it up for a couple weeks in January 🙂

2015 Christmas Decor Pt I

Finally finished my holiday decor for this season! I meant to do it about a week earlier but I’ve been traveling a bunch lately so it got shoved to the back of the priority list. In this post, I’ll be sharing the kitchen, dining area and living room decor. Tomorrow, I’ll share the tree and bedroom decor.

Starting off in the kitchen with two cute little towels:IMG_9706Dining area is simple but pretty, with my annual DIY staple of fake holly and berries paired with pine cones:IMG_9692IMG_9694
Into the living room: the jingle bells moved to the credenza this time and I love them here!
IMG_9645IMG_9648IMG_9642IMG_9650Moved the plaid pillow from the sofa to the accent chair and brought out another favorite Christmas pillow that was hidden away in storage, along with an adorable tiny silver tree:IMG_9640IMG_9636IMG_9637IMG_9632The bar area got a few ornaments hanging around in the trays:IMG_9675And a funny little framed print:IMG_9666IMG_9668IMG_9672Here’s a little peek at the tree! The side table next to the sofa has some college Christmas love and an Oh Joy for Target goblet filled with candy:IMG_9630IMG_9631The coffee table got a few more quick and easy DIY decor items too:IMG_9655IMG_9656IMG_9660IMG_9663IMG_9664That’s it for today! Check back tomorrow for the tree process and reveal, along with a few more little decor staples!

Studio Style Blog 2015 Gift Guide: For Teens

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