Fall Decor

With a couple minor changes and additions, my space transformed into a cozy Fall abode.

I scored the purple pillow cover from West Elm on mega-sale and couldn’t pass up the plaid pillow from Target. I removed one pillow (that will come back out for Spring) and swapped out the covers on the smaller pillow. Everything else I already had. Just changing a few elements can give the illusion of a whole new look. _T_T6xxu4UK9eMgCUa0Egg8rXXfTOC4BZphFHrn4VXU6NpdZSOeRQGT75wkl4UGTelO17GbKP4oJdY23Pl65pIdX1dGZty5jlsgOHAGd1wdBFMIck6yQVXbXoHzIQhfjgu7RdX_hWvqDsqXDLPXz7ZyQJG_GNY0Gp546zZVTbE20KQmgQ2hqYhJcFTqkuGWVJOeGzlWTo6oD7dpe5Iq5nYwmc25K7mNRy2QZRYpsH7PxagLomPtQknWuxkvTiGqk1UI added a few things on my credenza for another touch of Fall:-LHVoIr_CfnrMiU0RZmgS_8eKJmMOBxQubl5JXDtdGY  yPjzK4UIpam__DiY32-O46EnvYZtSOJN2_JJQdT2hrE  NpCHMjFWRFfCya_wvRqJb9DD3uxnlPJSEhh8_jmmYc4 p5_1P_Irk2-Zb3mbtJuEJE1rXS5jTtFKMMwrC4Ou4Vk     UMi96TcSQZeezjRUWNdqjZwLsw8Hahu8c9khJFlM7bw
Want to know how they stay so shiny? My mom tipped me off to this spray adhesive trick and I’ve had pumpkins, gourds and squash sitting around my apartment for a couple weeks and they look great. I found mine here.Y9wCdqQCqStgCkeIztT6d4FkWXNBlymKP77Jl_xZtJo
One tiny pumpkin added on my vintage table along with a mask I purchased in Venice, Italy many years ago. 0NwO-skTAHO2uw7yrqfZc7Y0uLMSy6qWAzK3SX9q_zc n8RGFFCN20EbwaY4i0sFNrJCCmtLEhICLIRa3igpO9k u3dKcEikYeU3EH6JrB3gSsdoRqWkfgpKsyObMuXE8zo
Can’t forget the bar! unoVPEXvUyUjaa24WZULf6mTr6_GF6oceqiHPp4WLC8yCv6gL3CwRn5TeU9UaQcd423PmHSkx28K0Sy0Dn8Poo
Lastly, I took the remainder of my fake acorns (the other half is in a small vase on the living room credenza) and added them to this vintage milk glass in the bedroom. W2baBvRSBPDdJaJaw79OxiQTCT84Qxqejb9kgzyRPEw dxs4LVcxwzhPhOv6vG3kqmElV7Q09Np9_uJfOquQv7ApHmGjIkirIy0h2Qxb4uKdlmwNdKzfRULo8rWFsaFcII
Quick and easy Fall decor but it proves that just a little bit of change can make a big impact!

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