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Closet Solution with Room Dividers Now | Studio Style Blog

Closet Solution with Room Dividers Now

On my earlier Apartment To Do List post, I wrote about needing a solution for my ‘exposed’ closet shelving in the hallway leading to the bathroom. I don’t actually store any clothing in this spot, but it’s full of other storage, laundry, and beauty products. It’s great for that purpose, but walking by it every day (no matter how many cute bins I have or how organized it is) drove me crazy._tNENDJAkNxZg19cxvuSaxgmFzBZrLIpnWf-1MSDx7s

 This post turned out to be a  longer saga than expected but there’s a happy ending! 

After a lot of research, I realized that Room Dividers Now had a great selection of heavy duty tension rods and curtains. I actually looked into their shop when I was decorating my balcony to find a curtain solution but I needed something much longer than standard size. I browsed around at the different options on the site and decided on the tension rod system rather than having to drill/install something into the wall or ceiling.

Now, onto the small saga that came with the installation:

Everything looked fine from the start, but there were pesky little screws at each end of the tension rod that were removable (in order to get the curtain on the rod) and while trying to screw them back into place, the screws were somehow already stripped and refused to go back into place. I had one screw on each end, hoping that would still be enough to stabilize the tension rod. After easily installing it myself, I was quite impressed with the quick process. But sadly, I came home from work the next day and the rod and curtain were on the floor. After several more attempts, I gave up and decided to return it. They were gracious enough to tell me to keep it and gave me the full refund anyway.

About a month later, my parents were in town, so my mom and I decided to give it one last try. We ended up finding the exact same tiny screws, leftover from the Ikea curtain system outside and the old system around my bed in my former studio apartment. By some miracle, they fit and screwed in perfectly. We installed the tension rod and curtain once again, and I was certain it would be on the floor again in 24 hours.. happy to report it’s almost been three weeks and it’s still upright, much to my surprise and delight! IMG_8810 IMG_8815 IMG_8811

I’m always honest and real about my reviews of products, whether they’re sponsored or not. This was initially going to be a sponsored post, but after the initial test run, I was going to return everything and cancel the featured post, but Room Dividers Now kindly said to keep it anyway. After the next try (and successful couple weeks without a collapse) I decided to go ahead with this post on my own.

So if you’re looking for a similar solution, I would still recommend that you check out their shop! Despite the initial collapse, it’s now working perfectly with the new screws. I’m not sure if the screws were just an unfortunate glitch in my case or not, but hopefully others won’t run into the same problems that I did. And I realize that most people don’t just have backup teeny tiny screws lying around for replacements if needed. While it worked out in the end for me, I do have to say they have a very good customer service team and return policy if you happen to have the same issue. At the end of the day, this was the exact solution I was looking for and I love walking past the curtain every day rather than the exposed storage.

Room Dividers Now provided me with the tension rod and curtain but all opinions, tips and images are my own. If you’re interested in sponsoring a post or advertising, please contact me here

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