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Black, White and Gold Thanksgiving Table | Studio Style Blog
11.13.15 1

Black, White and Gold Thanksgiving Table

I created a little Thanksgiving tablescape utilizing primarily black, white and gold (no surprise, one of my favorite combos) and wanted to share photos of the end result! Despite the smaller oval table, I was still able to fit four place settings and a couple accessories as well. Definitely a cozy, intimate dining situation.


I also added two throw pillows on my bench to round out the gold accents and provide a bit of height on that side of the table.

To save a bit of surface space, I wrapped the knife, fork and spoon in cloth napkins and placed on top of each place setting. vTRZsqVVyQbzaUxIXNolIguZQkgbnLnUNIiP638dic4D4rrB11NpPyjIlfwkbHXQc1HHLSWHP8Mcx7R336ems4
The simple vintage candlesticks add height to the table and don’t take up much room. You don’t always have to put an actual candle in them either. They also compliment the non-vintage salt and pepper shakers. I love mixing old and new for a cohesive but interesting look. Jef4QNrLMLpQi0BHaOrz8dFIJ0CMq7xJNfPdxOV7J9o

lC3M0EmZy0is_jLW2eaZnE3JpD2zCsO4GPuXlIuejbM      ZWAnckGA8lsvPPt1AfRdHZpPalSMC0OLMR9zaIxAR1I  7yic78Z13nq7fZvWNVMwI9tLavDSjSXmfaWb8LIE1aQ _A3atk7u3bIky52HmsfgsmlrM63XvrWGRJDanV3q28w  I took entirely too many photos of this setup, so I’ll leave you with a few more! rw2nie-MjvsuG6ei3F0GQgTOGEexsgwgVMSny7g7Rbk Gk4jkPjEx7RNfQEoO0I0JzGheNChFZk7lrotgkcN-Lk        EB3HTpqP9q-J-stRmtq1IBg1qYRcZldq6E-qWXCBhyc AvjxKTiQI6B9ktKTvw5nKpckrMb1sAKsYyPOMy1Lb4s

Hope you enjoy! This look can be easily translated to a larger table or kept small like I’ve shown here. Happy Thanksgiving! Will be back next week with more new posts and long overdue updates and the completed rooms on Project KC.

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