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Making the Most of a Smaller Closet | Studio Style Blog

Making the Most of a Smaller Closet

I was quite spoiled with an amazing walk-in closet with built-ins in my last apartment (this photo below only shows about 1/4 of the closet space) and I knew that the closet space in my new place would be an adjustment. 2014-09-10-20-36-25I technically have three closets in my current apartment, but two are with sliding pocket doors and one leading to the bathroom is just a bunch of open shelving without doors.

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This is the entry closet, pre-painting and moving in. Apparently I haven’t taken a full recent photo of it quite yet. gwp2VypBu5t_vYkJdwxpXClk966R3VMWjnpO6apPQOs

I distributed a bunch of items throughout all three closets, but I wanted to maximize as much storage as possible in my bedroom closet. Going vertical is always one of my go-to storage solutions and a piece of advice I give small-space dwellers all the time. I put my purple dresser on one side of the closet to house pajamas, socks, etc. and Added the white folding shelf on top of it for boot storage, accessories, and a few office items. My reusable bag bins also conveniently fit perfectly on top of the dresser as well.

You can’t quite see it, but I added a long plastic bin for storage and a bunch of handbags on the shelf above.43gA_gygwH2xQw9sKV7lqcvyXaOyfe3diJuVUr0Ytq0

After a huge closet clean out during the packing and moving process, I paired down my hanging items quite a bit through donations, trash and consignment. I also haven’t done laundry in awhile so it looks extra sparse 🙂 Lyzu84KYw3EtJfEc3n7YheqEPs8uPCROtMtclpBWvTM (1)

The bins up top on this side are full of scarves, leggings, sweatshirts and other cold weather accessories. Lyzu84KYw3EtJfEc3n7YheqEPs8uPCROtMtclpBWvTM QbX77PVVkYn3Vz3Ec6P7Qe_YpSkggv3XrZLmJiotz6g

And the floor of this side is also fully utilized as well. Storage for extra throw pillows, Christmas decor, luggage and extra toiletries all fits below. vwphnOWLM_4RuVNvM-y-d6ILUUuIaQ0_q6e2tLNv1lg

Since the pocket doors won’t hold the over-the-door shoe storage, I put it on the back of my bedroom door. The door is almost always open (thus, you wouldn’t be able to see this at all) so I don’t mind it. GLADdPmzfdIe8vqeOT0kDBhdQ9KoOJWE1y38GbHuEDk ALYTCHCloN_5jGTad53J2ZQjS57m_eDA0vo34r_62vA

Stay tuned for more storage solutions around the new apartment coming soon! I’m thrilled with how much I squeezed in the small closet space and it’s functional day to day, which is really the most important.

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