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New Apartment Progress + Painting After Photos | Studio Style Blog
9.14.15 4

New Apartment Progress + Painting After Photos

If you missed the other painting posts, check these out first:

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A quick reminder of what it looked like before I  moved in. Pre-painting:fei1HquVAtL9GQPSoqwejPESHzpiHaHJQVSj-XENb3Y rOWSb17ZiHR9MpNltVu1DuKeirwzjSw8g8_BHfMvkgY E9WaOMubF46Fx6GRsYRUX2gWFUH79K1kP6-0b8MQl5s k29M0G9ZQPUDf99Wo-QzHyQJ9jQ0t1_1HaIGqgHhSlI
Green Apple DC did a fantastic job getting rid of that ugly beige quickly! Paint is such a great way to transform a space, and they did a really quality job. In past apartments I’ve lived in, I can tell the quality of the paint and paint job by cheap contractors when it constantly chips, cracks, shows imperfections, etc.

After having the painting done at my new place, it’s evident that the quality of the paint and  the quality of the painters and their prep work and attention to detail really makes a huge difference. After living in the apartment for a couple weeks, hanging art on the walls, etc, the paint looks just as good as the day they finished and it’s minimizing any imperfections in the walls rather than highlighting them. Green Apple DC also did several coats in each space, which really makes each color stand out and gives a higher-end appearance.

I still have a decent amount of organizing and styling to do, adding and replacing lighting, etc. but it’s certainly starting to look and feel like ‘home’

Starting off in the bedroom:

2Hu-vhGKA4M-oCgXs8kDnklgB8ZnkFGsxOP_rQRdbCE EPly28XlIq3OrdIpF3VKuNgtXi73jRaeqTeowsRAxU0 lhKfoB50z3N5wKWIUh3BMNtVaH8a_Ghvr99Adjw_bEM wpEuK5afxvDDdAhws5OAZdUmzw6R8zXq8005Grb-ejU 4_isvPmB-7ZnNqOek-i2oN5qQWboc4RYxoMtzd6oB-4 iYXzu6T-riYR3WjF3Bgid1GTEyf_Btga2m9zWI72Czk uCKFZz5I6vFIi_2MjFfcGvPURnnxHgeAnFxiZY1ENU0  UATQI1MU7woZB6MQYgvGgdoXiCtkUTqHemsl6qCMQk0 The crisp white really made this space look so open, fresh and airy, and I love the slight contrast with the trim, doors and ceiling.
xw7ctPNKYyEnt4wO0ywNg9QRtKaf0FbLAJAmToB1Po8 Bathroom:ccZ67xEX0H7f2_GSBTaFer_ewyTpuItMz_mg0q7Lsz4 rqRLVITqFJewo7ADGVZPuKypKwdXIuI898Fip953Avo ngLR4U7d6IA2Y1Gc7RV3iZSYeJMpv-sjaYtCtvKadyY
I absolutely adore the black bathroom and since it’s such a dramatic color, Green Apple DC went out of their way to make it look so good. Prepping the walls and adding many, many extra coats so there aren’t any specks of white popping through. _LvTNByXWEmo7WU4PIfsIlFn99as_Mv44db177q_y8Q ZDQJr-c78Nk1b1Pxelmx9VKBgEYbuITjQ45mzKP4AUU xMJTFrrJ9k92BGzES-QCW2TpaAizKzRTiQmUzCObJDQ

Living Room:2J31ce5m8WwvHSqmsZGtCIm4NAxw7E3PH33wGzZ9BG8  dtM0CrabqAupiut9Z-B16uXefH2-xPbcxXmRVrKhN_s NhBhfBEuVbEneE87JnA7Rl3NeHc69BT0_4kR9LVgS3E wI9ADJ2QQf0vDHexc-hYVNks6LXH4uvSrOMkLKE0pn4 PY-hY-irWPXt43DW5HBHJPtgPGjDhzlcYlYsS0e99i8
This space has so many cut ins and different little walls, which makes it much more difficult to paint but Green Apple DC definitely rose to the challenge and kept the meticulous lines around every surface. And they even drilled the holes in the tough beam and installed the curtain rod which saved me so much time and hassle. They also generously drilled holes for the curtain rod in the bedroom and miraculously drilled into the concrete ceiling on my balcony so the curtain system could be installed out there as well. z2q-RhtCmEXxweWFrWrU6mgPtUUyiFFTrb8-MeLSHsc KNCCmdCROFcSVZpz7NmBg0wZ9uWV5g7eI9WLTZ25Dzg28E92JqQ6MCBSWzaPG2oIz37U7jBO5SIGEpGlHsMB0M 7nCvj5i5toHodxi16mzI5IRqZom3zmBGE0LeVoWfPms   3oPJHfag4CFsXJYZ73c8EzlumcJsE92U_9znzK8gP-4Lastly, the kitchen also got a brighter, cleaner look with the same white color as in the bedroom. Another difficult area to paint, they moved the fridge to paint behind it and meticulously painted the small wall behind the kitchen counter without a drop of paint falling on the counters, floor, etc.

Xe94e33VkWRhtVxDXTfUNDmxx4TyeNSlyDdHKLKHx9g 0Zm5GrU4z8PtUqua6qS4yy_4BgC2oqW8lNoGhjtGEY8

As I mentioned in the previous posts and this one, I really can’t say enough good things about Green Apple DC. Their commitment to a quality job, quick response and amazing flexibility with scheduling made this process seamless and the added bonus of installing three curtain systems was just the cherry on top. If you’re the DC area and in need of a quality paint job, this is the company you need to hire. I’m a notoriously picky, detail-oriented person so my high praise should be a great endorsement of approval. 🙂

I was given a discounted rate for painting services from Green Apple DC in exchange for these posts, but I honestly wouldn’t have changed one word even I didn’t get a discount. All images, tips and opinions are my own. If you’re interested in sponsoring a post or advertising, please contact me here


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  1. Felicity wrote:

    Where are the towels in your bathroom from? I’ve been looking for something just like that!

    Published 9.15.15
    • studiostyleblog wrote:

      They are from West Elm

      Published 9.15.15
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