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Custom Outdoor Cushions for the Balcony | Studio Style Blog

Custom Outdoor Cushions for the Balcony

If you remember on my balcony plans posts, I was on the hunt for a resource for custom cushions for my craigslist score outdoor dining set. After a lot of Etsy searching, I found Britta Leigh Designs. She has a huge selection of seat cushions for both indoor and outdoor furniture. I knew I wanted a specific black and white striped fabric so I reached out to see if she could make custom cushions to fit the smaller size of my chairs and use the striped outdoor fabric.

Britta was super helpful and responsive and ordered the fabric I requested and made the most gorgeous custom cushions!

4pUGcG7YPMIaDskMH2Wp0_jsuAr9ZjWVaBC-TZNOGos I actually had her make four cushions for the four chairs, but when I arranged all of the furniture on the balcony, it looked better with three chairs. So the fourth is safely tucked away (along with its cushion) and can easily be pulled out when extra seating is needed. XT2pC3hQtSW1AmmOhNKPA2ekUoEyfOyxK2Mqev0Yxqw
Not only do they look great, they are very comfortable and already quite durable. DC had a huge downpour of rain a couple nights ago and these guys were completely dry by morning. cq64zQ-wH7NT1YFgsVr0l95iwWpPWdAPejsZONo75z4I also requested that she add little tie backs to each cushion so they wouldn’t slide off. They work perfectly and don’t slide around when you sit down and the little bows at the back just make them look even more adorable, in my opinion 🙂GXjOUXMv6U-t5Jcqa908QbPTeFfF10AUPsCKvoedThU If you’re looking for a quality, affordable resource for outdoor or indoor cushions, head over to Britta Leigh Designs! Her shop is full of great items and you can also go the custom route if you have your eye on a specific fabric or unusual size. 2-CrKYOZ3TDD7SrDwTQ5N0KAQUc1_uO6iXQXTx7Ldsk R2V35apjQ3i4JZfLzC_NIroz-L4F0Lbmqv3_o_7E9TEI’ll leave you with one last sneak peek at the curtains on the other side of the balcony. The whole space turned out even better than I imagined and I can’t wait to show you the full balcony reveal next week!  bTJEJNAO33IvUZJT4D-t6JiPeTnD2L0SBnYif3R8ugA
The seat cushions were provided by Britta Leigh Designs but all opinions, tips and images are my own. If you’re interested in sponsoring a post or advertising, please contact me here

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