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Lighting Updates | Studio Style Blog
9.29.15 2

Lighting Updates

With increased square footage and a broken floor lamp, I was in desperate need of some new lighting. The main living room area has only one tiny overhead lighting situation and the bedroom has zero. That’s fairly standard in older buildings in DC so I always like to have a plethora of lamps. Starting off in the living room, the bar used to have the broken silver lamp but I temporarily relocated that to the bedroom until one more floor lamp arrives. I found this beauty at Target for a steal! It’s simple and yet very chic and works well to contrast the white bar shelving. 6Mhtk5OK6mPpgIJLRxzyCHT5pvg2xj4ew7ceEJaAhA4  My dining area was also quite dark and needed a lighting solution. I considered installing a swag pendant from the ceiling (without hard-wiring) but came across this arc lamp from Dot & Bo and it was the perfect compromise between a floor lamp and a pendant. It really goes with the round mid-century vibe of the table and I adore this little spot. _t_-FpuSGm_yJBZiCMsLVFm6zIBUMxXLcmFT6ZNriUg PtYk_w-hdjTRhZjxqf3Ohlt0c0xgrhYHKTdQFj6LzsA

After getting a new TV, I realized the newer (much) slimmer model was suddenly very small compared to the mint lamp that was on the credenza. I made a quick swap for the white lamp that was on my nightstand. The white lamp, placed on a small stack of books, looks much better with the scale of the television. Here’s a little sneak peek of what I found for the wall behind the credenza. Will share the full look later this week! cdEpCU8W5gNiM-_gpzRbt90vw__4IG2w69bNDVg4ERM 4NiJUNE4Ou5gV_fEvPd1xnEqxCgEtTqReGGsLnhWQAI The bedroom still needs the last lamp and this crooked, sad, broken silver one is holding on for dear life until it arrives. 5MJXYMael___5W7vFOOsFwwGkVVXIiU2i_auEQunkkg
On the other side of the bed, the mint lamp (no longer sold, similar one linked) is once again back in its place (where it used to live before I brought in the credenza in my last studio apartment). I really love how it ties in with the mint pillows and vintage art piece with green tones. p1WAwFZeGXjyTO_AImVv4F8Pko4n_fGMbtzDvIYm1Zk 1UV37TCCDxxxvC5Gvx3u7fCVtfVolPSxQQapRKyEDPg

More apartment updates coming your way this week, so stay tuned!

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