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New Apartment: Painting Progress | Studio Style Blog

New Apartment: Painting Progress

If you missed Friday’s pre-painting post, click here.

This post will showcase the progress and transformation of the living room, hallways and bedroom. Stay tuned for kitchen and bathroom progress coming soon. As I mentioned in the previous post, I hired Green Apple DC to do the painting. And as you can see below, they did an amazing job. From scheduling to preparing and clean up, the process was so organized and tidy. My new apartment is in an old building so some of the walls were not in the greatest condition to begin with but Green Apple DC did excellent prep work from sanding to taping beforehand so the paint would adhere seamlessly on the walls.

 A quick reminder of the before photos. Boring beige everywhere:fei1HquVAtL9GQPSoqwejPESHzpiHaHJQVSj-XENb3YydGikmx5_CIW8wEzpZFbX65_-0lVWE1-lS5dWIOLHjo h-_JWXWAPrlXk3E7hvA23fGv3qmaGVJmwHKK_vfCRZY

All of the walls got 2+ coats and they even offered to paint all of my light switch covers so they would blend in with the walls, which is a big plus in my book. The perimeter on both the ceiling and trim was perfectly straight and not a drop of paint seen anywhere. I was at work while the painting took place but the painters definitely kept everything clean and drip free 🙂

Grey walls! I love how these turned out. Here’s a pre-move in photo with painting supplies neatly tucked in the corner and a few random loose items I brought over before moving day. QPEcygspy3Nly3f4fBHpU3F-plqn9eBOjICGz7Qjiy8N9Tqx7qM7HzljzYRN8LqAYsJBM7zcf8QzvZZFujat_U

And check it out with furniture! The grey paint makes every piece look even nicer and more sophisticated somehow. g0oDwRnChD_aWeQen3XL3PmTiFeZGWaBc8-DAPbWexQ  QyleBE8d7jkBh7UEwQ6HBhRVZAMG_8swDr9RPnnUKdY

I had the painters continue with the grey into the hallways leading to the bedroom but wanted a clean and serene white for the bedroom. It turned out wonderful and I love the slight contrast with the doors, ceiling and trim. And no surprise, the painting in this space was just as flawless as the living room! Amidst the moving and furniture arranging chaos, the walls still look so fresh and new. KrFtKRhX2WDuYAuydkT8Xoj92USFxw2AXqE45xPXsWgTLUREsGJgKz_Ihya0OUOvYF_MofZMVwh1c-rJGt4w5o Lastly, here’s a quick sneak peek at the bathroom. It’s black and so fantastic. 2AtRRuCBfZXMdXPWTLGXMd12P5R_LdJ4HZKjOcmi5PA

As I mentioned earlier, if you’re in the DC area, you should definitely check out Green Apple DC for your painting needs. I would have never been able to do it myself (nor could I even come close to doing such an excellent job) and the end result looks wonderful. Check out their website here: http://www.greenappledc.com/

Stay tuned for more apartment progress, bathroom and kitchen painting reveal and much more over the next couple weeks!


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