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Hallway Storage and Organization Progress | Studio Style Blog
9.15.15 1

Hallway Storage and Organization Progress

Here’s what this area looked like during the insanity of moving day:IMG_6968And these boxes were all full of beauty supplies, makeup, extra towels and linens, cleaning supplies, travel toiletries, extra hangers, etc. When first looking at the storage space in this hallway, I figured there was no way I could possibly fit it all on two shelves. adJOMZV2B05q4nBOrxmKlPhheyLctcFOTC2B0i_914Y

But… thanks to the miracle of storage bins and my two Ikea raskog carts, I actually made it work! I placed the black bins from my old closet on the higher shelf because they hold the items I won’t need to access as often. Extra linens for the pull-out sofa, extra towels and hangers, Christmas decorations, etc. _tNENDJAkNxZg19cxvuSaxgmFzBZrLIpnWf-1MSDx7s

The raskog carts and the lower bins hold the items I’ll use more regularly. Beauty products, medicine, extra toilet paper, perfume, nail polish, etc. It still needs some work to make it a bit more uniform and organized looking, but it’s certainly an improvement from the initial stage of chaos. GYeNxWjbdPhQ2Q_c2MKXGUBX7irw5lmmuxfBlCsZby4

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