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Creating a Gallery Wall with Minted | Studio Style Blog

Creating a Gallery Wall with Minted

If you remember my last post about the Minted gallery wall, I knew which pieces and frames were on the way but I hadn’t seen them in person yet! Each piece is uniquely beautiful and the framing is gorgeous. I knew I wanted it over the couch, but played around with the arrangement quite a bit to get it just right.

One of the most important tricks for creating a good gallery wall is the consideration of visual weight. I had three 16×20 prints and five 8×10 prints, all with varying frames. Paying attention to negative space, frame color and the visual weight of each piece helped to find the perfect arrangement. For example, the tapestry print has much less visual weight than the abstract print.Z4UrpsAX9EM581fGCvm0W8_2VRd4ao_CU8Z6XfMkzLY

I also wanted to keep similar colors separated so they could each stand out on their own without competing. The Penguin and the abstract prints have similar tones, so I kept them on opposite sides.

idal0khicmg5LGwFnmkNPFpMWSJ3T6yWlDDfexw-So8I made sure to take photos of it on the floor for reference before hanging on the wall. I wanted it to be centered over the couch and remembered not to hang it too high (a frequent mistake when people hang art). Check out the end results! bYKqAUj31uJXwBQAJuBODI7H2Nr8wdmMYk4rXkSpO40mVd31ncYVUWqhAtXEOMMwhte5d50x7zt8rsU_5yiCe449-DlEXby_QWhJQnGuaPQ3GaLQiQ6lNcWSyjfgn7CUIpQiVj2Ks76abtQPlohoB7_xd65T2JwET1y6JRozSf10

absolutely love it and Minted has such a wonderful selection of art and frames. Check out this gorgeous white washed herringbone frame option. I think it’s my favorite out of the three different frame options I selected.The detail is beautiful and compliments the art so nicely. sImIRZ7JCJX8wnZUW9JtvTrYb3CpFJbEqGPnhuC8lgw   FkgMS5lkTjTE2wUJ53Q84ucO6JwIWKBvRti9KT7FwSw     

After having a different gallery wall over my couch for the last couple years (which will be relocated in the new apartment, stay tuned) this was a perfect opportunity to refresh the look and the grey walls really make it pop. Minted has such a well-curated selection that it was so difficult to just choose these. I could seriously have every inch of my walls covered in beautiful art from their marketplace. eDDMeRtpa0w111EIIAcHUJ-Qds_IPtfbvPWArTjs2L0

I’ve linked all of the prints below if you want any for your home or office!

Shop the gallery wall:
Pineapple print // Floral arrangement // Paris print 
Vase of flowers // Floral art // Penguin
Tapestry // Watercolor print

Minted provided me with the art for this gallery wall, but all opinions, reviews and tips are my own. If you’re interested in sponsoring a post or advertising, please contact me here

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