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Kitchen Cabinet Organization: Before and After | Studio Style Blog

Kitchen Cabinet Organization: Before and After

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, the kitchen cabinets were unpacked in the “damage control” method and needed a bit of reworking and organization. The cabinet space and layout is a bit different than my last kitchen, so I wanted it to be the most efficient use of space as possible. Here’s a look at the before and after.

Before:3tLvW_2bXmwblFcH9OeVIIjL49QdUlcZ_9iUrSwBZiQ (1)qA9zjXedONcDE2r0vNsDW2MYDIqoUPHbi6R2LhgU7doTMbhmakiPDb8cNornxIt3VDO3M-ei97arrQhZdXY9Pc
H1uEBKgPd9D4zyR3LWGwYcHVDrnOD7Rcplvo3IxmsA8pL4JbROoXNdniyn9g5Zukfho0CawleF_fjJo3RoRW3IPwvS5DAzStsnQsnNwhtOiLCdoHI7uD24Yw7GqIAzVeg14sE-BHACbp5Ck1s7adllylw2noY5N9ojc6vK5mz6woECUwGuVN_gSxBepxEnKuJZqWBWBQ-r9OLJJqdTfyOIgpkoxkRC5_RmE2F1nwegFsuBjBGPcJnf8WJAzT84CK7o-Z9jMurXbRsG43Y03JofCoBFJ2ZZ_spCU3-R9SpIUUcSsMFvHwCkD6bPXpms9Y6yOKnFDzDsHhUU3rJns8JCuAqzTXVObnxIZjvYvc3SrsIj3P3nzIMJUYR0b_ToVl8cAMpq4TONbplvdMun-30n_sPgcN1SRG5zIyu4o-DpCf5kAnd…. my little secret stash for the moment. I’ve had issues with the cabinet under the sink (where I would normally store all of these items) so they’ll be living in the rarely-used oven in the meantime. I use the stove quite often but I am not much of a baker or slow-cooker, so this works out perfectly as a temporary solution. Hey, it’s better than shoes and sweaters (likeĀ Carrie Bradshaw), right?WUWW6GmahmjH3QRQsxeKozKbj3XDYQ7gzOdg5wbzByU

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