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Organize Your Medicine Cabinet with Three Easy Tricks | Studio Style Blog
11.9.15 1

Organize Your Medicine Cabinet with Three Easy Tricks

In my last apartment, I was fortunate enough to have two giant medicine cabinets in my bathroom and it was such a great space for storage.

2014-08-19-21-49-49 In my new apartment, I only have one smaller medicine cabinet so I had to do some editing and re-organizing so I’m sharing some of my favorite tips here:

  1. Edit: Only include what you absolutely need in the medicine cabinet, daily makeup, cleanser, vitamins, toothbrush, etc. If you have a small one like mine, store everything else in another place. Nail polish you only use every once in a while, eye makeup you don’t wear every day, etc can live somewhere other than your medicine cabinet. IMG_8926
  2. Pay attention to height: Most medicine cabinets have adjustable shelves, so to get the most out of your space, organize items according to height.
  3. Out of the box storage: This is key to keeping organized and allowing you to add a ton of small items in your medicine cabinet. I’ve used everything from mason jars, vintage glassware and trays to small boxes and kitchen organizers to store just about everything in this small medicine cabinet. Find similar items that you already have around the house and use those to organize and store your essentials.


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