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Dream Bathroom Designs with PlumbTile | Studio Style Blog

Dream Bathroom Designs with PlumbTile

Despite having a rental apartment, I always have an ongoing list of designs and inspiration for a future ‘dream home’ where I can design and remodel as I see fit, especially in the kitchen and bathroom. Until that day comes, I’m happy just to plot and browse around online for inspiration and design ideas. I’ve always wanted to design a bathroom and when PlumbTile reached out, I figured this was the perfect opportunity to put together some ‘dream bathroom’ designs.

PlumbTile has a huge selection of bathroom resources, from tile, to vanities, knobs and pulls, lighting and more. I created two bathroom designs: black, white and brass and a global glam look.plumbtile

The black, white and brass look: The black and white striped tile makes a bold statement on the floor, and I would use the white subway tile on the walls and the black tile with greek key pattern at the top of the white tile. When using the same colors, it’s ok to mix patterns, especially because the white tile will break up the two patterns. To compliment the color scheme, I chose this simple black vanity with a lighter colored top. I love the combination of black, white and brass, so I chose a gorgeous flush mounted fixture for the ceiling and simple, yet beautiful, sconces for the wall.

The global glam look: I started with the global, vintage-looking tile for the flooring, and the white tile for the walls, in a parquet type of pattern. It’s a bit different than a traditional pattern, but it adds visual interest and makes the white tile look unique and out of the ordinary. The white vanity keeps things simple and I am a sucker for gorgeous marble, so adding marble sinks on top of this vanity would look really elegant and classic. For a metallic touch, I added this brass and lucite wall-mounted lighting fixture.

Thanks to PlumbTile for sponsoring this post. All images are from PlumbTile, but the designs and commentary are my own. If you’re interested in sponsoring a post or advertising, please contact me here.

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