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Apartment Progress: To Do List Updates and Additions | Studio Style Blog
11.5.15 1

Apartment Progress: To Do List Updates and Additions


Most of the items on my Apartment To Do List post just over a month ago are checked off and now I’m left with another new list of small projects. It always feels so nice to cross off the big items so I thought I’d share a quick update and new items and projects (coming to the blog, of course) for the next few weeks.

Living Room:

  • Lighting: Need lamp for dining area and replace broken lamp in bar area 
  • Rug: Need one for door leading to balcony, small entry rug needed (turns out, my front door will not allow any rug, no matter how small or thin, to stay put and immediately gets stuck and crumpled into a corner when opening and closing the door so I’ve officially given up on this item)
  • Replace TV, clean up cord mess behind credenza
  • New tv: lamp swap
  • Blank wall behind credenza 
  • Reorganize and style bar area

New additions:

  • Organize inside coffee table drawers (they might look fine from the outside but the inside of each drawer is a hidden hot mess)
  • Organize hall closet (just needs a bit of tweaking)
  • Paint touch ups
  • Re-install Stain Master rug (after an unfortunate water leak, I had to rip up the squares and all of the sticky strips were waterlogged but stain master was kind enough to send me a replacement box!)


  • Reorganize cabinets

New additions:

  • Miracle grout pen on tile (I’m not a fan of the tile or the grout in this kitchen but the miracle grout pen will surely make an impact)
  • Paint Touch Ups
  • Finally take updated photos for the blog!


  • Gallery wall– get new photos printed, add remaining row at the bottom 
  • Move old TV into bedroom
  • Black bookshelf– too small and awkward, sell and replace with smaller credenza/dresser
  • Add floor lamp 
  • Finish organizing bedroom bookshelf, items on desk and pink stool (this has now been transferred to the next list because I still keep putting it off)

New additions:

  • Paint touch ups
  • Style desk
  • Style white dresser
  • Organize inside white dresser (huge mess hiding inside)
  • Touch up paint on nightstand (my rescued nightstand usually needs a touch up once a year and it’s about that time again)
  • Install rug pad for rug in front of closet (my failed entry rug idea- see the top of this post- was relegated to the bedroom and it actually works quite nicely in front of the sliding closet doors)

Bathroom: New Additions:

  • Miracle grout pen on tile (grout definitely needs a makeover in the bathroom as well, hello old building)
  • Organize medicine cabinet (this is mostly done but I need to do some final tweaking and take photos for the blog)
  • Paint touch ups


  • Hide/cover hall closet area so it looks less chaotic 
  • Finish organizing hall closet area (not quite finished)

New additions: 

  • Re-organize hallway shelving (Still needs some work but I can’t wait to share the solution I found to hide this spot! Coming to the blog next week)
  • Paint touch ups


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