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Unpacking Tips | Studio Style Blog

Unpacking Tips

I’ve deemed my method of unpacking as “damage control” and it actually works really well and makes the process as efficient as possible, so I thought I’d share a big of the process and tips I’ve learned along the way. Obviously there’s no actual damage but I started using the phrase and now I’m sticking to it 🙂

Damage Control Method of Unpacking:

  • Get everything out of the boxes and into the general vicinity of where it will be stored at the new place. Don’t worry about organizing, styling, arranging, etc yet.


  • Get large furniture in place first, then you can move around accent tables, accessories, throw pillows, etc. later.Hk-zWE-_lw9whUIAJ9_ZT2p9SBpJjnPpQ1AoTHUAmVk
  • If you don’t have a place for it yet, line up boxes in a hallway to tackle later.
  • Consolidate: If you’ve unpacked half a box of cleaning supplies and have another half box of similar items lying around, consolidate everything into one box and move the empty boxes out of the way. This will cut down the clutter and floor space of so many boxes if you consolidate them as you go. Fortunately, the reusable boxes from Lend-A-Box stack on top of each other (the higher that stack got, I felt closer to the finish line), so I also saved time not breaking down cardboard boxes, taking them to the recycling bin, etc.  X65ApWdZwFMRMMAC1IN_ke0HYAB-JSAZ91HMjp_-DKg
  • Find the essentials and take them out first: food, towels, sheets, shampoo, etc. Items you’ll need to have on hand the first couple nights in the new place.
  • After all of the boxes are unpacked, then it’s time to start organizing, adding accessories and art. This way, you’ll have everything out of the boxes and you won’t be searching for something if it’s already in the correct area of your new place. After a couple days of unpacking (and Lend-A Box coming last weekend to pick up my boxes), I organized my closets, added a few accessories around the apartment, started hanging art and am about halfway finished with that end of the process.  IMG_7026Stay tuned for more progress updates on the new place soon, here are a few quick sneak peeks:IMG_7047 IMG_7051

The moving boxes were provided by Lend-A-Box but all opinions, tips and images are my own. If you’re interested in sponsoring a post or advertising, please contact me here

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