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Painting the New Apartment: Before | Studio Style Blog
8.21.15 2

Painting the New Apartment: Before

Sorry for being MIA yesterday… moving week has been crazy hectic and the move hasn’t even begun! But I do have an awesome post for you today. A look at the new apartment and an amazing local painting company.

The apartment was the standard boring beige color and I knew I wanted it painted grey, black and white. After going over my sample cards for a couple weeks, I finally decided on:

Benjamin Moore Storm Grey: For the living room and hallways
Benjamin Moore Simply White: For the kitchen and bedroom
Benjamin Moore Black Beauty: For the bathroom

I also knew I wanted to hire professionals to paint because my DIY skills are very limited and I also wouldn’t have the time to do it.

After a bit of research, I found Green Apple DC, a local eco-friendly painting, restoration and repair company. I got in touch with the owner, Mickey Cappiello. He was quick to respond, answered all my questions and is overall extremely helpful and great to work with. We met to discuss the project, schedule and quote.

Green Apple DC also does handyman work so I decided to also have them install the curtain rods in my living room, bedroom and a curtain system on my balcony to save me plenty of time and stress. The painting has all been completed (and looks amazing) and I’ll share tons of progress photos next week on the site, along with after photos once I’m all moved in.

But first, let’s take a look at the ‘before’ photos:

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The layout is great and I finally have so much more space to work with. There were several repairs and changes made to things all over the apartment this past week, but the painting has made a huge difference. It looks like a totally new place. Check back Monday for a ton of progress photos and later next week for the full reveal.

I can’t say enough good things about Mickey and Green Apple DC so far. They’ve been extremely flexible when we had to push back the painting schedule and have done everything to accommodate me. If you’re in the DC area and looking for a quality painting (or repair, restoration work) company, look no further. Check out their website here: http://www.greenappledc.com/

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